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Where to Find 21 Handmade or Vintage Gifts - Etsy Gift Guide 06/2022

Hi There..... If you could choose the items for a gift guide, what would they be?

Would you love to see handmade items, fashion items like clothing and jewelry, or beauty items to take care of yourself? Maybe you would rather have something completely different? I would love to know. πŸ˜ƒ

Ah yes, sorry, I am the nosy type. I am always sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. πŸ˜‰

Haha, no, it's not that bad. I can restrain myself when I need to, but that doesn't stop me from wondering. 😁

My mom used to say I was always asking lots of questions. I found on the internet that kids ask about 40.000 questions between the age of 2 and 5. Isn't that incredible? 😲

Today I am answering your question on where to find handmade or vintage by sharing some of these Etsy shops' finds. 😍

Crochet mermaid doll $31.06

Beautiful crochet mermaid doll with removable tail revealing her cute bikini outfit. She has long golden yellow hair tied at the back in a little plait. 

This little doll measures approximately 32cm to her feet (without the tail) and 45cm, including her tail. I made her of 100% acrylic yarn, stuffed with polyester fiberfill and with plastic safety eyes.

You can request other colors, but the delivery time will be different and confirmed upon ordering.

I made this doll using a pattern by Michelle Alvarez at Bunnies & Yarn.

The Ring Thing–Patented ring holder $24.14

Just the thing for your ring! Introducing the patented Ring Thing - a ring holder to keep your rings safe, nearby, and avoid loss!

Use the Ring Thing at the gym, salon, golf course, while traveling, or at home. The Ring Thing will give you peace of mind knowing your treasured rings are protected and close to you. And it makes a perfect gift!

Currently available in 7 colors: Royal Blue, Deep Plum, Black Onyx, Desert Pink, Olive Green, Sunbeam Yellow, and Ruby Red. Made in the USA. MSRP $24.95.

The patented Ring Thing is the premier product of BringThings, Inc., a woman-owned company dedicated to stylish, functional products. Our founding principles include social responsibility, honesty, innovation, using recycled materials whenever possible, and having a lot of fun along the way. We create products we love and hope will be of benefit to others.

Genuine UV Red Seaglass $134.30

Hailing from a mind-spinning variety of original sources, authentic sea glass comes in every color of the rainbow and each shade in between, manifesting in an astonishing array of configurations and forms; so naturally, certain surf-tumbled treasures are less common than others. 

Indeed, while all genuine red, orange, yellow and exquisite amberina sea glass is exceptionally rare, scarcer still are uranium-infused pieces that glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Given these facts, the fourteen stunning surf treasures used to create this handmade locket represent the most intriguing of my collection. 

Smoothed, fabulously frosted, and shaped into myriad tiny triangles, rectangles, circles, and teardrops (measuring anywhere from one-half-inch tall and one-third-inch wide to one-quarter-inch tall and one-quarter-inch wide) only by time, the surf, sand, and salt, these stunning ocean gems have been upcycled into a unique, opera-length fillable locket necklace. 

Handmade with a focus on highlighting the innate beauty of this autumnal prism glass and designed to be filled with whichever pieces best match your mood or ensemble, the sublime ultraviolet gems that fill this larger locket represent almost every conceivable shade of red, yellow, and orange, including rare amberina, characterized by a striking blend of distinctive tones of orange, yellow and red. 

Girl and horse art $26.62 - $131.89

Girl and horse, a field of horses, child wall art, horse art, love of horses,

Title: “DREAMS OF HORSES reproduction print of a pastel painting by Laurie Shanholtzer.

~ In the morning mist, surrounded by beautiful horses, the little girl is filled with joy~

Choose either rolled thick canvas print or Enhanced Matte print
Exceptional color. Estimated time for 1st detectable fading, indoors: 100+ years.

Print size is ½” longer and wider than the image size, allowing a 1/4"border for framing! Archival for 150 years!
The watermark will not appear on your print.

I Love The Woman I've Become Short Sleeve T-Shirt $42.35

I Love The Woman I've Become Short Sleeve T-shirt

❤ Empowering T-shirts - Feminist Tee, Women Power Shirt, Women's T-shirt, Graphic Tee, Me Too Shirt, Women's Rights Shirt, Feminist Gifts
An empowering T-shirt unites women and shows the world you can overcome! 

A graphic tee speaks volumes without you having to say a word and gets your message out there loud and clear. I hear ya sister.
We can only thrive and live our best lives when we speak out and especially during the pandemic, positive affirmations are a fantastic way to get through difficult days with a smile on your face.

Purple Peony Flower Printable Artwork $5.75

Vintage Cottagecore Botanical Purple Peony Flower Printable Artwork. Great gift for her!

Beautiful vintage illustration of a Peony by Anselmus BoΓ«tius de Boodt (circa 1500s). Print at home wall decor.

Accent your home with this eye-catching rustic flower print by a famous Belgian naturalist. Great gift for housewarming, nature lovers, and cottagecore lovers. Create your own beautiful, unique space with this one-of-a-kind wall decor. Beautiful and unique gift for under $5.

About the artist:
Anselmus de Boodt was a Flemish humanist, mineralogist, physician, and naturalist. He was born in 1550 in Bruges, Belgium. De Boodt also made many watercolors of native and exotic animals and plants. He filled twelve volumes with 728 illustrations of quadrupeds, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, and plants.

Wedding Decoration. Napkin Rings $15.40

Napkin is about 42 mm (1.65") inside diameter, and about 30 mm (1.18") wide.

Handmade from polypropylene rope (3mm), cotton yarn.
A nice-looking, handmade napkin rings set (6 pcs in a set).

It can be a wonderful wedding table decoration!
Elegance on your table!
Great gift!

Actlive Life You Got This Gift Box $93.16

Delight a friend, thank a bestie, wish your sister happy birthday or cheer a fitness partner on with a carefully curated deluxe box of exercise goodies and motivational words. It's the perfect gift for any woman who enjoys fitness or is setting new healthy goals for herself! A $100 Value.

Box includes:
- You Got This Button: The Sound of Positivity
- Bodyweight Exercise Card Set
- Grace & Stella Eye Masks (12 Pairs)
- Note to Self: Motivational Pencils (Set of 7)
- Fun Notebooks with Positive Messages, 3.9" x 5.5" (Set of 2)
- Post Sweat Refresh Body and Facial Wipes
- Pair of Wigwam Socks
- Motivational Stickers (Set of 2)
- 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Handmade custom junk journal $31.39

You deserve to record your personal or travel memories and photos in this beautiful interactive journal. It is called "Lettres Francaises" which is French for "French letters". 

It is a completely handmade junk or memory journal with pockets using decorator French papers and featuring lots of vintage images of beautiful women. 

There are several letters inside that have French writing on one side and a blank page on the backside for your notes. 

There are lots of blank pages for you to add your own embellishments, tuck in receipts, and photos. The pages have antique lace and rhinestones to accent the vintage nature of this journal. 

There are vellum cover pages and vintage rose images throughout this journal. If you want a unique handmade gift for a friend, this is it. It is the only one made.

It takes about a week to make each of these completely unique handmade art journals. The cover is painted metallic pink and has an image of pink roses with glitter on it. This journal closes with a silver heart charm and a blue ribbon. It will fit into a backpack or your luggage for that special trip.

I hand-make almost everything inside; the envelopes, the tags, the tip-out pages, and two decorated paper clips to hold your place. Every page is a wonderful artistic surprise. There are 15 pages inside.

Raw Triangle Diamond Slice Ring $129.47

Natural Genuine Beautiful Raw Rough Diamond Slice in Triangle Shape mount in 925 Sterling Silver.

Ring Size is 6.5 US Size, Resizable for free. Kindly drop an email or add a note while buying for resizing the ring.

This ring can be gifted as a proposal ring to your girlfriend, or as an Anniversary Gift, Best and worth buying for a person who is very fond of raw diamonds.

All of my Diamonds Comply with UN Kimberly Regulation Process, Conflict Free Diamonds.

MyTVLife Commemorative Certificate $30.19

We mark our life events in many ways, and we all remember where we were when we witnessed historic events unfold on TV. MyTVLife brings these memories together so you can commemorate a birthday, wedding day, or another life event by seeing exactly what the country was watching that day–and even that very moment.

MyTVLife provides a decorative certificate including:
• What was on all the major broadcast TV stations at the moment of your birth or other events, with synopses as provided by TV Guide
• The prime-time shows that aired that night
• The TV Guide "Editor's Choice" or "Close Up" that day (e.g. "Who shot J.R.?")
• The Top 10 TV shows that season or that week
• Noteworthy new shows that premiered that season
• A thumbnail image of that week’s TV Guide cover

The certificate will be printed on heavy-stock gloss paper and mailed to you flat.

The Brockton Mk2 | Brass Smoking Pipe with Lid $117.36

Engineered for a silky smooth smoking experience, the Brockton Mk2 strikes the perfect balance between style and substance –– a one-of-a-kind, mid-century-inspired metal smoking pipe. Oozing timeless style, it adds a unique and eye-catching element to your smoking pipe collection.

Offering convenience like no other, this pipe both lights and smokes from the underside, meaning you’ll never have the concern of burning your fingers again. The implementation of this feature makes the Brockton Mk2 the first-of-its-kind design. Show up with this rare and unseen metal smoking pipe piece and be the envy of your peers!

● We only use the most premium quality brass components to craft an incredibly durable smoking pipe. Unlike traditional designs, the entire pipe is constructed purely of brass –– creating an undeniably sturdy structure that will stand the test of time.

Silver Circle Pendant $60.44

She loves the simple things yet enjoys a bit of bling. A modern woman with a bohemian heart. For all she does and all she is to you, you anticipate the light shining in her eyes when she opens her gift of love from you.

- sterling silver gemstone circle pendant with silver chain
- choice of gemstone (pick from dropdown)
- pendant measures 1.25" in diameter
- sterling chain measures 20"
- lobster clasp closure
- resin and gemstone chip fill

Wood Smoked BBQ Kit 8-piece - Grilling Gifts For Men $60.49

We believe that life’s flavor comes from actual connections, richer experiences, and clinking cups over meals that tell a story. That's exactly why we started Cooking Gift Set Co. Each kit is 100% designed by us and assembled in California.

If your dad enjoys cooking over an open flame, this 8-piece kit includes everything he needs to transform his gas or charcoal grill into a backyard smoker. With 3 different wood varietals to sample from, he'll find his signature smoke that will take any meat, fish, and veggie recipe to the next mouthwatering level.

This kit includes:
∙ Stainless Steel Smoker Box
∙ All-Natural Cherry Wood Chips
∙ All-Natural Hickory Wood Chips
∙ All-Natural Apple Wood Chips
∙ Specialty Meat Thermometer
∙ Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
∙ Grill Scraper & Bottle Opener
∙ Signature Instruction Packet*

Semi precious stones with silver and brass & ceramic $12.10

Semi-precious stones with silver and brass & ceramic/crystal accents - earrings, bracelets, necklaces
Handmade item
Materials: Stainless Steel
Gemstone: Agate
Jewelry type: Earrings
Style: Art Deco

Vintage Murano Decanter Set $49.69

Vintage Murano Decanter Set
Italian Glass Decanter & 6 Glasses
Liqueur Set
Decanter with stopper 8.5ns tall
Good vintage condition
Some glasses are rubbed, I've taken pics of the affected areas

Sea Foam Sea Glass Necklace $42.35 - $44.77

This shimmering, silver chain necklace has a gorgeous sea foam sea glass pendant that captures the calm and serene feeling of the beach. Sea foam sea glass is an uncommon color, that ranges from green to blue with varying color intensity. With the minimal wiring wrapping and dainty chain, this necklace is the perfect everyday necklace, as its colors can go with any outfit!

The sea glass used for the pendant of this necklace is approximately 5/8 in width and length. Remember, this is an approximation. The actual size of your sea glass may vary slightly! The 18-inch silver-plated chain has a pretty shimmer that makes this necklace lovely for special occasions or as a gift for someone who loves the beach. This length, also known as "princess," is a universal and versatile option that looks great with almost any neckline.

As a beach combing enthusiast, it is so important to me that all the sea glass used is authentic, wave-tumbled sea glass. After finding the pieces, I clean and polish them to prepare them for wire wrapping. I design each piece based on its own unique color and features to highlight the beauty of the sea glass.

When you hold your pendant to the sky and the sun shines through, you can truly enjoy the magnificent color of the natural phenomenon that is sea glass.

In order for glass to become sea glass, it undergoes years of being broken and tumbled in the ocean to transform its hard edges and shiny surface into a round, frosty stone! Each piece of glass endures its own journey, so no two pieces will ever be the same!

The innate uniqueness of sea glass makes it a very charming and thoughtful piece of jewelry.

Intention eBook | Intention Workbook $12.27

Just 5 minutes of planning can help you set better intentions. Purchase this journal and:

1. Take a break to journal and set intentions for 30 days.
2. Document your accomplishments and assess your life changes.
3. Finally, achieve your goals! You are the master of your fate.

Journal includes:
*Assessments for money, career, and relationships.
*30 daily check-in pages
*Lessons learned to review your 30-day intention journal
*Encouragement and next steps.
*Email for support along the way.

Anklet - .925 Silver Chain Anklet $48.34

This brand new anklet is a genuine stamped .925 sterling silver ankle chain. This anklet is a 9-inch chain anklet with an additional 1-inch extension. It features a genuine .925 sterling silver heart charm with sparkling clear genuine Swarovski Crystals! The flat heart charm measures approximately 9 millimeters and the chain has a spring-ring closure. This pretty ankle chain is sure to be noticed and admired whenever it is worn!

Cat Ball Cave For Cats $78.64

Our Cat Ball® cat bed is modern pet furniture, a padded cat cave with two openings, offering your cat privacy and comfort.
The Cat Ball® is made of six panels, fully lined and the seams and two openings are finished with bias tape.

This bed is made with a rustic woodgrain fabric that has a scratched-up look and is lined with a coordinating plaid. The fabrics are 100% cotton and are made by Riley Blake.

The Cat Ball® cat bed is flexible, washable, and foldable. Cats will smash it, sit on top of it, hide in it, and sleep in it. It's a great prop for cute cat photos.

WILL MY CAT FIT? Yes, your cat will probably fit. We regularly see 18 and 19-pound cats using this bed. Remember that cats like small spaces!
IS THE CAT BALL WASHABLE? Yes, but you need to follow our instructions. Wash it alone. Only use cold water. Never use bleach. Tumble dry on low setting only.
HOW BIG IS THE CAT BALL? The Cat Ball® has two openings, one large and one small. They measure about 6" and 10". The bed diameter is 17", and the height is about 16".
WILL MY CAT USE THIS BED? Does your cat like boxes, tunnels, and small spaces? If your cat seems to be claustrophobic, don't buy this bed, but if your cat likes cave-like things, he/she may enjoy the bed. If your cat does not respond, contact us for some tips and tricks. Occasionally, a cat never figures the bed out and we accept a return, but usually, it just takes some experimenting and time.

Lucky Pocket Rock $20.57

Keep this rock in your pocket, purse, bag, etc, and if you have a yes or no question, ask it, then pull the rock out: the "hot" desert side is a "yes" and the "cold" winter side is a "no."

Use on any occasion.

Rocks in this shop are acrylic-painted and coated with outdoor spray varnish. Acrylic paints are long-lasting and pigmented; spray varnish is water and weather-resilient, making them perfect for stone crafts.

And so we have come to the end of another gift guide. Keep an eye on my blog if you don't want to miss the next one.

If you have some free time on your hand, and you feel like reading some more, check out a few of my previous gift guides.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Thursday, 23 June 2022

Interview With Fashion Designer George Yang

Hi There..... Do you like leather jackets? Are you ready for a new fashion designer interview? 

Picture provided by George Yang

You had better be because I am. Then again, you probably are, otherwise, you might not be reading this fashion designer interview. I love to have the power to keep you waiting until I feel like writing. 😜

Nah, of course not. I feel ever so lucky people take the time to read my blog posts. Sometimes life throws me a curveball and I have to postpone writing until the next day, but I try to be on call twice a week. πŸ˜‰

I know, lots of writers have blog posts queued up for days like that, but that's just not me. When I am not writing, I am knitting, sewing, or beading, on other days you can find me sipping a cool drink on a terras somewhere. Life is too short not to enjoy every minute. 😍

Let's see what the 43-year-old George Yang, fashion designer for PalaLeather, has to tell about his life. 😊

 Picture provided by George Yang

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be? 

Complete annual and seasonal product design and development according to the brand's product positioning.

What made you decide to become a Fashion Designer?

It runs in the blood of our family. I grew up watching my elders and the workers crafting leather garments.

Our great-grandfather was a skilled tailor who owned a small tailor shop. Later on, he expanded his business and opened a manufacturing company of leather jackets. 
That’s how I became interested in fashion and wanted to show my style and designs. 

Is fashion important to you? Why? 

Fashion means a lot to me. I am deeply influenced by my family culture. 
Since I was a child, I would always look forward to the latest trends and the most fashionable aesthetic styles of the year. Whenever I am exposed to a new trend, I love to immerse myself in the trends and feel the change and beauty of the fashion world.
Picture provided by George Yang

What are your successes, and how did you achieve them?

Our family business was once dying and almost failed, but at a family gathering, we decided to revive it by re-branding and re-financing. I took on this immense responsibility and through my tireless efforts, it thrived and we explored opportunities overseas. 

When I took over and managed our family's factory, I was always committed to winning over competitors by QUALITY. I got the best suppliers for leather and hardware. Every leather garment goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it is ready for the market. 

We are known for our QUALITY. Our customers love our products and through their word of mouth and recommendations, our factory has grown bigger and bigger. This year, we even got a partnership with Lamborghini! 

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

Yes. A brand is a business card for consumers & it represents a huge role when purchasing clothing. Most people also buy clothing with a brand name.
Compared to brandless competitors, the essence of branding is that it gives greater value to your products & services.

Describe your personal style of clothing?

My designs are more on the side of understated luxury fashion pieces. You can see the superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship in the details of each piece.

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

I think fashion will always be about expressing yourself. 
I like it, I wear it. I want it, I wear it. 
Picture provided by George Yang

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

For me, Strap Accents are the best trend in 2022. We are seeing crop tops with a strapped waistband across the stomach, strappy dresses, and bralettes. They are trendy at the moment. 

Poly Pleated Skirts are also gaining popularity recently. Pleats and tucks are designs that suit everyone. Simple gathering pleats and tucks can easily upgrade a casual top to cozy party looks. 

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

Adding glossy chain belts on the garments can be the worst trend in 2022. 
Whether it's a low-key shimmer or a more visually striking highlight chain belt or clothing hardware, I think these can only be used on specific fabrics and occasions. It is difficult to make this trend versatile as casual wear. Especially if you have cheap fabrics. I think it looks miserable.

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

Your fashion style should be comfortable, not time-consuming, and very personal. You should express yourself in your style. Wear the most suitable and beautiful version of yourself. Wearing the right style of your own will make you confident. Just be yourself. You do not have to dress up too hard, find the right one for you.

Who is your style icon and why?

I love Hedi Slimane. He is a great artist, designer, stylist, and photographer. I am fascinated by his iconic tight black suits and rocking unisex covers. With his fluid, unisex tailoring style, Slimane designed all kinds of leather jackets, narrow-waisted coats, and low-collared shirts, breathing new life into YSL's secondary label Rive Gauche Homme. He brings his unique razor-thin aesthetic to the forefront.

 Picture provided by George Yang

Thanks George for giving us your insight into fashion. I think your leather jackets look very stylish. 😎

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Sunday, 19 June 2022

How To Get Rid Of Deodorant Stains - Nivea MEN Black & White Invisible Fresh

Hi There..... Are you a fan of antiperspirant deodorant? Do you hate deodorant stains?

Picture by Seadbeady

I genuinely hate deodorant stains, but sadly, this post is not about me this time. You may wonder why not? Because this blog post is about antiperspirant deodorant spray for men. πŸ˜‰

Hey, please don’t go just yet. There is absolutely no reason to stop reading because you’re a woman. 😨

Ah yes, perhaps I can give you a few reasons to keep on reading. Just like me, you could have your man try out this new deodorant spray. 😁

Another reason could be you just enjoy the scent more. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no law against women using products for men. 😦

We have so many laws already, don’t we? Isn’t it the best feeling ever to know you can still do this without being persecuted? πŸ˜ƒ

Oh my, should I even publish this? What if I’m wrong, and there is such a law? Did I incite you to a crime? I don’t think I could be happy spending my life behind bars. 😱

Forget about it and let me tell you what made me happy. Reviewclub picked me to test the NIVEA MEN Black & White Invisible Fresh Anti-Transpirant Spray in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

Picture by Seadbeady

I found some particularly interesting information on I wanted to share with you first.


The science behind them is unglamorous. Their appearance is partly because of the chemicals that are used in antiperspirants: chemicals that are, amusingly enough, there to prevent you from sweating so much.

When your sweat reacts with the bacteria on your skin, it forms sweat stains on your clothing, and certain chemicals, like the aluminum in the deodorant that you are wearing. 

If you were to view sweat on its own, you would find that it is not yellow-colored, but because of these reactions, it turns yellow.


If you want to know more about how to get those nasty sweat stains out of your clothes, the good news is that there's no shortage of tried-and-tested methods.

So let's find out how to get rid of them and ensure that you look your best when out and about. Remember, however, that removing perspiration marks often leads to more than a little perspiration!

White vinegar

First, soak the stained part of your clothing item in white vinegar for an hour. Then scrub with a clean toothbrush, flannel, or brush.
Try to be meticulous without being too aggressive with the clothing. Once you finish, put it in the washing machine.

Baking soda & hydrogen peroxide

Take three parts baking soda and one part water. Form a thick paste and then rub this mixture into the sweat stain with a clean toothbrush.
If the clothing is white, you can add hydrogen peroxide to make it look extra radiant.


Mix an equal part of lemon juice with water and scrub the stain.
Once you have finished doing this, leave the piece of clothing in direct sunlight. This will allow the lemon's natural bleaching properties to take effect.


Salt is a mild abrasive you can use to scrub out the stain.
You'll need to rub vigorously, however, as salt does not have a natural bleaching effect.
Now that you know how to get rid of those stains, let me tell you about this new deodorant spray from Nivea. 

Picture by Seadbeady

NIVEA MEN Black & White Invisible Fresh Anti-Transpirant Spray

It protects your clothes from white marks and yellow staining. This unique formula offers transparent protection that doesn’t leave any traces - black tops stay black and white shirts stay white. 

The fresh scent will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh while offering 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor. We especially developed this formula to offer you a fresh feeling whilst offering 48-hour antiperspirant protection. The deodorant is skin tolerance dermatologically approved, 0% ethyl alcohol.

White mark protection for black clothes.
Anti-yellow staining for white clothes, keeping them white for longer.
Clean skin feeling
Long-lasting freshness

Picture by Seadbeady

My opinion on the NIVEA MEN Black & White Invisible Fresh Anti-Transpirant Spray

My husband's favorite color is black, so he has lots of black T-shirts, sweaters, and shirts. He also likes to stay fresh throughout the day, so you might think this deodorant spray would be perfect for him.

I'd have to say it comes pretty close to being perfect. It seems to last much longer than other comparative antiperspirants. The lockable cap is an outstanding characteristic they should include in all deodorants. This ensures the spray won't go off accidentally if it falls to the floor.

What I think is most important is the deodorant prevents and protects against marks and stains on clothing as they say. The only negative for my hubby was the scent. This one from Nivea is his favorite.

Picture by Seadbeady

Not that he dislikes the scent, but he just likes the fresh kick more, so he decided it might be a great idea to get them both in the future. He wants to keep on using his favorite one and plans to use this new one for when he wears black or white. At least until they combine the both. 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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How to connect with European Brands or Small shops and Bloggers or Influencers

Hi There.....Would you like to connect with others? Yes..... Cool..... I might have the perfect solution for you..... No..... Ok, I am cool ...