Saturday, 4 August 2018

Seadbeady's finds on Etsy - 3

Hi There.....Feeling hot enough?

Seems like the temperatures are going through the roof in Europa and other parts of the world. Here in Belgium temperatures reach above 30 celcius at the moment 😰

Europe is at the moment in the middle of a heatwave and it is said that the all-time record of 48 celcius of july 1977 might get broken in the coming days.

We are going to the mall this afternoon to see if there is somewhere we can find an airco still. Seems we made the decision to buy one a bit too late and they are mostly sold out everywhere. In our appartment the temperatures also rise to 30 - 31 some moments. So thumbs up for us that we can still find one 😅

Since everybody is looking for ways to cool down, I decided it was high time I would show you some of the bathing clothing you can find on Etsy 😊

Ombre Bathing Suit | Low Back One Piece Swimsuit

Leopard Swimsuit, Spots One Piece Swimsuit

Bathing suit women, One Piece Swimsuit, body

Tropical Leaves BW, One Piece Swimsuit, Swimwear

One Piece Swimsuit / 80s Vintage Bathing Suit

One Piece Swimsuit, High Waisted Bikini, Colorful Swimsuit

Red swimsuit - Two piece swimsuit - Sexy swimsuit

Striped Bikini, Bandeau Swimsuit, Sailor Bathing Suit

One-Piece Swimsuit, bathing suit, bathing suits women

Modest Swimwear One Piece Swimsuit Women One Piece Bathing Suits

So tell me what you think of my selection? See anything you like?

Hope you like my blogpost.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

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