Saturday, 25 July 2020

Don't waste time! Get this affordable Leo Season Outfit for Women

Hi There..... What is your zodiac sign?

Mine is Leo..... Oh yes indeed..... My birthday is coming up pretty soon..... Don't let me think about it..... No more years for me, please..... I have had more than enough now  😏

But what do they say about the sign Leo..... I found some info on this site

Let's see..... A Leo is supposed to be creative..... Ok, that's very much true for me..... Passionate..... Isn't everyone passionate about the things they do..... Generous..... Ah yes, I try to be..... Warm-hearted..... I would like to think that I am..... Cheerful..... True..... I am mostly in a good mood..... Humorous..... I do my utmost best to take everything with a sense of humor 😍

That's the good side of the Leo..... Let's keep it at that..... Let's just sweep those weaknesses under the carpet 😂

Ok, Ok..... If you really have to know Leo's weaknesses are that he or she is Arrogant, Stubborn, Self-centered, Lazy, Inflexible..... I really don't think that I am arrogant..... So what about Stubborn..... If you think that having a need for a cool-down period of about an hour or 2 after an argument is stubborn..... I suppose then you would have to say it is true..... Self-centered maybe just a little bit..... I am the singer of a band but I think of the other band members as equal..... Lazy..... Ah yes..... I can be a bit lazy at times I am willing to admit that..... Inflexible..... Not true at all 😎

Enough about me..... I wanted to show you another fashion set I made today 😁

Petite Puff-Sleeve Cropped Top

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

How my Gastric Bypass turned my life around

Hi There..... Do you need to lose weight?

I don't..... At least not anymore..... Did you know that I reached my highest weight of 108.06 at the end of 2017..... And if you want to know I am 1.65 m high..... Not many people know that about me..... But my Gastric Bypass turned my life around 😬

But how did I put on so much weight in the first place..... I blame it on a lot of things..... But the most important one was that I was an emotional eater..... Meaning that I ate more when I felt down, stressed, or alone..... It usually came in an instant and at that moment I just had to eat something..... Mostly unhealthy foods like a sandwich with Nutella or when I was off to work a chocolate eclair fresh from the baker..... Or I would go to the ice cream parlor on my lunch break 😳

I didn't want anybody to see me eating either at those moments..... I always felt as if everybody was looking at me and I just knew exactly what they were thinking..... Well, at least I thought I did..... In my mind, they were thinking..... Stop eating you are fat enough already..... Stop eating before you explode 😞

picture from OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay
The problem was that I kept wanting to eat more because of my low self-esteem even sometimes until I felt as if my button would pop off my jeans..... And when I was finished eating all those things..... All I was left with was guilt and shame for not being strong enough and giving in to my needs..... You can guess what happened..... My scales went up and down like a yoyo..... I actually used to love to play with a yoyo when I was a young girl 😏

I had great periods too though..... I really can't count how many diets I tried out..... Some of them worked..... Other's not so much..... I lost about 24 kilos once with weight watchers..... But going to those meetings often discouraged me too sometimes..... Hearing from others how they didn't follow their diet very strictly and still losing more than me..... Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that when comparing to others I always lost less weight than them even though I would follow the diet more strictly 😵

Picture from whocaresaboutit on Pixabay 

I already noticed that when I was a teenager..... Me, My mom and my 2 sisters all went on the same diet..... Eating not much else than salads every day..... After a week my oldest sister had lost 3 kg..... My mom and youngest sister about 2 kg and I only lost 1 kg..... I can't explain why but it has always been like that for me..... Not particularly encouraging..... Right 😢

But after years of struggling, I had actually almost given up..... I just had to live with the fact that I was never going to get rid of those extra kilos..... If it wasn't for someone suggesting I do the ultimate thing..... A Gastric Bypass Surgery..... I really didn't think that would be an option..... That would be super expensive..... And the question is..... Would it solve my problem 😲

Picture from Nina Garman on Pixabay 

So after letting the idea simmer for a while..... I needed my mind to adjust to this crazy idea..... I went to my friend the internet and looked up some information about it..... What exactly was this thing..... How much would it really cost and what did other people say about it 😦

I decided to make an appointment with a Gastric Bypass Surgeon and ask him all the questions I still was left with..... It seemed I would qualify for the surgery and that my Health insurance would cover almost all the costs because there were enough arguments (Diabetes type II and lots of joint problems) on why I would need this surgery.....That really gobsmacked me but in a good way 😃

Picture from OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay 

I will never forget the date..... 25-01-2018..... That was my first step to a new life..... The first weeks weren't easy..... All I could eat were liquid foods without sugars and low on fat like soup, yogurt, milk, or quark..... Then after a week or 2, you can slowly start incorporating more solid foods like bread, stewed fruits, and then later on some meat..... Ah yes, no fizzy drinks either especially not in the beginning..... I actually don't drink them anymore..... I just don't like the taste of them no more 😋

I learned that it's different for everyone..... Some people can't eat things like steak..... Others have problems with fries..... I myself have problems with things containing somewhat more sugar..... But I solved that by skipping them from my diet and now I totally have no sugar or chocolate cravings anymore..... I do occasionally eat a small piece of cake at a birthday or another way for me is combining them with fruits..... Like a pancake with fruit..... I do eat more of the fruit than pancake though..... The natural sweetness from the fruit does not pose any problem to me  😀

There are some things though  I have to warn you about..... When I mean that you won't be able to eat a few things anymore..... It's just if you do there will be consequences (dumping) like heavy cramps, feeling unwell, heavy sweating, feeling dizzy, and sometimes painful vomiting..... I have only had the vomiting once in these past 2 and a half years because I abide by the rules..... You can have the same dumping effect when you eat too much or too fast..... Or from drinking right before or after meals..... So don't think your life will ever be the same because it won't..... You have to maintain a good and varied diet and you need to take vitamin supplements for the rest of your life..... Your portions will maybe be half or even less of what you used to eat 😉

For me, that's the price I am willing to pay..... I am never going back that's for sure..... I have been on a stable weight between 68 and 69 for over a year now..... It did take me a while to find what worked best for me..... But I think I found the right balance now 😍

I wrote this because I felt that I needed to share this with you..... Now that my story is out..... Tell me yours 😚

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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