Saturday, 11 July 2020

Tips on Great Skin Care Products from Kneipp

Hi There..... Are you going crazy?

I got you with a weird question again..... Why would I ask something like that..... It's just that I am going a bit crazy from this constant hand washing 😵

But on the other hand..... Better safe than sorry..... Getting this ugly Coronavirus is not an option..... Right 😃

So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was asked to try out a new hand cream and cream shower from Kneipp..... Now don't tell me you have never heard of Kneipp..... But that's not such a big problem..... As Loretta Young said 'What you don't know intrigues you more than what you do know'  😉

So let me tell you some more about Kneipp in general..... It's never too late to learn something new..... Their products are developed under the guidance of experienced scientist and they work in close collaboration with internationally renowned academic institutions 😄 

Did you know that..... I actually didn't know myself but I do know their products are great quality 😊 

And do you know what is also great about their products..... That thanks to special methods, they do not need to use preservatives in their products..... And this way we know that if we use them our natural skin flora is protected and the environment at the same time..... That's pretty cool if you ask me 😎

Ok..... that's enough of the chit chat..... You can always find out more about Kneipp when you click here..... I know you are anxious to know about this cherry blossom range 😃

I was already pleasantly surprised by their look as I opened the box..... So let's start with the hand cream..... What do they say about their product..... The caring vegetable formula of the Kneipp Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, with valuable cherry blossom extract, intensively moisturizes the hands..... And you can use it every day as much as you need it 😊

Ah, of course, you would like to know my opinion about it..... Really? Cool..... During this period of Corona, I noticed that my hands felt much drier than usual due to the washing..... That's why I was so very happy with this hand cream..... The cherry blossom smells delicious, I could spread it evenly and my hands were nice and soft afterward...... It was the first time that I tried a Kneipp product and I am definitely going to buy this cream again 😍

I am so sorry..... I can't say anything bad about it..... Actually, I can but then I would be telling you a lie.... And if there is one thing I am not it's a liar 😇

Now that I got that off my chest we can go on to the next..... The cream shower..... What do they say about it..... Treat yourself with the soap-free cream shower Kneipp® Cherry Blossom...... The nourishing cream shower with cherry seed oil and cherry blossom extract pampers your senses and gives your skin a wonderfully soft feeling..... A soft floral fragrance to always have a spring feeling 😄

The cherry kernel oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants and promotes the natural production of collagen..... The cherry blossom extract has a calming effect on the skin and pampers your senses with a seductive soft fragrance..... All in all, the perfect combination that gives your skin a wonderfully soft feeling..... Sounds fantastic..... Doesn't it..... And on top of that, it's a creamy PEG-free and sulfate-free formula 😃

Hey..... Wait..... What about meee..... Don't tell me you don't want to know about my being in the shower 😋

It actually felt a bit weird when I put this cream shower on my hand..... I was thinking it was so soft..... The softest product that I ever used in the shower..... So I was really curious if it was gonna give me a clean feeling..... And surprisingly it did.....And as I told you before I am really fond of this cherry blossom fragrance..... But the smell wasn't overpowering..... Which in my opinion is a good thing..... It didn't really foam very much but my skin immediately felt nice and soft afterward..... I didn't even have to use my body lotion that evening before I went to bed 😁

All's well that ends well..... And if you now feel the urge to go buy some of their products...... There is only one thing I can say about that..... Go for it..... Nope, no Affiliate links here..... Nothing to gain for me..... Just my honest opinion 😍

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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“I was given a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Where can I find some stunning handmade earrings

Hi There..... Do you like jewelry?

What a stupid question..... Right..... Who doesn't like jewelry..... I suppose there will be some people who don't but most of us do 😃

Ok..... I have another question for you..... Do you like handmade?

I do..... I am a big fan of all kinds of handmade items and as some of you know I am very creative myself..... There are a lot of good reasons I could mention why you should choose handmade over machine made..... It's a labor of love..... Every piece is unique..... The artist will be thrilled when you choose to buy from him or her..... I could go on naming reasons for hours but there's a good chance you could fall asleep reading..... And I still have a lot to tell you 😄

But first I wanted to show off these earrings I received from Curpic..... Gorgeous..... Right..... No, I wasn't talking about myself but about the earrings of course 😀

I know that you probably haven't heard that name before..... It's Susana's Etsy shop from Ireland..... She is inspired mostly by nature and animals..... She likes to create special things and her main goal is to make her customers happy..... What more could you want 😃

And it wasn't just the earrings but also the way they were packed..... In a beautiful white box

They could be the perfect gift for someone..... A Christmas gift maybe..... What? Too soon..... Ok, that may be just a tiny bit too soon..... But as Franz Liszt said 'Beware of missing chances..... Otherwise, it may be altogether too late someday'  😍

But before you decide to buy these..... Let me show you some of the other beautiful handmade items she has in her shop 😃

Mint green natural granite summer earrings

Handmade autumn earrings, burgundy flower

Autumn Leaf necklace - Woodland Autumn Fall leaf necklace

Blue moon and white leaf pattern earrings

RHEA shell fan polymer clay sea earring

Small canvas painting - Spring sakura Fuji landscape

Christmas Gingerbread House Necklace

Square Portugal blue tile earrings, azulejo blue tile

DAPHNE in mint green Starfish polymer clay

She also created a 15% coupon code for you..... Isn't that great.... So when you do think of buying something from her shop just follow the link below to immediately get the discount 😃

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day. 

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“I was given a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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