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Best Tips on Where To Find Plant Based Wrinkle Release Spray - Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle

Hi There..... Do you like spending time behind your ironing board? Would you like me to tell you more about a plant-based wrinkle release spray? 😉

If you ask me, ironing isn't the worst of all the household chores. Then again, there are so many more fun things to do. Why would we do it if we don't have to? We could spend time with the kids, do a workout, bake a cake, or perhaps just sit back and relax. 😎

I remember when my kids were young, the number of clothes ready for ironing would pile up in no time. I kept waiting for the elves to come at night and clean it all up. Someone else must have kept them busy because they never seemed to make it to our home. 😭

Then again, who can blame them? If I had to choose between sitting back and relaxing on a shelf or cleaning up someone else's ironing pile, I wouldn't have to think twice. 😫

As I told you in my previous blog post, it's just me and my hubby now, so not that much ironing left to do. Our next move is not to go outdoors anymore so that we can wear pajamas all day long. 😏

Wouldn't that be weird? Can you imagine some kind of virus happening where the Government wouldn't allow you to do much except stay in your homes? What a crazy thought. 😂

Ok, back to being serious again. Let's change the subject back to this wrinkle release spray I was talking about. I received Tom & Sheri's Iron in a bottle in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

Family-inspired, family-created, and family-owned.
Years ago, Sheri Eudaly gave up ironing and created a homemade wrinkle release spray that turned out to be a game-changer - no more ironing, no more hassle, and best of more wrinkles. 

Her son Austin saw the global need for the product when friends kept stealing his, so in 2018 set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world. The goal? Perfecting a modern wrinkle release spray that’s efficient, effective, and plant-based (bonus: it smells great, too!). After several trial runs, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle was born.

How does it work

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Hang clothing on a hanger or lay it on a flat surface to start, and spray 8-12 inches away from the garment in a sweeping motion until wrinkles on the front and back are slightly damp. Smooth fabric downward, and gently pull to watch the wrinkles release. Let dry completely before wear.

Here is a You Tube video that I made about it - only my second attempt, so hope you won't judge me too hard 😰

Which fabrics can you use it on

Iron in a Bottle is highly recommended for use on wool, oxfords, soft cotton, t-shirts, polyester blends, flannel, heavy cotton, chinos, denim, poplin, linen, and cotton blends. Prior to spraying, shaking, and smoothing the entire garment, they recommend testing a small, hidden portion of the fabric. Proceed with caution on silks, rayon, satin, or fabrics with a tendency to water-spot. 

Is it friendly for the environment

With purified water, a plant-based surfactant, natural quality control agents and a light linen fragrance made from essential oils of only the highest quality, what you see is what you get, and there are never any foreign or unpronounceable ingredients to look up. It’s crucial for them to exclude any harsh chemicals from Iron in a Bottle, while making it safe for even the most sensitive skin, so you can feel at peace using the wrinkle release spray for the entire family.

Is it cruelty-free

They’re proud to be one of only 1000+ companies that have been certified Cruelty Free.

Is it packed sustainable

All-natural. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Sustainability is at their core, and protecting global health when delivering this breakthrough formula to your doorstep in the most ecologically sound manner possible is among their most cherished values.

Is it BPA-free

They never use Bisphenol A - an industrial chemical utilized to harden plastic - in any of their construction, due to its potentially toxic effects. Rest assured Iron in a Bottle is safe for the entire family. 

Where is it manufactured

Domestically manufactured, assembled and packaged products support our economy and create much-needed jobs, so they’re proud to report all Tom & Sheri’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Investing in products made here not only secures the future of businesses within their country, it puts hard-earned money back to work in America.

My opinion on Tom & Sheri's wrinkle release spray

Wow, this is such a handy product. I had never heard of wrinkle release spray, but I am so impressed. On top of that, it's plant-based and it smells good. This would be perfect to take with you on your holiday, too. 😎

Anyone can do this, because it is super easy. If you have students that live on campus, they can take it with them. It's all a matter of economics wether you want to use it for just a few things, or you want to ditch your iron permanently. 😊

One thing is sure. You won't often catch me behind my ironing board anymore. 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Where to Find the Cutest Graphic T shirts for Cat Lovers - Edmonds Love - Share What You Love With The World

Hi There..... Are you a cat lover, by chance? Do you like to wear graphic T shirts?

That's 2 big Yesses for me. Graphic T shirts can be so cool, and I am a huge cat lover. Any cat-like species will do. You should see my Facebook page. It's full of clips with them. They would have to put me in a straitjacket to keep me from sharing them. I sure hope they don't, because that would be mighty uncomfortable. 😵

Because of my invalidating joint problems, we moved to an apartment about 5 years ago. The kids had left home, and the house got too big for us. I had too much trouble with all the stairs in our old house, so we wanted everything on just one floor. 😊

We thought we would rent for a few years and look for a better place later. There were a lot of advantages to our new home, but one tremendous disadvantage. This big cat lover couldn't keep animals. No problem, of course. My health was more important, so we moved. 😎

Are you kidding me? I miss those little suckers so much. The cuddling up on your lap, the gentle purring in your ear, their craving for attention. No one can resist their charm. There is no use denying, because I won't believe you, anyway. 😜

Since I am still the biggest cat lover, I was so happy when Edmonds Love asked me to write a blog in exchange for their 
Ailurophile - cat lover T-shirt. 😍

About Edmonds.Love

Edmonds Love aspires to share their love of Edmonds, WA, and bring to life what it is to live joyfully in Edmonds and the PNW region today. They love the charm and history of Edmonds and they invite you to show your love with their growing collection of designs. 

What inspires them

They are deeply influenced by the local environment, specifically, the Puget Sound, local lakes and waterways, ancient evergreen trees, soaring bald eagles, snow-capped Olympic Mountains, and countless species of whale, birds, and other creatures. 


All their products are made in the USA and shipped from the USA! They handpick their vendors to ensure their process is eco-friendly. Their inks are water-based, bio-degradable, and non-toxic. At Edmonds.Love, they love the planet and want to preserve it.

Ailurophile - cat lover T-shirt

Maybe you love their independence, their cavalier attitude that screams they could take you or leave you, as long as you give them food. Maybe it's the purring in your ear in the wee hours of the morning, or when they knead your thighs with their little claws, almost drawing blood. The Egyptians treated them like royalty, and they never forgot it. CATS! Whether it be a Siamese, Himalayan, Manx, tabby, calico, Bengal, Persian, Sphinx, or alley, you love them all. 

This classic unisex jersey short sleeve tee fits like a well-loved favorite. Soft cotton and quality print make users fall in love with it over and over again. These t-shirts have ribbed knit collars to bolster shaping. The shoulders have taping for a better fit over time. Dual side seams hold the garment's shape for longer.

My opinion on the Ailurophile - cat lover T-shirt

What can I say? Of course, I know what to say about it. This is going to be one of my favorites. The cat drawing is super cute, and I love to show off that I'm a cat lover. The fabric is very light, which makes it perfect for a warmer day. 😊

It's a unisex T shirt, so if you have the same size as your hubby, you can swap them. Nah, perhaps not. Keep it all to yourself. It's yours and yours alone. 😈

Maybe one slight negative. They made it very hard for me to choose because they have so many pretty colors, but I thought the cat stood out the most in this black graphic T shirt. 😉

Another advantage of this black and white T shirt is that you can combine it with almost any garment. Somewhat more casual as in my first picture or you could wear it for work as in my second outfit. 😃

They have a lot of other cute graphic T shirts in their shop

Red Dahlia T-shirt

Bibliophile - book lover T-shirt

Mycophile - mushroom lover T-shirt

Aren't they all super cute? They have a lot more choices. You will absolutely find something you love. In case you really can't find what you are looking for, they are open to new ideas for designs. Their intent is to make beautiful products for people who love whatever they love. 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Interview with Fashion Stylist Laurie Brucker Amerikaner

Hi There..... Would you like some more advice on women's fashion? Are you ready for the next fashion stylist interview?

I can only hope that you are, because it seems like ages ago since I posted that first fashion stylist blog interview. The reviews are my priority, because I don't think it would be fair to keep shops waiting that sent me items. 😊

I don't charge any costs for publishing interviews. Yes, I am slightly crazy, but there is no need to worry. It doesn't hurt a bit. 😕

There have been some hiccups, though, because of a change in shipping policies for items coming from outside of Europe. As you can guess, I live on the inside of Europe. That reminds me of a stupid riddle from ages ago. 😍

Do you know on which side of his castle King Louis the 14th slept? The answer is... on the inside. Stupid, right? 😏

So, because of those new rules, you now have to pay extra import taxes for items according to the value and weight of the package. New rules are the best, aren't they? 😜

Certainly not, of course, but there isn't much I can do about it but warn everybody in advance. It was too late for some, but no use crying over spilled milk. The only thing you can do is clean up the mess. 🙈

Are you getting impatient? Ok, I won't beat around the bush any longer. The fashion stylist who is my star for today is Laurie Brucker Amerikaner. She is the Certified Image Consultant, empowerment stylist, author & CEO of LaurieBstyle. 😊

How old are you?

41. Eeps! Sounds old, but most definitely doesn’t feel old.  

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be? 

I am a personal stylist for real women, with real bodies and real budgets.

What made you decide to become a Stylist?

After working for 7 years in New York City as a fashion designer, I knew I had a bigger calling.  While I worked full time, I began night classes at FIT studying Image Consulting. 

What I loved about the program is that we learned the science of dress! And this really connected the dots for me so much. I loved fashion, but I love helping people more and with this new knowledge I could use the science of style to support people to feel inspired, more confident and empowered in their lives and careers.

Is fashion important to you? Why? 

Fashion is expression! What I love about clothing and style is that it is up to the individual to create their own unique message through their outfits. Whatever your fashion is, you can own that expression as you! 
Fashion gives us all an opportunity to share with the world what makes us special, different, and unique! No matter the fashion, no matter the style - when we get to self-express our true selves, we shine.

What are your successes and how did you achieve them?

I have loved each success marker in my career, from working at Glamour Magazine fresh out of college, to making my way up to the top of the fashion industry as a senior designer in just 7 years, to starting my business on my own 12 years ago and still going strong today. 
Two moments really stand out in my mind. The first is when I met Stacy London and was not only trained and certified by her as a personal stylist but also was handpicked to join her army of stylists across the country. Working with her directly, and to even tour with her was such an achievement for me at the beginning of my career. 
The second, is having released my first book, You are the Style! ( It has been a lifelong dream of mine to write a book and I’ve tried and missed the mark multiple times before. This time was different, and I wrote the book of my dreams! It’s out now and I couldn’t be more proud of it!

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

The name of the brand isn’t always as important to me as how the garment fits and how it feels. Now of course I love a gorgeous designer piece and owning and wearing those pieces always feels so special. But what makes a piece extraordinary is how you express yourself in it! So regardless of brand, if you are rocking it - then I’m here for it!

Describe your personal style of clothing?

My personal style is eclectic, creative and definitely chameleon like! I love color, print mixing and just dressing happy.

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

My signature look has changed over the years! My personal style has been my love story for myself and all the expressions of me.  

In what way do you influence other people’s clothing style?

What I inspire and teach in my work is for women to wear clothes that make them feel confident, whatever that may be. If it’s jeans and tee’s, then great! Let’s make sure it fits your frame appropriately and style you to feel good! 
If it’s sequins and glam, let’s flatter your beauty body and style you to shine every day! 
As a public figure, I strive to inspire women to dress happy. To wear clothes that make them glow from the inside out. To live and breathe their own brand or style.

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

Fashion trends are always a subtle (or not so subtle) response to what is happening in the world. And I am loving how fashion has been translated out of these changing times.  The bold color combinations, the exuberance of sequins and glam, the infusion of draped dressing and comfort wear as everyday style.  For me the trends of right now are just a pre-cursor to what lies ahead.  All out fashion expression for all!  Life is too short to wear boring clothes. 

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

We’ve been seeing a resurgence of early 2000s fashions and having already lived through that time area, wearing its fashion to the fullest extent, I can with confidence say - this was my least favorite fashion era! 

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

Having style is so much more than fashion, brands and clothes. Style is about you and how you shine. So when styling yourself, it’s important to ask, am I wearing this for me? Does this outfit make me feel like badass? Does this work for me and my current frame? Most importantly, when I pass by a mirror to look twice and say - who is that fabulous woman? Now any outfit like that which can evoke those powerfully positive and confidence buying feelings is what we all should strive to wear every day.

Who is your style icon and why?

I am a forever fan of Lady Gaga. What I love about her and her style is that she is so unapologetic about who she chooses to be each day. Every style transformation is shocking, and she owns each exuberant choice. We all should live and style with that credo. Be you, unapologetically. Style you, fearlessly. Live with love and acceptance for who you are, what you are, where you are.  

Is there something else you would like to share with us?

I am so proud of my new book You are the Style! An Every Girl’s Guide to Getting Dressed Building Confidence and Shining from the Inside Out. I wrote this book to re-write the negative self-talk script that so many women do and inspire a new way of thinking, living, and being. All in style. 

As I mentioned, style is so much more than fashion. When we release ourselves of the expectations, the rules, the do’s and don’ts, we can free ourselves to be and style however makes us the most happy! If we all would live, feeling happier every day, imagine how that could change the world. It’s all possible! 

Photos by Shelly Waldman.

That is some sound advice, so thank you Laurie for taking the time to answer my questions. 

You can also watch Laurie B talking about it on Instagram.

Check out this link if you are curious about my previous blog post interview with a Fashion Stylist

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Best Tips on Where To Find Handmade Lip Balm With All Natural Ingredients - Mr Bear Family - Grooming

Hi There..... Do you use lip balm to treat your dry lips?

If I don’t use lip balm, my lips dry up completely and then I bite off pieces of dried skin. Often I end up with a bleeding lip because I pull off too much skin. Oh my, perhaps I am a cannibal without realizing it?  😳

Nah, I don’t think so, but what would you say if I told you I was a stone-cold killer? Yes, and my husband’s one as well. We both killed only 2 days ago. I did in the morning, and he was at it in the evening. 😎

I am telling you the truth. There was nothing else we could do. They were just crawling up and down on our living room walls. They would have been alive if they only would have stayed outside. Is that too much to ask? Stupid spiders. 😏

You don’t see me invading their homes and stalking their pets. Yes, flies are the only pets we can keep. Before we moved, we had a house with a cellar and a basement that seemed to be the breeding ground for gigantic spiders of sometimes up to 8 or even 10 cm diameter wide. 😬

Once I put my foot down on a spider to kill it, and it just walked off as if nothing happened. If he could have, I bet he would have stuck his tongue out, too. So we fled the house and moved to an apartment. Haha, no, of course not. Our kids grew up and left home, so we moved to something smaller. 😄

Ok, high time to tell you more about the lip balm I received from Mr Bear Family, in exchange for my honest opinion.

What is Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family offers high quality products for beard, moustache, hair, shaving and skin.
The products are made of natural ingredients and produced in small batches.
We create our own formulas and the whole range is free from synthetic preservatives and
other additives normally used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products.
Mr Bear Family offers everyday luxury feeling at affordable prices without compromising with the quality.
Made with care in Gothenburg, Sweden

Why choose Mr Bear Family?

The ingredients used are carefully selected and of high quality. Mr Bear Family uses natural ingredients and strive to make products that work in symbiosis with our bodies and nature. Not many people know this, but Mr Bear Family has its own manufacturing facilities where they create recipes, blend and produce most of the products themselves. For example, every tin of beard balm is opened, filled and closed by hand.

The Vision

We don’t strive to become the world’s biggest brand,
we strive to offer the world’s greatest products.

The mission

Mr Bear Family strive to give you the same experience as any other high-end/commercial product, just without all the bullshit. There are always shortcuts, ways to make things easier, but to achieve genuine quality you need to take the long road and do it right. Mr Bear Family takes the long road!

Lip Balm Pink Grape (15ml)

An all natural, handmade lip balm with a scent of fresh pink grapefruit.

A lip care with all-natural ingredients, such as Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Beeswax and Shea butter. This scented lip balm is a powerful ally in the fight against chapped lips. The color is clear, and the balm is easily applied.

Enjoy the scent of sweet pink grapefruit while you give your lips moisture and care.

Use your finger or a lip-brush to apply.

My opinion on the Pink Grape lip balm

I was very anxious to try this one, because I absolutely hate grape fruit. However, I was pleasantly surprised, because unlike the grapefruit the lip balm isn't bitter. You get a hint of citrus and exotic fruits, but it's not bad at all. 😊

Lip Balm Mint (15 ml)

A handmade lip balm with all natural ingredients. With a scent of fresh mint.

Handmade with all natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Shea Butter, this scented lip balm is a powerful ally in the fight against chapped lips. Enjoy the scent of fresh mint while you give your lips a beautiful shine. The color is clear and the balm is easily applied.

Use your finger or a lip-brush to apply.

My opinion on the Mint lip balm

You immediately get the scent of mint when you open the box. The mint is very present in this lip balm, but it's not too strong if you ask me. 😀

Lip Balm Coconut (15ml)

Handmade lip balm with all natural ingredients.
This tropical scented lip balm is a powerful ally in the fight against chapped lips.

Handmade with all natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Shea Butter, this tropical scented lip balm is a powerful ally in the fight against chapped lips. Enjoy the scent of coconut while you give your lips a beautiful shine. The color is clear and the balm is easily applied.

Use your finger or a lip-brush to apply.

My opinion on the Coconut lip balm

I am a sucker for everything with coconut. I love the scent and the taste of this one. Obviously, this is my favorite of the 3 lip balms. 😋

In general, the lip balms are very easy to use, and the package is super cute and handy. They are perfect to take with you in your handbag. The consistency is very smooth and you instantly feel that your lips are moisturized. 😊

Something that always makes me happy is that it's a natural lip balm. It contains beeswax, which protects the lips from ultraviolet rays. Since they made it from natural ingredients, you can use it for any other part of the body. 😍

I usually put lip balm on before I go to bed, so that it heals while I am sleeping. That's enough information about my bedtime rituals. 😂

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Saturday, 4 September 2021

Where to Find Affordable Colored Jeans in Belgium - Laquetti - Affordable Fashion

Hi There..... Do you like high waisted colored jeans?

I do. I like colored jeans very much, and preferably slim-fit and high waisted jeans that are stretchy and comfortable. 😍

They weren't stretchy at all when I was young. I remember the many times having to lie on my bed, holding my breath to make my tummy flatter and squeeze in my jeans. Have you ever done that? Ooh, so much fun. If I would have squeezed just a little more, I would have burst open like an orange. 😬

Although, it's nothing compared to what I saw on a television show BEAT VTM. One challenge was oil wrestling. The opponents fight each other on a turf, bare-chested and in handmade, heavy leather pants. 😲

They douse the fighters from head to toe with olive oil so that they barely have a grip on each other. Whoever gets his opponent on his back, lifts his opponent off the ground for 3 steps, or… uncovers his genitals, wins. 😂

It was fun to watch. There was a lot of gripping on and inside the pants. I wonder if they cut their nails before they started. If you are curious to see how this works, here is a YouTube link I found on oil wrestling.

Noooo, don't click on it just yet. Please stay, I still have to tell you about Laquetti. They sent me these red high waisted jeans in exchange for my honest opinion. 😊

What is Laquetti

They are 2 good friends from Belgium who launched a web shop specialized in fashion and accessories. After talking about it for years, they finally found some time to stick their heads together and look for brands they like and that are affordable. 
If you need some inspiration, they have a Lookbook where you can find lots of pictures of all their items. 
They are starting small with just a few items, but hope to skyrocket. They try to focus on Italian and Spanish, or other European brands. 

Colored Super High Waisted Jeans

These five-pocket jeans have a slim fit with a slim, tight leg. They have 2 slit pockets on the front and 2 on the back. The colored jeans are stretchy and feel comfortable. 


75% cotton
23% polyester
2% elastane

Available colors

At the moment Laquetti sells them in 3 colors. Red, khaki, and grey. 

My opinion on the colored jeans

What can I say? Wonderful color, and the perfect jeans for me. I love high waisted jeans. Nothing worse than low-waisted jeans. They make me feel as if I haven't pulled up my pants. When I was young, all jeans were high waisted. They don’t cut you off at the hips but sit comfortably at the waist. 😍

As you can see in my pictures, you can pair them with a casual T-shirt, but you can also dress up more like I did with my glitter sweater, even with the knit vest I just finished a few days ago. These kinds of high waisted jeans also make your legs look longer. 😉

You should try it. I bet you will throw out all those low waisted. Bad idea. You can still sell them to some ignorant fool. 😛

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Best tip to Find Sustainable Dental Care Kits - Promis Care - Love for your Teeth - Love for the Planet

Hi There..... Do you have problems with dental plaque? Do you brush your teeth daily?

I brush my teeth every day. It is an essential part of my bedtime routine, and I just have to do it. My teeth have always been very important to me. I just can't see myself with fake teeth. That would be the worst. 😱

Although, taking them out and just putting them in a glass to clean seems pretty handy to me. Can you imagine me taking Instagram pictures and smiling with my mouth open without teeth? That would be a cool picture for a Creepy movie. 😁

My problem is that if I have a cavity in one of my teeth, I usually don't even notice. I almost never have toothaches. Ah, lucky me, right? 😉

Nope, it's not. A few years ago, I was eating nuts, and something cracked. I thought it was the nut and took little notice of it. It was only about a week later that I noticed that part of my tooth had broken off. I made an appointment with the dentist, and she said the tooth had already been rotting inside for a few months. 😬

If I wouldn't be taking so much pain medication daily, I might have noticed it earlier and it could have been filled still, but now it was too late, and the dentist had to pull it. That's why I think it is super important to brush your teeth daily. 😊

Enough. Who am I to tell you how to brush your teeth. Let's talk about something else. 😎

Duh, no, I can't. This blog post is about Promis Care, and they sent me their care kit in exchange for my honest opinion. 

What is Promis care?

Inspired by healthy teeth, and the love for nature
Between the impressive mountains of the Southern Alps, surrounded by vast forests that make their way between rutted valleys and wide basins, apple orchards, and vineyards as far as the eye can see: South Tyrol is an idyll, a symbiosis of alpine panorama and Mediterranean flair. This is where our company came into being, incorporating this feeling into its business model and combining it with another thing that each of us does every day: brush our teeth.

Promis stands for a promise to sustainability, both to Mother Nature’s ecosystem and to that of our oral cavity. This is where ecological sensibility meets dental hygiene know-how.

We are an Italian Start-up being part of an Italian Company Group working in the Dental Sector for over 30 years. We work with teeth, toothbrushes, and dentists every day and see the oral health care issues we wish to face through this brand-new brand.

Their mission

Our mission is to create a modern brand for daily dental care, to create awareness about the importance of oral health and the problem with dental plaque and tartar. We want to achieve this with the help of a stylish and young product line with high-quality, natural ingredients in sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. We want to show that brushing teeth doesn’t have to be boring.

Their promis(e)

Remove dental plaque and inhibit the formation of tartar.
Sustainability and environmental awareness.
Raising awareness of the importance of oral health.
Love for your teeth.
Love for the planet.

What is dental plaque, what causes it, and how you can get rid of it?

Bacterial plaque is a transparent substance composed of the bacteria that live in your mouth and substances from your diets, such as sugars, carbohydrates, and fats. Sugar, in particular, gives bacteria the opportunity to feed and thus multiply.

Plaque forms immediately after eating and, if not removed by brushing, can cause very serious problems. It first causes tooth decay, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), and over time can lead to periodontitis, which causes tooth loss.

The shape of the promis brush is no coincidence

The unique shape of our promis brush was not created for aesthetic reasons only. As part of our product development, we designed it according to ergonomic calculations. What does this mean?

If you want to brush your teeth properly, you need the right toothbrush – but which one is it? There are often dozens of different models available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and drugstores. Which aspects are important when choosing the right toothbrush depends on its function.

We created the shape of our toothbrush so that the pressure during brushing does not rest on the bristles, protecting your gums. For this purpose, we built a structural-mechanical model consisting of 3 rollers, in which the promis brush was inserted. A rigid surface was used to press on the bristles to determine the force/displacement behavior of the toothbrush.

The 6750 soft PBT (artificial fibre) bristles of the highest quality gently clean teeth and gums to the smallest niche. The more bristles a toothbrush has, the higher its cleaning power. Thus, more dental plaque can be removed. Therefore, this toothbrush is perfect for people with sensitive gums.
Material: Our promis brush is made of bio-plastic which is manufactured in Germany, just like our toothbrushes.
Packaging: The blister cap is made of recycled plastic and the blister box is made of recycled paper.

My opinion on the Brushes

I can really feel that there is less pressure on my gums, and they look much better now. Not with dark spots close to my teeth from bleeding sometimes, but much more light pink. 😃

The brush lies perfectly in my hand when brushing the front and the sides with my mouth closed. The inside of my teeth is slightly more difficult because the brush is a little thin for this part. Not a tremendous problem, though. I think it's more getting used to the shape. The holder couple that was included is super handy. 😍

Promis paste

Our promis anti-plaque natural toothpaste will make your dentist happy. 99% natural and 21% organic ingredients will brush away plaque and inhibit the formation of tartar to maintain your oral health naturally.

minimizes plaque
inhibits the formation of tartar
inhibits caries
caresses and smoothes gums
remineralizes and strengthens teeth for a whiter smile
provides lasting fresh breath.
restores and maintains oral health in a natural way.
Flavor: herbal mint

My opinion on the paste

The taste is not bad, not great either, but that's all a question of preference, of course. It's not too minty though, which I like. The handy caps allow you to put the pastes upside down on your sink. 😎

What I also think is very handy are the colors they put on the different tubes, so that you easily can see which one you need. The paste's color is very light brown, which looks a little strange, but looks aren't everything. Another huge plus for me is that the toothpaste is 99% natural and 21% organic ingredients. 😍

Promis gel

For complete care and optimal protection after brushing your teeth.

The first tooth gel that removes up to 70% of plaque bacteria naturally, thus inhibiting the formation of tartar, thanks to the unique combination of essential oils of selected herbs. Tested and approved | 99% natural ingredients.

For intensive plaque control, use it in combination with our promis paste.

My opinion on the gel

It is a little runny. My advice would be not to put it on its cap because the gel oozes out when you are not cautious. As you can see, it is almost transparent. If you like, you can also use your finger to apply it to your teeth. Careful though if you have small wounds on your lip because the gel can sting a little. This gel also contains 99% natural ingredients. 😄

Overall, I am thrilled with my Promis kit, it's the perfect option for people who love the Planet. 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Saturday, 28 August 2021

Where To Find Some Cool Gifts For Women - Fashion Gift Guide with 33 Items - August 2021

Hi There..... Are you in for another gift guide? 

I can only hope so because I have some cool gifts for women lined up again. First, I had little, but after a second call, I got 33 gifts together in this fashion gift guide. Can't fit in many more. That might be quite a risk. You might fall asleep before you are done reading. 😏

So glad I finished this one before the evening because I am going to a performance of one of our band members, who is in only 3 bands in total. Not that I already finished my gift guide, but it's good to be prepared. 😁

If I don't finish today, there is always another day, and another and another. After postponing enough days, I won't have to finish anymore, because all my readers will escape. 😄

Did you know, I used to play too, but at the moment my keyboard is in the basement. It's waiting patiently until our granddaughter gets too old for sleeping over. Question of priorities, and my granddaughter is obviously very important to me. 😍

Ok time to show you those cool gifts for women. 😊

Long Sleeve Bodysuit $29.95

Boody is an Australia-based sustainable fashion company that offers sustainable and ethical sleepwear made from bamboo. They made their sleepwear collection using viscose obtained from organically grown bamboo fibers. Boody's bamboo pajamas work best for those with sensitive skin because the fabrics they use are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Plus, they use recyclable packaging! 

Reduce Wastage
Our factories use state-of-the-art computer knitting machines to create seamless garments - meaning fabric wastage is minimal.

No Pesky Pesticides
The original bamboo used to create our signature soft designs is grown organically - without pesticides or fertilizers.

Mindful Consumption
We use rainwater to grow our bamboo, and all water used in the production process is recycled and reused.

Feel good in your skin with our stretchy Long Sleeve Bodysuit. A figure-hugging design that will add a touch of sophistication to your personal style, women's bodysuits don't get more simple and stylish than this. Whether you decide to wear it with a pair of pants or a high-waisted skirt, the sleek and slimming finish of this bodysuit is ultra-flattering, whatever your shape.

Featuring a gently curving neckline and a streamlined design to fit close to the body, this essential women's bodysuit provides moderate-to-full coverage. With our signature seam-free sides, this bodysuit ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ultimate comfort. Quality women's bodysuits are hard to find, but this gorgeous bamboo viscose style gets extra points for its breathability and the sustainability of how it's made.

Circle of Love Necklace Collection $99.99

CONFLUENCE OF POWERFUL SYMBOLISM- A Diamond Epitomizes Indestructibility While A Circle, Which Has No Beginning Or End, Symbolizes Eternity. This Powerful Symbolism Makes This Necklace A Necessity.

ENVELOPE YOURSELF IN GH COLOR AND SI CLARITY DIAMONDS - This Magnificent Necklace With Shimmering 1/6 Carat (cttw) Lab Created Diamonds With Dazzling Sparkle And Brilliance Makes A Subtle Sophisticated Statement Of Your Sense Of Style And Fashion.

ECO FRIENDLY CONFLICT FREE DIAMONDS - With the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds, lab diamonds are sustainable with lower emissions, resource usage, and waste. Plus, they are cruelty-free with zero excavation and human impact.

INVALUABLE LUXURY: Using Sterling Silver And Lab Diamonds In Place Of Gold And Natural Diamonds Our Circle Pendants Add To Your Flair At A Bargain. Besides Your Necklace Comes With An Adjustable Chain So That It Can Be Worn At 16 17 Or 18 Inches.

NOTES FROM OUR STYLIST - You absolutely cannot go wrong with our gorgeous Lab-grown Diamond Circle of Life Necklaces. Full of powerful symbolism, the circle in these necklaces brings together all the precious moments from your life. Accurately depicting that life is a circle and can be embraced at any time, these Necklaces make impeccable gifts for Weddings Engagements Anniversaries Birthdays Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas, Or Graduation Day.. Timeless, subtle, elegant, and beautiful these Pendants are a must for any woman. DAZZLE WITH A CONSCIENCE.

The Wanderer - Jewelry Travel Case $42.99

Three tangled necklaces.
That’s all it took for Roam Often to bloom. After untangling necklace after necklace—in Napa, in Greece, and in Spain—co-founder Alisha was fed up. She wanted a functional, beautiful way to transport her style without the hassle. Her friend Ishani, a fellow jewelry aficionado and co-founder agreed.

And so Roam Often was born. 
Roam Often is much more than a tangled necklace, though. It’s about inspiring style everywhere your travels take you. And that’s why we’ve expanded into creating even more beautiful and functional travel accessories that help you, be you, wherever you roam.

Who We Design For
The idea for Roam Often was sparked by our own travels. Our products are shaped by the travels of our friends, family, and soul sisters.

Whether you’re a world traveler, gypsy wanderer, weekend getaway-er, or off-the-beaten-path-ers, Roam Often was created for you. Our products are compact and versatile—designed to accentuate your travel style, not cramp it. And that goes for wherever your travels take you, whether it’s on a glamorous cruise across the sea, or down the street for a post-work yoga sess. 

Meet The Wanderer, your new travel jewelry case. A travel essential. 
We took the classic travel jewelry case and upgraded it. Compact and cute, The Wanderer fits anywhere you need: your purse, suitcase, hiking backpack, or the hotel safe. This travel jewelry case has an earring bar, ring loop, necklace pouch, bracelet pocket, and simple snap bands for everything else. All in a fashionably patterned interior that will make you smile every time you look at it. Finally, a travel jewelry organizer that’s just as stylish as the items it protects inside. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s not just for travel. The Wanderer is versatile enough to roam with you throughout the day, from school to the yoga studio, or from the office to happy hour. Is The Wanderer the best travel jewelry case ever? It just might be.


At Zeitholz, our core value is to make environmentally responsible, stylish products at a fair price. We are driven to create sustainable, earthy timepieces that capture the rustic allure of wooden craftsmanship — timepieces that are handcrafted using recycled materials, with meticulous attention to detail and no compromises on quality or design.

The result is a wide range of elegant wooden watches and sophisticated wooden belts to pair with any outfit. No matter your style — be it casual, business, outdoorsy, or formal — we have the timeless or modern piece to complement your look.

Zeitholz watches are equipped with high-quality moving parts made by industry-leading Japanese manufacturers Seiko, Miyota, and Citizen. The clockwork is encased in premium quality, crack-resistant hardwoods such as walnut, maple, rosewood, oak, sandalwood, olive wood, and bamboo. To top it off, the dial, bezel, and hands are protected by an ultra-strong mineral glass crystal. Some of our handmade watches also feature an offset crown and alternate strap materials like canvas or leather.

Explore our range and discover why hundreds of satisfied customers from around the globe love the quality, affordability, and style of Zeitholz.

The Sebnitz unisex watch is a classic among Zeitholz's collection. Its minimalistic design, beautiful olive wood case, and high-quality Miyota movement make this competitively priced Sebnitz a must-have for every wood watch lover.
Movement: Japanese Miyota GL20
Glass type: Mineral glass
Clasp type: Stainless steel
Case material: Olivewood
Wristband material: Leather
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 8mm
Wristband Length: 20cm
Wristband width: 20mm
Weight: 34 grams
Water resistance: 3ATM (splash resistance)
Battery life: 2 years
Warranty: 2 years
Luminous hands: No
Special attribute: Versatile timepiece

Bamboo Pajama Lounge Pants - The Ashley $ 86.00

MADI Apparel, (which stands for Make a Difference Intimate Apparel), is a line of elegant, eco-friendly basic staples for women and men, that donates a new pair of underwear to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and rape crisis centers for every MADI garment purchased.  Buy one, give one. MADI is the TOMS Shoes of underwear. They are perfect for women who want to make a difference. Why underwear? Underwear tops the most urgent needs list of nearly every domestic violence and homeless shelter and rape crisis center.  Those organizations receive clothing and household goods donations, but rarely new underwear. 
Another plus, the line is made in the US from viscose from bamboo, beautiful high-end fabric that is self-wicking, anti-microbial, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and nearly 100% biodegradable and compostable.  
Not only is the bamboo fabric very sustainable, but MADI is a woman-owned small business and they hire a woman-owned cut and sew team to manufacture the underwear in the US, substantially lowering their carbon footprint. 
So far, MADI has donated over 7,500 pairs of underwear to women in need through 26 partnered organizations including domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape-crisis centers, and international aid organizations.

About the design and fit :
Designed by founder
Wear to bed or out to the gym or brunch as sustainable athleisure 
Silky, comfy fit, breezy to the touch
No elastic waistband, just a stretchy bamboo drawstring. Garment can be pulled up and down without untying because the drawstring and fabric are so stretchy. The zero elastic waistbands eliminate pinching and "too tight" waistband discomfort.
Pair with "The Jacqueline", "The Sybil" or "The Samantha" to make the perfect, most comfy bamboo PJ set for bed.

About the fabric:

Stretch Knit Viscose from Bamboo: 95% Bamboo 5 % Spandex
Fabric = luxuriously soft, organically sustainable, odor-resistant, and dries super fast!
100% biodegradable
This self-wicking fabric helps lower night sweats and is very breathable for sleeping.

Le Parisien – Beret $65.00

French luxury brand LOULOU DAMOUR was founded by fashion designer Zee Field.
In French, “Mon loulou d’amour” is how you refer to someone very dear to your heart.
Your loulou can be your support system, your muse, someone who inspires you to push past limitations and follow your passion.
LOULOU DAMOUR fashions and perfumes are designed with memories of a special person, place, or time to honor the loulous of our lives.

A loulou can be a lover, a family member, a child, a dear friend, or a cherished pet who sculpts your life with unconditional love and devotion.

Endlessly feminine, this classic French accessory will add some flair to your weekend wardrobe. Wear it for a coffee run or a long walk in the park. Style it with a scarf and oversized sunglasses.

SIZE: One Size
COLOR: Blue Mood Indigo

CONTENT: 55% Linen 45% Cotton

Daisi Raw White Pearl Necklace in Yellow Gold -
Ringcrush $47.00

Yes, really. In a world where 99.9% of affordable jewelry is mass-produced in large factories overseas, we made it our mission to do things differently. Affordable, handcrafted jewelry, made right here, in Atlanta, Georgia.

All Ringcrush products are artfully handmade by 12 female Savannah College of Art and Design alumni in Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you for supporting our craft.

In 2021, we made it our mission to focus on sustainability. Our metals are made using 100% recycled silver and gold, and we supply our gemstones entirely from the waste stream of the mining industry.

This lovely Raw White Pearl Necklace is perfect for wearing on your birthday or to compliment an outfit that you're wearing on other special occasions. These gorgeous and trendy raw pearl pendants are handmade with love in theA and are made from genuine white pearl and recycled gold fill. Ringcrush's one-of-a-kind pearl pendants are made with a touch of magic. These statement-making designs will surely make you stand out from the crowd. You'll look like a million bucks when you try this on!

A raw, natural beauty. Giving new life to natural stones, while preserving their natural form. This rough, organic, natural gemstone is one of a kind. No molds are used for our jewelry and no two are exactly alike.

Gemstone: Natural White Pearl

Birthstone Month: June

Chain is made from pure recycled 14k Gold Fill

The EveryWear Bra™ $89

Vibrant Body Company, a leader in clean intimates, was founded to 
A) never use wires in our bras due to what studies show restriction to the breast does to women’s health and 
B) none of our first layer intimates (bras, tank tops, and underwear) contain potentially harmful chemicals and dyes. We are proud to have the OEKO-TEX® certification to reinforce our focus on women’s wellness.
It's important to note that VBC products are designed BY women, for the wellness of ALL women.

Our mission is to change the way women think about their breasts, bras & first layer by advocating for industry change and providing an alternative; an extraordinarily comfortable, patented wire-free bra and first layer that’s free from potentially harmful toxins.

The problem with wired bras is that they’re not only uncomfortable, but they also work against your body’s natural shape instead of with it.

In our bra, the support comes from the cups, not an underwire. We came to the conclusion that a wire-free bra provided better support than those with a wire after developing 80 prototypes and spent 7 years in Europe developing this technology.

The EveryWear Bra™ is wire-free and made with a “utility” patented C-shaped cup that supports the natural breast shape. 

The bra is made from nylon, lycra, polyamide, spandex, plastic, and carbon steel for eye hooks, with signature non-slip, soft padded straps that stay in place with seamless stitching.
Every stitch, fabric, foam, dye, and the clasp has been certified OEKO-100 certified to contain no harmful levels of toxins by the European standard, highest in the world, and exceeds the US standards considerably.


CREATE CONNECT JEWELRY DIY Jewelry  ANYONE can make! Have you ever wanted to make jewelry but just found it too tedious or difficult? Create Connect Jewelry is for YOU!  

I have developed jewelry making for NON-Jewelry Makers.  No experience is needed! My jewelry is designer-style jewelry, and you are the designer. Proprietary products I invented so everyone could have a positive, simple experience making beautiful jewelry with professional results.

Certainly, there are a lot of creative women who make jewelry. We see their beautiful pieces at local markets and art shows. Not everyone can torch, solder, or cast a piece of jewelry, but I ASSURE you, EVERYONE can make beautiful jewelry that represents their individual style with Create Connect Jewelry™.  

Many women simply regard making jewelry as being too difficult and tedious. And then, there is another group of women (and sadly young girls) who feel they do not possess any creativity.  I believe these women and girls need positive creative experiences that will help build their confidence to take on other creative projects. 

What's more? The ability to offer something unique and apart from the mass-produced jewelry styles that are available in stores, YOUR STYLE, YOUR COLOR, YOUR STATEMENT™.
The jewelry you wear makes your first statement when meeting someone new. Shouldn't that statement reflect your individual style and be one-of-a-kind like you? "You're Too Special to Look Like Anyone Else.®

Proprietary products that work together Create Connect Jewelry™ features proprietary products not available anywhere else. CC3™ jewelry clay works directly with the Acti-bond™ jewelry pieces to create a permanent bond when cured in your home oven for 30 minutes. The jewelry pieces are not craft jewelry, but feature the same materials that high-end jewelry designers use, only now you're the designer! Over 100 styles of jewelry and 60 colors of jewelry clay. Something for every age and every budget. 

Creative fun to make with mom on Mother's day or ANYTIME!  This kit is for Moms and Teens. The space is too smallish for young girls, see my other kits for more ages. 
Included in the kit are two woven bead DIY bracelets that are reversible so you can create on BOTH Sides! One is adult adjustable size, and the other is teen/tween adjustable size. The bracelets feature acti-bond, which creates a permanent bond with the jewelry clay when baked.  2 clay choppers, Assorted CC3 oven bake jewelry clay,  2 chopping mats,  crystals, buffing powder, and simple to follow directions. Bake in your oven for 35 minutes to cure.

AYU £89.00

SAHAR was founded in 2012 to create unique multifunctional exotic designs which will last for years always using the best materials in the market. Each collection is inspired by the diverse cultures of the world. 
Sahar is the creation of the Arabic-English-Brazilian designer, Samantha Harding, born in Dubai and raised in the United Arab Emirates then moving to Rio de Janeiro to live the lifestyle of the carioca. Passionate about the beach and sea since she was a child, she awakened the desire to create something different and long-lasting, inspired by her travels around the world. Samantha is currently chasing the sun with her mission to make all women feel exotic, elegant, and comfortable with her designs.
Exotic, classic, multifunctional, and unique. Sahar is for the women who are always seeking the sun, fearless dreamers who desire beauty in any form.

Our signature design Ayu is the perfect top for any occasion, with its show-stopping design on the back. 

Carol wears size M.

Made of Supplex Lycra sport ( 90% Polyamid 13% Spandex / Lining 100% polyamid ) for more lasting use because of its cutting edge technology. 

Take our comfortable Ayu on an adventure with you, whether it be in the water or out and about. It's time to innovate your style and be exotic. 

Day Starts and Ends Gratitude Women's text tee $29.00

Gratitude Garb started as a business in our homeschool room, of all places. After expressing what we were grateful for on our gratitude tree, our 8-year-old daughter blurted an idea to help others feel the same joyful feeling we felt when we expressed gratitude. Thus, Gratitude Garb was born.

Here you’ll find exciting fashion designs from super-soft tees, hoodies, and hats for him, her, them, and the kids to fitted shirts and racerback tanks for the ladies. And you’ll find stylish home decor, backpacks, bags, and accessories to inspire gratitude in your home and wherever you go.

It is our belief that gratitude and thankfulness are the roots of happiness. We can’t imagine someone being both thankful and upset at the same time. But sometimes we all need a reminder to reflect and show our gratitude.

We have three aims with Gratitude Garb.

The first is that we hope to inspire as many people as we can to prioritize gratitude and spread the gift of it to others. We hope to make the world a happier place.
The second aim is we are building this family business with our daughter, teaching her the skills to conceive, start, and run a business. Teaching her how to be independent, confident, and as self-reliant as possible is a central part of our homeschool plan for her.
The third aim is to raise as much money as we can to help fight cystic fibrosis. A friend of Maisy’s has this horrible but not widely understood disease, and we’ve seen the impact it has on our close friends.

Start your day with gratitude by slipping on this stunning text design! Others will stop in their tracks when they see you wearing this stylish tee and that will give you the opportunity to talk about the joy that comes from living a grateful life. As you pull on this t-shirt in the morning, it’ll put a smile on your place, reminding you to be grateful, happy, and to spread joy. Feel rich and content as you adore this classy tee with a beautiful message.

Your typical 100% cotton t-shirt (except for Heather Grey, Dark Heather Grey, Heather Green, and Heather Blue colors that contain polyester). Pre-shrunk to make sure your size is maintained throughout several washes, and a classic fit.

Cashmere Bralette $79.00

Founded and built of a community of Mongolians, GOBI Cashmere combines traditional roots and modern innovation & technology to provide premium quality cashmere for almost 40 years.​

GOBI Cashmere supplies domestically and globally, providing the most exquisite and luxurious experience in cashmere. GOBI is renowned for its special cashmere coats throughout the world and is the only company that produces solely cashmere garments at volumes made possible with years of passion and experience.

We remain true to the traditional way of life in today’s modern world. Holding onto our nomadic roots makes it possible to share our cashmere with the global community as it combines our people, our culture & our way of life.


Material: 100% Cashmere
Weight: 60 grams
2 ply, 12 gauge, Plain knit
Gather on the center front
Hand wash in lukewarm water, lay flat to dry
Made at the Gobi Cashmere Factory in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Upgrade your wardrobe with this trendy bralette. Match it with our Chunky Long Cardigan and Cashmere Knickers for extra comfort and style.


Carathea and Jools are a family-run contemporary High Street jewellers in Bridgwater, Somerset. We are online here at  Our shop, Jools, in Bridgwater, Somerset (sketched by my 16-year old daughter below!) also offers watch battery replacement whilst you wait and watch and jewellery repairs. 

Coeur de Lion is a contemporary jewellery range and stunningly beautiful. Their unique jewellery designs are all handmade to order and can be worn equally well with a casual pair of jeans and top as well as being dressed up in a ball gown for a black-tie event.

This gorgeous bracelet from Coeur de Lion features their classic "geo cube" design, loved by so many.  With cubes in multicolor pastel colors - soft blue, green, orange, pink, lilac with soft white and facetted cubes and multicolor crystals.  The bracelet is stunning! 

This bracelet uses synthetic, solid-colored tiger’s eye, Polaris combined with Swarovski® Crystals, glass, rhinestone rondelles with Swarovski® Crystals, stainless steel, and fine glass cylinders. The clasp is made of stainless steel 316L.

A matching necklace and earrings are available here.

Item No: 2838/30-1552
Materials: Synthetic, solid-colored tiger’s eye, Polaris combined with Swarovski® Crystals, glass, rhinestone rondelles with Swarovski® Crystals, stainless steel, and fine glass cylinders. Clasp made of stainless steel 316L.

MADDY LEATHER Platform Slides Sandals $80.34

We, at LibertyZeno Shoes have been fashioning footwear, for well over 60 years now, for the style-conscious people around the globe.

Currently, with an annual turnover exceeding INR.600 crore (U.S. $150 million), we figure amongst the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear of the world producing over 50,000 pairs a day using a capacity of over 3 lakh square feet of leather per month.

Helping us dress up the feet of the fashion-driven and quality-seeking customers in over 25 countries, which includes major international fashion destinations like France, Italy, and Germany, is our worldwide distribution network of 100 distributors, 400 exclusive showrooms, and more than 5000 multi-brand outlets. Our commitment to quality is marked by a ISO 9001: 2000 process certification.

Made up of high-quality LEATHER wraps your feet with COMFORT and STYLE throughout the day.
SOFT CUSHIONING FOOTBED conforms to the shape of your foot.
OCCASSION: Can be used in Parties, Outdoor events, and Safari's as well. Keeps your feet pretty warm in winters.

AMARA $32.00

Why buy ordinary? Every Tuli product is handmade in East Africa by talented, tenacious people who are working to provide themselves and their families with better futures. Click their images below to learn more about them and how your support is changing their lives!

Tuli’s artisans are paid fair wages that allow them to feed their families, educate their children, and rise out of poverty. Your purchase directly supports our artisan community, making a meaningful, lasting change.

We keep our team small to ensure maximum impact and because, unlike other brands, we do not limit the time our artisans can work with us. We’ve found that the more popular, time-based model is not a sustainable solution to poverty. We’ve had artisans use their income from Tuli to finish their schooling and get new jobs or start their own businesses, and while we love when that happens, we never force our artisans out of our program. When we bring them on the team, it’s for as long as they need us.

The playful and flirty Amara necklace features gorgeous paper beads, handmade and hand-painted in Uganda and arranged in a cascading y-shape. While it's simple enough to wear with versatility and frequency, it's bold enough to draw the eye. Approximately 18 inches. Lobster clasp and sizing chain.

Inspire Spiral Loose SS T $34.00

Ancient Language apparel. We are the only yoga brand with 27 years of successful intuitive design that has maintained serious staying power. We honor the healing journey, wisdom, and depth of women who practice yoga. 

Meet Annette Dale Kramek — a veteran designer who pioneered the first yoga apparel line. Long before Lululemon launched their brand in 1998 and became a household name, Annette had the idea to create her own yoga apparel line. When yoga was just emerging, it helped save her life. She wanted more people to experience the benefits of yoga and saw the vision of it being practiced worldwide.

It was in 1993 that Annette launched her yoga line, naming it Chaffins Yoga Collection, after her mother's maiden name. Her brand was inspired by her own healing journey, for it was yoga and meditation that helped her recover from life-altering brain surgery.

When creating the yoga line, Annette was no novice to apparel design. Annette came from a lineage of milliners, so sewing was in her blood. She remembers first sewing around the age of six. Growing up in a low-income home, she made her own clothes to replicate the clothes she saw in store windows.

Before her health crisis, Annette was the lead skiwear designer at Warnaco — one of the biggest distributors of underwear, sportswear, and swimwear worldwide. Their products were sold to brands like Calvin Klein, Speedo, and Chaps. Under her design leadership, the skiwear division grew from 8 million to 28 million in just 2 years.

As a talented designer with connections in the industry, Annette pitched her yoga line to big brands like Prana, Speedo, Patagonia, and Adidas. She got rejected by all of them, but she didn’t let this stop her. If these big brands would not help her, she knew she had to take it upon herself to launch her yoga brand.

Envision...Ignite...Explore...Journey...Discover...Endeavor...Create...Manifest...Inspire...Reflect...This is the process of growth and manifestation written by Annette from her studies in yoga and human potential.  This boxy tee is soft and flowy. Runs true to size.


60/40% cotton/poly jersey
vintage washed
silky soft
loose fit
boxy style
scoop neck with self-fabric neck trim

embrace uncertainty / figaro chain $54.00

Because of the stigma that still exists around mental illness, we are not properly taught how our mind works, how it breaks, and how it heals.

Most of us have experienced some sort of anxiety at a very early age, but because nobody talks about it, it’s not something we easily recognize until we’re all grown up and realize that life is really, really hard. The good news is, it’s never too late to learn how to take care of our mind, even when we feel it’s out of our control.

And with that, two sisters with OCD and anxiety (yes, it runs in the family) decided it was time to share their journey with the world.

Presently, bracelets bear affirmations that use a cognitive behavioral approach to teach us how to shift our own thoughts and disrupt the unproductive thought spirals that consume so many of us. The less time we spend fueling our anxiety, the more room we have to notice the beauty of the present moment.

The phrases engraved on our bracelets are used in cognitive-behavioral therapy to remind us that when we stop resisting those feelings of anxiety, we can actually find some relief.

embrace uncertainty

Length: Adjustable 6" - 8"

• Closure: Lobster Clasp

• Material: 14K gold / brass / nickel-free

LUNCH/ SHOE BAG 2.0 $19.99

Sherrill Mosee, inventor and designer of MinkeeBlue, set out to solve a problem she calls, the ‘overload bag syndrome’. Like many women, Sherrill carried two or three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag, and sometimes shoes in her purse. She wanted to create an organizational fashion bag for busy women whose roles changed throughout the day—from an executive to fitness enthusiast, daily commuter, and mom. MinkeeBlue is her solution! 

MinkeeBlue has been featured on the Today Show, the Katie Couric Show, and QVC. Sherrill holds a Master's Degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University. She's also an alum of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy's.

The nylon lunch bag 2.0 is specially designed for the Ella Tote 2.0 and the Madison Tote. It includes a mesh zipper pocket holder for your utensils or a small ice pack for extra cooling. 

Size of lunch bag: 11"L x 5"W x 5.5"H

Size of shoe bag: 16.5"L x 12"W

Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace $93.17

At Asha Blooms, our positive intention jewelry comes with a purpose - to uplift, inspire, and help you believe. Let us nourish your spirits with affirmation and ovation. Words and thoughts carry significant power. Capture that essence with one of our handcrafted wearable reminders. We believe in you, you've got this.

This is our I Am Loved necklace, featuring everybody's favorite rose quartz, suspended within a hammered sterling silver circle. This is the perfect gift for a person who deserves to be told she's appreciated: your best friend who's always had your back, your sister who needs a reminder of just how cherished she is, or your mother who should be told this once every day. Go ahead, gift this necklace to her (or yourself)!

I give and I receive. My heart's embrace is reciprocal. Aligned with hope and rebirth, I trust in the grandest truth of all - love makes the world go round. I am a part of that. Cherished and beloved, I am loved.

Rose quartz is the pure stone of love. It teaches us to trust and aids in emotional healing. Also, a symbol of hope and rebirth, many find solace in the honest and simple wholeness and truth it represents. The rose quartz in this handcrafted necklace features a circular stone floating within a sterling silver hammered circle.

- Stone: rose quartz (~2 cm diameter)
- Metal: Sterling silver circle, chain, and clasp
- Length: 19"

Magic Nipple Covers €25,94

We at BOOMBA, believe in working with factories that share the same values of quality and integrity. We have chosen to partner up with ethical, smaller manufacturers because we have found they tend to focus more on quality and take great pride in their work. They also play an important role in moving the economy along by providing jobs and opportunities to the locals in their communities.

The process of making BOOMBA double-sided adhesive inserts is a combination of machinery and craftsmanship. After the inserts have been pressed, the glue is hand-brushed by skilled workers, then cut by hand into their shape.

Marginal errors, such as tiny pieces of silicone gel, may come off on skin or clothing at times. Please note that this is normal and does not affect the usage of the inserts. Even though we pride ourselves on our quality and rigorously conduct quality control, please understand that there is human error. If in any case, you feel you have purchased a defective pair or you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can make it right.

We are excited to announce that we now have two styles for our Magic Nipple Covers, adhesive and non-adhesive.

These Magic Nipple Covers are essential in every wardrobe. Seamless, lightweight, with a skin-like finish, these Magic Nipple covers are sure to blend effortlessly into your skin, staying undetectable under your top.

Magic Nipple Covers (non-adhesive) adhere using our advanced suction technology, they are able to adhere to your skin, without any adhesive.

Want extra security? We also offer our Magic Nipple Covers (adhesive) with a thin layer of adhesive. These Magic Nipple Covers are washable and reusable, so they can be used over and over again.

Our products are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Diameter: 3.15inches (8cm)

Gia Bikini Top $69.00

Infamous Swim is a leading Australian label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life.

Infamous Swim is more than just a swimwear brand. We are on a mission to break the mould! We believe every woman and every kind of body deserves to feel confident, sexy, empowered, and comfortable in their swimwear.

We are passionate about promoting positive body image, loving the skin you’re in, and creating a community of like-minded women who support one another. From bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, rash suits, and beyond, every garment we create is designed for the female form, in every shape and size, through every stage of womanhood.

Did we mention we have matching swimwear for mumma's and her minis!? We're famous for twinning your family.

Like a sugary summer dream, our new Fairy Floss print is all shades of lolly love. The Gia bikini top in Fairy Floss is sweet, sexy, and self-assured, everything you want from your swimwear right!? The Gia bikini top is seamless, double-layered, and has a little extra coverage than last season's version. Get the whole family on a (visual) sugary high in our matching Fairy Floss swim collection.

Suitable for all cup sizes and every woman
Firm supportive under-bust band
Wide fixed straps
Pull-on design
Seamless and double-layered luxury Polyamide/Spandex
Can also be worn as a wireless bra or activewear
A favorite maternity choice
Print placement will vary on each garment
Designed in Australia
Available in matching Mini-Me styles


Azura Jewelry offers women a chance to begin a new story. Every creation of ours is meant to remind you that the one thing that you have that no one else has, is you; you are a unique, one of a kind, beautiful woman, with passions, visions, and stories of your own….and just like my story of those tiny little flower earrings, we hope to inspire you to bloom!

A simple yet classy pearl earring, giving you the best value for your money, is the White Pearl Earrings. Crafted to clip firmly to your delicate ear lobes. This dainty piece is anchored by a golden metal to dangle freely and flow with the vibes. Sure to attract success and good luck to you, suitable for everyday wear.

Gemstone: White Pearl 

Origin: Japan

Birthstone: June

Meaning: It is unknown as to why a “Pearl” is called a Pearl. Though, some say because the pearl is found in a “pear” shaped like a shell.

Powers: Pearl bears a connection with purity, faithfulness, modesty, and loyalty. Wearing pearls will strengthen you to deal with day-to-day life and learn wisdom from the lessons. It offers protection, calms your senses, aids you to pick between right and wrong, furthermore cultivates a healthy note of self-love. 

NEW- Ladies Leggings - Match Your Pup - Heart print $79.99

Launching in 2018 as the world’s first dog leggings, Walkee Paws were designed to protect your pooch from all the ruff stuff outside, all while taking walks with your furry friends even more enjoyable. I’ve been so thrilled and grateful to see how many dogs and puppy parents have fallen in love with Walkee Paws, which has inspired me to expand our product line even further.

Now you can pair our best-selling dog leggings with cute accessories like puffer and raincoats, reversible harnesses, patterned leashes, and more (including your very own pair of leggings to match your pooch!). We’ve even created Indoor Walkee Paws with Grippy Socks, so your pup can get a grip on wooden floors and slippery surfaces. My hope is that these designs keep your pup comfy, cozy, and protected on their everyday adventures—providing you with peace of mind and worry-free walks!

You and your pup do everything together: Go for walks, ride in the car, play in the park, snuggle on the sofa. And now you can even wear the same clothes! That’s right: Our Walkee Paws leggings have been such a huge hit that we decided to design a hooman version! Walkee Paws Ladies Leggings come in our brand new Hearts pattern, so you can show everyone how much you love your pooch while matching him, too. Each pair features a cleverly designed poop bag pouch hidden inside the waistband. Simply pull the end of the roll through the hole and grab a bag when you need one!

Technical fabric sculpts and supports for a super-flattering fit.
A wide waistband keeps everything in place.
Features a hidden waistband pocket for poop bags, or other accessories (phone, keys, cards, headphones).
80% nylon, 20% lycra.
Available in sizes XS-L.

Her Highness Lace Brief in Pearl $38

We're a mother-daughter team bridging the generational gap between old-fashioned granny panties and modern women’s underwear, for underwear that's as comfortable as it is sexy.

One day, I mentioned the idea of sexy granny panties to my daughter, a mother of two, and a marketing whiz (in my unbiased opinion). She initially scoffed at the idea but, after surveying her friends whose bodies had also changed over time, she saw an actual need for comfortable, sexy underwear for women of all ages. And, ultimately, she realized her mother was right, as daughters often do. 

That, my friends, is how we came up with the idea for Bloomers - sexy granny panties for the woman who wants to look and feel good. Because, regardless of your age, isn't that what we all want?

The perfect panties for daytime, nighttime, and playtime.
Lightweight, lace underwear.
High-waisted, full coverage cut to conceal any lumps, without constricting.
No panty lines, no muffin tops, no wedgies.
Comes with a reusable mesh laundry bag.

Afghan Rubab (Persian Poetry) Unisex Long Sleeve Tee White $38.00

IhsanIshan Design is a luxury fine arts and design studio at the forefront of promoting global culture.

Founded by acclaimed designer Sangeetha Kowsik, IhsanIshan produces one-of-a-kind, unisex textiles, art prints, and accessories inspired by the art of traditional Arabic Calligraphy, global iconography, all with a modern luxe flair.

This piece was inspired by a dear friend who is a very famous Afghan Rubab player. 

The Rubab is one of the national instruments of Afghanistan and is frequently mentioned in Persian and Sufi poetry. Rumi, the famous poet, also wrote many verses on love, musical instruments, and how music is the way to connect to the divine.

The Rubab has a special significance in Sikhism as well, being the first instrument used by the Guru (teacher). Along with a Persian friend, I searched for the right verse for my artwork. I wanted to present the complete piece as a birthday gift to my aforementioned friend, the Afghani Rubab player. I came across the verse below, by Saeb Tabrizi, with the help of a renowned Afghan poet and Rumi scholar. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Saeb Tabrizi also wrote ghazals, which are famous throughout South Asia and sung in the classical tradition. And this fits well with my birthday gift plans, as my friend sings classical music along with playing the Rubab.
This verse is in Persian (Farsi) and is attributed to the 16th C Persian poet Saeb Tabrizi, who wrote in “Indian style” and traces his ancestry to Shams Tabrizi, Rumi's spiritual instructor. 
This verse is promoting peace as opposed to destruction.

”That disobedient Palm (tree) that turned into an ax was not one of us, when destiny breaks us we turn into a “Rubab”. 

Read right to left, the verse is drawn in “stylized script” around the body and the full verse is written in the middle. I added “Jimikis,” which is a traditional jewelry shape of South India on the tassel.

Diamond Drop Earrings $18.00

Arias Design Co is the result of one woman's quest to create beautiful polymer clay earrings that are more than just jewelry.

We strive to raise both awareness and funds to support better mental health by designing unique, handmade earrings that you are sure to fall in love with and donating a portion of the sales proceeds to The Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

We made all of our earrings in small batches or as one-off designs in Auckland, then carefully wrapped them in eco-friendly packaging before being shipped off to be worn around the world.

Classy, chic, and delicate, there's a pair of Arias Design Co earrings no matter what your preference is - from dainty, laid-back studs all the way through to bold, statement drop earrings.

Find our three main collections below, and learn more about how we support better mental health with our NZ-made jewelry!

Another one of our all-time bestsellers, the Diamond Drop Earrings, are just what you need to pull your favorite outfit together perfectly. If you love statement earrings that match your wardrobe, you've definitely come to the right place! 

As they're crafted using polymer clay, Arias Design Co earrings are lightweight and easy to wear throughout the day and night.

All earrings are designed and created in small batches with love, especially for you. I hope you love wearing them as much as I loved making them! 

Colour: Blush / Rust / Olive
Finish: Matte
Fixings: Hook
Materials: polymer clay & silver-plated components

Virgo Astor Box & Necklace Bundle $87.00

Eternal Roses® was founded out of a love of beauty & design. We also realized that a key element of practicality in a floral gift was missing — long-lasting roses. We are very passionate about creating elegant pieces, incorporating artisan products, and sustainability.

However, first and foremost, we are busy parents to two small children under the age of five, so we always look for multiple purposes in products. We wanted our gifts to become something that can be enjoyed as home decor. This is how we created our Soho Centerpiece.  

Our hectic, family-focused lifestyle led us to believe we could give our customers the flexibility of enjoying a gift that can be displayed, and admired in any space, but also be used for different means in the future. 

While trying to make this experience as perfect as possible, we decided there is no better way than to make a luxury rose gift cost-effective and effortless. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy our Soho Luxury Rose Arrangement Centerpiece. Once it arrives, simply take it out of the box and display it anywhere in your space.  

As with any of our luxury rose gift boxes, the "WOW" factor is a guarantee!

Looking for a unique gift for that special Virgo in your life? Our Zodiac-themed preserved roses each come in a custom-designed black textured box displaying the astrological sign's constellation using powerful crystals. Pretty and powerful, crystals are a key accessory in helping one tune into their soul using energy. Each Zodiac-themed necklace comes in its own Eternal Roses gift box with a ribbon, making it the ideal gift already wrapped. A unique and thoughtful gift bundle for any loved one, astrology fan, or star-obsessed friend. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22), the sixth sign in the Zodiac, is the Virgin. Those born under the Virgo sign are often detail-oriented, modest, and graceful. Focused and hard-working, Virgos appreciate gifts that are thoughtful and that reflect their unique tastes. 

Suggested Zodiac Color:  Apricot

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace
Roses are natural, and their sizes may vary 
Do not water rose, handle with care 
Do not expose to direct light, excessive heat, or dust
Rose will radiate natural beauty for up to 3 years

Women Shoulder Backpack $28.99

Created for the love of Gifting - Gifts for everyone and every occasion -  GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM FOR HER FOR PETS FOR COWORKERS FOR PARENTS FOR HOME FOR CARS

This Shoulder Backpack could be an elegant and practical gift idea for a woman.

Material: This woman's backpack is made of PU Leather.
Closing Way: Zipper ,
Size (L * W * H ): 7.2 * 3.1 * 8.2 inches ( 18.5 * 8 * 21 cm ) .

The Frida £40.00 ($55.06)

The Crochet Collective is a small independent business founded over lockdown by four young women with a shared passion for crocheting and slow fashion. We understand people care where their clothes come from. That's why we only use sustainably sourced, 100% cotton yarn. Our bespoke tops are all lovingly handmade by our team and available in all shapes and sizes because one size does not fit all. We have also chosen to donate 10% of our profits to Women's Aid so you can be sure that your purchase is going towards a good cause. We're hooked on Handmade, Bespoke & Ethical Fashion.

A more covering top in fresh summer colors and inspired by the artistic genius of Frida Kahlo, this is perfect for summer picnics as the days get warmer.

Fox Cross Ear Hooks $60.00

The products found in the physical store and the online store include the signature fur jewelry line, hand-forged copper jewelry with natural semi-precious gemstones, textile jewelry, housewares, and textile wall art. I work with materials that are naturally colored and create designs that are simple and understated, which allows the texture and tone of the materials to be prominent. The strong Scandinavian tone in my work exists thanks to both the time I spent in Iceland and to my Danish ancestry.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has tasked Canadians with reconciling with Indigenous Canadians for the grievous acts of racially-based violence and innumerable misdeeds that occurred when European settlers arrived and which continue today. My hope of buying furs for as close to “top lot” pricing as possible and only from Indigenous trappers can restore some of the systemic inequality that they and others experience. This business is a small one, but even the smallest of stones can make ripples in a pond that reach a long, long way.

Sterling silver-filled marquise ear wires are a classic shape that works beautifully with the full range of furs that we offer in this style. The Italian lambskin atop each tiny piece of fur is sleek and dramatic, and the perfect contrast to the texture and volume of the fur. Each earring is hand-stitched with imitation sinew creating a seam that is both strong and beautiful.

Note: the color of your exact pair will probably be a little different from the ones shown, but they will be the fur variety you've selected and they will be beautiful.

Please know that whenever we create a pair of anything (earrings, cufflinks, etc.) We cut both pieces of fur from the exact same spot so we can match both items as much as is possible. However, there will always be differences - sometimes imperceptible, sometimes obvious. I always regard this as an attribute.

EZ Feet Women's Indoor Outdoor Genuine Shearling Breathable Slip-On Slide Slippers $49.99

Rubber sole
Plush premium-quality shearling-lined fluffy slippers for women slip on and slip off with ease. These breathable temperatures regulating scuffs are perfect indoors in cold chilly winter weather and cool outdoors on warmer summer days. Insulates and keeps heat naturally for no sweat protection.
Made with 100% Australian sheepskin. This high-quality natural genuine with luxury sheepskin upper and footbed lining is a classic style slide for women as a super soft house shoe for daily or nightly wear. Durable, long-lasting construction resists rips, snags, and tears.
Light and flexible, high traction EVA rubber outsole bottom provides non-slip, anti-skid slipper protection for indoor/outdoor all-day comfort whether outside or, as lounge slippers for remote work from home lifestyle fashion footwear
This soft lamb’s wool fleece open-toe scuff is pre-treated for stain and water-resistant indoor, outdoor wear. This comfy cozy open back clog is moisture-wicking, repels water, and dries easily at room temperature when wet.
A thoughtful holiday gift for a wife or other special woman on her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or, a Mother's Day present. EZ Feet memory foam slippers for ladies offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hand wash, or gently machine washable furry slippers. These furry slippers are available in Women’s sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 up to hard to find large women's sizes 10. Medium width.

Villa Tiny Hoop Earrings £60.00 ($82.54)

The Rosie Kent brand is inspired by old-world elegance. Handcrafting patterns and textures from the world around us into timeless luxury jewelry. We create lavish textures in precious metals that complement the female form. Attention to detail is crucial in design and execution.

Central Saint Martins graduate Rosie is an experienced designer and jewelry maker with over a decade working in the jewelry world. Her experience ranges from designing and making for the internationally acclaimed and award-winning jewelry designer Alex Monroe to designing for leading high street giants; Freedom at Topshop, ASOS, and Topman.  

Because of popular demand, we have made a mini version of our striking zigzag hoops. The Villa tiny hoop earrings are small and dainty angles for your ears. Looks great as a second or third piercing.

12mm diameter x 1.5mm width

These small hoop earrings are available in 2 choices of materials:

Yellow gold plated - Recycled sterling silver base metal with a thick layer of 18ct yellow gold on top. We know this as gold vermeil.
Silver - Recycled sterling silver.


It is your one-stop shop for all sportswear and fitness clothing needs, from yoga, running to hardcore bodybuilding. 

Jed North's devotion and commitment has made it one of the premier online destinations for gym apparel. They have been operating for over 4 years and are the best at providing athletic and casual wear for every fitness enthusiast. 

They offer a wide range of sportswear and fitness clothing suitable for bodybuilders, powerlifters, yogis, cross-fitters, and general fitness lovers. Their comfortable and functional tank tops, shorts, stringers, t-shirts will be with you every step of the way. Whether you are just beginning a new workout routine, or are a fitness enthusiast looking to look good in a casual setting. Jed North is a brand you can look good wearing year after year both in and outside of the gym.

Low neckline medium support bodysuit with thick double criss-cross straps in the back. Comes with removable padding and booty contouring seams. Stand out and look good in this one-piece bodysuit.

75% Nylon, 25% Spandex
Machine wash cold
Medium support
Detailed back design
Removable padding
Low neckline

And so we have come to the end of another gift guide. If you like browsing gift guides, here are a few previous ones.

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