Monday, 28 August 2017

Fashion Set By Seadbeady (6)

Actually we were planning to go to the zoo on wednesday. But since it's gonna be a rainy day we postponed it. I can't stand the rain - another song - but it's true. If I had a say in it, I would only let it rain at night just enough to keep everything growing. But I suppose it's not really up to me 😎

Here's a quote for you by Bob Marley: Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

I suppose I am one of those that gets wet - but that's only when I don't have an umbrella with me 😁

This is what Wikipedia says about Rain:

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated - that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity.

So now that we all got a little smarter again we can start with todays Fashion Set 😄

ASOS CURVE Jumper in Block Stripe for 35 €

ASOS CURVE Skater Mac for 59 €

ASOS CURVE Mini Blush Strap Watch for 16 €

Yours Clothing Lace Bow Body for 48 €

Yes everything for the curvy woman among us. That is including me off course. I am not sure if it's me gaining weight or it's because my clothes keep shrinking in the washing machine. Or maybe it's the leprechauns that keep stitching up my clothes when I am firmly asleep at night????

Let me know if you have the same problem - and you know what's causing it 😏

But that's it for today........ no more whining from my part .........Hope you enjoyed reading 

Until tomorrow

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. De rainy day look vind ik wel leuk. De rest spreekt me wat minder aan.

  2. Wat een mooie look! Ik ben zelf ook een beetje curvy en vind het best moeilijk om mooie kledingstukken te kopen die me er niet nog dikker uit laten zien.

  3. I don't like the rain and it likes its always raining when I forget to take an umbrella

  4. Volgens mij krimpen mijn kleren gewoon ;-)! Moet nog steeds m'n laatste 3 kilo kwijt na de bevalling..maar de kilo's houden blijkbaar te veel van mij om me al in de steek te laten.

  5. Wat handig dit voor de curvy dames onder ons. De rainy day vind ik het leukst om te zien.

  6. Dit is niet helemaa mijn look. Wel fijn voor de curry woman dat er tegenwoordig ook gewoon leuke kleren te koop zijn

  7. Die trui ziet er lekker comfy uit, en ik draag altijd bodies dus daar kijk ik ook meer naar

  8. Ohh ik vind vooral die trui echt super leuk, die ga ik onthouden x

  9. Tof.. Ik ben curvy.. Haha.. Die kledij ziet r ezhr tof uit

  10. Ik moet wel glimlachen om je theorie over de kabouters die 's nachts je kleding smaller maken ; )


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