Thursday, 16 November 2017

Gift Guide by Seadbeady 8

Hi There.......Are you in a good mood today?

No.......Then my rainbow gift guide will surely put a smile on your face 😊

Have you ever wondered where that gorgeous arc of light in the sky comes from?

They only form when the sun is low in the sky and there is water in the air. The white light of the sun is split up in different colors by drops of mist or rain. When the light from the sun passes from air into a water droplet it slows down.

This makes the light bend and change its direction (refraction). That way it separates into the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and this light bounces back of the water droplet and is reflected in to the air.

So let me show you that lovely and colorful gift guide that I made for you this time 😁

Laurel Burch Mermaids Ocean Song Pair Luggage Tags Gift Card Holder 

Easter Bunny headband with flowers for photography props

Graduation Gift / Mother's Day / Button Bouquet / Felt Flower arrangement

Horses, horse stacking dolls matryoshka nesting babushka dolls set

Froggie Twins Diaper Cake - Spring or Summer baby gift

Kid's Korner-- Running in Circles Bag - 50% of sale is donated to Project Linus

Crochet Hook Polymer Clay Handle Aluminum 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5 mm

Art Deco Earring Hanger For Wall, Shiny And Colorful Jewelry Display

If this doesn't make you happy or at least smile.....I don't know what will. Aren't they all super cute?

Hope you liked my blogpost.......Until next time.......Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Regenbogen maken me blij. Al die mooie kleuren maken me vrolijk! Wat een leuke spullen zeg! Die luiertaarr met kikkers erop is erg leuk. Kikker vind ik namelijk ook leuk :)

  2. This looks indeed very cute and happy. Great gift ideas!

  3. Regenbogen zijn prachtig! Ik vond je blogpost heel fleurig! Ik word er wel vrolijker van.

  4. Leuke cadeau inspiratie! Die haarbandjes vind ik voor mijn dochter erg leuk, die ga ik onthouden x

  5. I love the horse stacking dolls matryoshka nesting babushka dolls set. I always wanted to have babushka's combining them with my favorite animal will make it even more special!

  6. Weer erg leuke ideeën! Etsy is zo een fijne site hé. Zoveel creativiteit!

  7. Superleuk dingen. Leuk om te hebben en te geven

  8. wat een fleurige/kleurrijke inspiratie guide, etsy is een hele fijn site

  9. Ik word zeker vrolijk van die blije kleurtjes! Heel fleurig allemaal.


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