zondag 24 september 2017

Fashion Set by Seadbeady 12

Hi there ...... How was your day today? Busy maybe ..... Then it's high time to relax a bit. So kick of those shoes and put on some comfy clothes ..... Cause I made you another fashion set 😉

I actually really like pink clothes but they don't look good on me - except for fuchsia - that's a shade of pink that fits me. My skin is way to pale for this kinda pink. But then again I didn't make this for me.....I made this set for you 😘

Eyelet Design Slogan Print Hoodie

Embroidery Fox Velvet Blazer

White Ripped Ankle Jeans

Rhinestone Flower High Heeled Ankle Boots

Letter Embroidered Velvet Crossbody Bag

PU Peak Black Military Cap

Well, would you wear anything from this set? What is your favourite?

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind die laarjes echt te gek! En de hoodie is ook mooi :)

  2. Ziet er allemaal goed uit! Dat zwarte jasje met bloemen erop is mijn favoriet!

  3. Ik ben bang dat ik er niet in pas! Haha. Het is mooi om te zien dat het allemaal bij elkaar hoort.

  4. Pittige look! Zou er zelf niet voor kiezen maar vind het zeker stylish. De zwarte trui vind ik wel tof!

  5. Grappig, pittige look! Ik vind de zwarte trui wel erg leuk, de rest zou ik niet dragen zelf!

  6. Weer hele leuke items! Ik vind vooral die roze trui heel tof x


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