Saturday, 23 March 2019

Pink Wallet from KoopjesAap

Hi There.....Are you a fan of soft pink 😃

I actually wasn't for a long time. I'm not sure what made me change my opinion, but I am now.

Most recently I received this pink wallet from Koopjesaap in exchange for my honest review.

Pretty.....don't you think so 😄 I instantly loved it. To my opinion, it is very stylish as they say. And the fabric is soft, which makes it nice to handle. It is ideal to put some money and some cards in it. Here is a picture I took from the inside of the wallet. 
You have the zipper bag for your small change and you can put your id card in the small window. It is not that big so you can easily put it in your handbag. 

You can get this wallet in 7 different colors.....Bleu, Brown, Grey, Green, Red, Purple and Pink off course 😊

KoopjesAap has a lot of great deals on their website. They even offer discounts sometimes up to 90%. They have a large range of products to offer. But let me show you some of them out of the Jewelry and Accessories section.

Handbag - Women's Purse - Shoulder Bag - Leather - Vintage

Men's Wallet - Cardholder - Card's Wallet - Cards and Money

Small Handbag - Women - With Decorations

Handbag Women - Bags - Stylish and Business

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day. 

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