Saturday, 16 February 2019

Introducing you to - TerraOpheliaDesigns

Hi There.....Do you have a green thumb?

I don't that's for sure, I most recently destroyed a cactus.....not sure how but it died that is a fact.

So I am glad to hear that I am not alone, cause the shop owner of TerraOpheliaDesigns says she doesn't have a green thumb either 😀

Succulents are supposed to be easy to care for, or so they told her.

If you don't know what a succulent is what I found about it on the internet 😃

They are plants that have some parts that are thicker and more fleshy. This way they can retain water in dryer places where water isn't always available.

So they told Claire, our shop owner that these beautiful, colorful little plants that live in the desert would be pretty hard to mess up.

But they were least what Claire's concerned.

So born out of her logic-defying ability to kill even the hardiest of desert plants, Terra Ophelia Designs is all about the beauty of nature hand-sculpted into permanently vibrant creations.

Terra is Latin for earth, and Ophelia is her desert-dwelling pet leopard gecko, who represents a gem of beauty in nature's harshest terrains. For her these both names represent the loveliness of deserts and the life that flourishes within them.

She hopes that her designs can represent a slice of that beauty for you in a form that isn't quite so short-lived as the succulents she cultivated in both live and clay form in her humid North Carolina home.

I think it's time now to show you some of her handcrafted creations she wants you all to enjoy 😊

Clay Succulent 'k' Necklace, Letter Stamped Monogram

Blue Succulent Flower Garden Ring, Colorful Nature Clay Jewelry

Purple Clay Succulent Terrarium with Sand in Square Bottle

Bowl Terrarium with Handmade Polymer Clay Faux Plant

Miniature Light Bulb Clay Succulent Terrarium

Clay Succulent Basket, Easter Spring Ceramic Basket

Clay Leopard Gecko, Leopard Gecko Terrarium

Large Succulent Earrings, Clay Plant Jewelry, Handmade

Mini Cactus, Tiny Desert, Succulent Necklace, Polymer Clay Scene

Green Succulent Hair Clip with Pink Crystal, Nature Jewelry

Those are some pretty cute succulents.....don't you agree?

Hope you like my blogpost.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

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