Saturday, 23 September 2017

Gift Guide By Seadbeady 2

Hi There.....Are you in the mood for some more gifts today? I sure hope so cause I made you a wonderful gift set again. This time not just for cat lovers, but for all animal lovers 😇

It might surprise you that it takes me about an hour to make these kind of sets. But putting them together feels as if I am painting a picture. And yes I do know a thing or two about painting too. I took several classes over the years.....charcoal drawing, pastel drawing, oilpainting, aquarel painting. As soon as my knee is healed a bit more I am sure gonna get back into painting aquarels. I also have an art shop on Etsy, but it needs some filling up for shure. This is for example the last one I painted. And what do you think? Should I get my head out of the clouds and stop painting?

Being creative is something that really makes me happy. So I hope these gifts can make you happy too.

Mother and Baby Fox Push Toys: Flop-A-Lots, Reddish Brown

Polar Bear Mobile Toy Animal Bear Toy Nursery Mobile

Pet Lovers Gift - Dog Wreath - Veterinarian Gift - Pet Lover Gift

18 Inch Boy Doll Dinosaur Pajamas, Flannel Pyjamas

Hippo | Crochet Hippo | Newborn Photo Prop | Hippo Stuffed Animal

Bird, Room Decoration, Living room decor with green bird

All things handmade with love 😊 And all super cute and cuddly.

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost for today.........Until next time.........Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. I love the little foxes. They are perfect for my youngest son bedroom!

  2. Wat knap gemaakt. Ik ben zelf meer creatief in bakken en met tekenen in de bijbel. Maar dit ziet er ook erg mooi uit.

  3. I like your painting! I would put that on my wall definitely!

  4. Je kan echt goed schilderen en verder ben ik ook best creatief, maar handwerk kan ik echt niet, hè... Kan ik stiekem best jaloers op zijn. De pyjama is zo leuk.... De bosjes ook.... Wauw, knap

  5. De vosjes zijn echt übercute. Wat een leuke spulletjes weer.

  6. Wat zijn de vosjes leuk zeg heel schattig..

  7. Awesome Collection of Etsy Treasures on Polyvore!!

    Thanks so much for including our Dog Lovers Burlap Wreath!

    I have Hearted, Viewed and Promoted!!


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