Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fashion Set by Seadbeady 13

Hi There.....Are you superstitious? Do you avoid a ladder on your path or just walk under it? Do you throw salt over your shoulder when you spilled some? Do you fear black cats that might cross your path?

If you do, hold on to your hat, cause next week it's gonna be friday the 13th again lol 😅

That actually reminds me of something that happened last year, when we were still living in our old home. We moved november last year to a smaller apartment, cause both our kids had left home and the house got way to big for us both 😊

It must have been about the same period last year when something real weird happened. It was pretty late and I was ready to go to bed. So I went upstairs and opened the bedroom door. I switched the light on and just for a minute I thought I saw the ghost of my black cat that died about 3 months ago. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The cat looked back at me in surprise too. But it was no ghost it was the cat from next door that seemed to had found a way through a whole in the attic, into the floor to a whole in our bedroom ceiling that originated from a leak some time ago, to end up on our bed.

Good that I am not that superstitious, cause otherwise this black cat would have gotten me real worried lol 😨

All this because I made you a 13th fashion set.....Nothing else ghostly about it though 😏

Women's Dana Buchman Mitered Cowlneck Sweater Dress for 38 €

Steve Madden Wagner Booties for 110 €

Ted Baker Marta Leather Matinee Purse for 96 €

Daniel Wellington Women's Classic Petite Melrose Rose Gold Watch for 155 €

Fall Leaves V1 - iPhone 7 Plus Case And Cover for 34 €

Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Designer 708 Amber for 53 €

The Loose Shimmer Shadow Set for 55 €

I just looove the look of that sweater dress, don't you? So I paired it up with some glamorous fall items 😀

Hope you liked my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Ik vind het echt een hele leuke set zeg! Echt mijn stijl.

  2. Wauw dat horloge staat al heeeeel lang op mijn wishlist. Echt prachtig!

  3. oh die trui en die schoenen zijn leuk. Echt leuke dingen voor de herfst.

  4. Die laarzen zijn echt te gek, met deze set ga je wel glamourous over straat! De make-up zijn ook mooie kleuren

  5. Helemaal mijn stijl alleen de laarsjes zijn me te!

  6. Wat een leuke set zeg voor de herfst!! Ik vind het hoesje voor de telefoon ook echt heel erg leuk!

  7. Ik vind dat hoesje in herfstlook erg leuk.

  8. Goud is niet mijn kleur, maar die laarzen vind ik echt geweldig

  9. Dat telefoonhoesje zou ik super vinden, past zo lekker bij deze tijd!


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