Saturday, 25 April 2020

Where to find a cool outfit for April Showers

Hi There..... How is the weather over there?

Great way to start a blog..... Don't you agree..... People always like to talk about the weather..... That is if they want to start a conversation..... But I really did want to talk about the weather today 😊

Aha..... Did I get you curious now..... Why on earth is the weather so important to me..... Come on now, did you really think I would cave in that easily.....You will just have to read my blog a bit further than this 😁

As some of you may already know..... I occasionally make fashion sets on

When I was a kid I always loved drawing dolls and I would then cut them out and make outfits for them..... I would make little rectangular shapes on different sides to be able to attach my outfits..... That would keep me busy for hours 😀

My youngest sister and I would usually make them together..... She is just as creative as me..... You can find full sets with both the dolls and outfits in the shops nowadays..... But we didn't have those when I was a kid..... Not sure if those even existed already 😏

And that is where my weather comes in..... The Shoplook site always runs a few contests..... And the one I chose this time was April Showers..... You get a trophy when you are one of the winners and you gain points for a chance to win $100..... Pretty cool..... Isn't it 😎

Smitten Primadonna Girl Clear TRENCH COAT - 78$

Sunday Best - Amasova Shirt - 35$

Roll Hem Mom Denim Shorts - 29$

Molly Pink Iridescent Boots - 180$

iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case - 39$

Kira Enamel Hinge Bracelet - 128$

So tell me what you think..... Would you wear any of the things I picked for you..... I would wear those shorts for sure 😄

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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  1. Wonderful selection, the April outfit is beautiful

  2. These are nice outfits that many should look into. I think the prices are reasonable.

  3. Oh, very nice outfits especially the red trench coat. I so love the black bracelet too!

  4. These would look good even if you're just at home. Worth being worn and shown off.

  5. They look elegant shower april attire. They are lovely.

  6. This outfit is so chic! This suits my daughters' taste in fashion.

  7. Beautiful and elegant.
    The red coat is everything.

  8. These outfits are so elegant. So difficult to pick a particular one. They're all worth it.

  9. There are some really pretty outfits here. I know my daughter would like them for sure. It is such a cool contest they are running.

  10. I love all of these outfits so beautiful and the design looks stunning. I love it!


  11. These are amazing!!! wow!!! They all look good but i do have a fave! The roll hem mom denim short.

  12. Love the outfits! Wish I could wear clothes like this - again! :)


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