Saturday, 7 September 2019

Introducing you to - Katsign

Hi There.....Are you a fan of cats or maybe even a cat lady?

I am just crazy about those little creatures.....but I am also a big fan of the bigger types of cats as long as they can't get to me lol 😁

That is why today I want to introduce you to Katsign

She makes the most beautiful pictures of cats. Her object is to catch that natural look that portrays the character of the cat. She has had tons of experience.....that is why she speaks their language to get them in a relaxed pose in front of the camera. She strives to get the perfect picture in a relaxed way.

She has been in the press on numerous occasions and her pictures have been published in magazines.
Last year she received the first-ever European Photographer Label as a European Cat photographer.

In short.....she is amazing 😊

But that's not all she also makes all kinds of cat stuff. Cute and fun things made out of pure felt and 100% cotton. Things like jewelry with all kinds of animals, cat baskets, clutches, purses, keychains, brooches, and so much more.

Most recently she added special Cat T-shirts for women to her shop. Super soft in a mix of bamboo (70% bamboo and 30% biological cotton) and Fair Wear. They are being handprinted in London and for every T-shirt she sells a part gets donated to the World Land Trust to protect endangered species.

Don't you just love it when people come up for a good cause.

So here is a selection I made of her pictures and the things she makes

Cover for Iphone 8 - handmade by Katsign

Ipad cover or document folder - handmade by Katsign

Bamboo t-shirt

T-shirts ​(collection Mimi-Mua - Firenze (IT))

Cat mug

Geometric cat rack

Bracelet with cats pattern and strass
(collection Mimi-Mua - Firenze (IT))

Katsign 100% organic catbag

Kittiekee - handmade by Katsign

That is pretty cool.....don't you agree 😚 Be sure to follow her on Facebook if you like her style.

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labour of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

Want to be on my blog next time ?? Want me to review your product?? Just send me a message 😊


  1. It's a really useful article, To buy, trendy accessories online, visit Express Attic.

  2. Wat een leuke dingen weet ze te maken met katten erop zeg! Heel verrassend en leuker dan ik had verwacht.

    1. Dank je Nicole.... mijn katshop bevat heel erg veel leuke spullen voor het kattenbaasje... momenteel heb ik een reizende shop, er staan al een aantal spullen online in mijn katshop... maar die wordt ooit uitgebreid... :-)

    2. Wat bijzonder, zo'n reizende shop! Ik ga zeker eens een kijkje nemen.

  3. Nou ze is zeker fantastisch, ik ben dol op onze kat en als ik dit aan mijn kinderen laat zien zeggen ze meteen ' kopen mama'

  4. Leuke spulletjes! Ik heb zelf 2 katten in het huis rondlopen. Die catbag is trouwens heel cool

  5. Ik ben zeker een kattenmens. Helaas is onze poes vorige maand op 22jarige leeftijd overleden. We zullen snel op zoek gaan naar een jonkie

  6. wat leuk zeg. ken wel iemand die daar gek op zou zijn. al zijn onze meiden konijn fan

  7. Mieke | Miek's Mind11 October 2019 at 13:58

    Ik heb echt helemaal niks met katten haha ik ben echt een honden fan

  8. What an awesome products! I love cat's!


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