Saturday, 25 August 2018

Introducing you to - SunnySideCouture

Hi There.....Are you a fan of Vintage style fashion?

If so be sure to read on, cause today I am introducing you to SunnySideCouture

The shop owner's name is can understand where the name comes from 😊

She is a costume designer and got into designing vintage style menswear through music. That is something you don't hear every day.
She played the saxophone since she was 14 and has always been a fan of big band music. She started playing at Lindy hop parties and that's what inspired her to make 30's and 40's style clothing.
It didn't take long before she became full time occupied with making swing trousers. What a cool name for a pair of trousers.....don't you agree?

After having made 100 trousers, she decided to get help with executing. Together with Arnhem Fashion factory she found a small factory in Romania to execute her designs.
That is not an easy task, because she is very picky on details and pre-war menswear has a lot of them. Like little watch pockets, adjustment straps, piped pockets, welt pockets,... and they all have to be perfect.

To make sure she gets the quality she wants, she sources all the materials herself. For the trousers and waistcoats they use beautiful 100% wool all made in the EU. Sometimes she gets lucky and finds the absolute top quality tweeds that she then uses for custom made orders.

Today I will show you some items I picked from her Etsy shop. But if you are interested in more you can always visit her shop or go to her website  And for those who would like to pay a visit to The can go and see her work live at Masterly the Hague....this is the website if you are interested

Tweed waistcoat, 1930's style men's vest, tweed vest

Vintage style mens polo, retro shirt, vintage sports clothing

Dress Shirt in vintage style, vintage mens dress shirt

Retro bow tie, bowtie in '20 style, art deco bow tie

Red mens coat with imitation fur collar

1930's style high rise cotton twill trousers in sand colour

1920's style mens evening waistcoat in Italian silk

Knickerbocker '20 style, linnen knee pants

Vintage style dress, Lindy hop dress with vintage print

1930's men's waistcoat, vintage inspired mens vest

I like her style...what about you? Would your husband like this vintage inspired kind of clothing?

Hope you like my blogpost.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

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  1. Ik vind dit totaal niet mijn stijl. Wel vind ik het leuk om te zien. Goed bezig.

  2. Ik vind de jurk mooi maar verder, niet hoe ik mijn man zou zie rond lopen :)

  3. Oh wauw, ik vind het mooi! Vooral die rode mantel met de bontkraag. Balen dat die voor heren is.

  4. Heel stylish! Ik vind het wel mooi mooi te zien met veel details. Ik zie mijn partner hier niet in lopen maar gelukkig draagt hij weleens pakken. Staat hem toch heel goed!

  5. Nice costumes. very interesting story how she merged design and music. I will check out the link to see more designs

  6. Niet iets wat hier zou gedragen worden...
    Maar die jurk wél! Vind ik heel mooi!

  7. I love those vintage style clothes! I wish there was a place around here that I could get it.

  8. How she got her start is interesting. Now I’m not much of a wearer of vintage clothing, I love admiring the look. It’s always so classic.

  9. The clothes look so classy, I love the vintage look. I will check other designs through the link too. Story how she emerged with these ideas is really interesting.

  10. Ik vind het ook erg leuk dat deze kleding nog gewoon verkrijgbaar is zeg! Dat is verrassend.

  11. Mijn man gaat dit helaas niet dragen, maar zelf ben ik wel dol op die vintage stijl.

  12. Those are fantastic examples , and i adore the vintage fashion , i think back then people had more style than we have now

  13. Wat een toffe stijl, zie je niet vaak meer!

  14. My husband is not much of a fan of retro style but I am! I loved every piece of vintage clothing shown here!

  15. I love the vintage style. They are in fashion and a the pictures here look great!

  16. Stunning outfits for men, Portrayed wonderfully in debonair pics. Stylish and desirable. Every man would want to possess.

  17. These pieces are fascinating and so well made! I love that she only buys the best kind of fabrics!

  18. Knap, ik vind die vroegere stijl voor mannen ook heel leuk! Voor vrouwen en kinderen ook heel vaak trouwens. Natuurlijk vind ik niet alles mooi, dat zou ook gek zijn. Klassevol

  19. I am definitely a big fan of vintage fashion. I myself do it all the time.

  20. Wauw dat ziet er goed uit zeg! Ik vind die stijl van vroeger altijd wel heel veel klasse hebben.

  21. ik weet niet zo goed wat ik hier van moet vinden. sommige stukken zijn te gek, maar in combi met andere stukken vind ik het mwah.

  22. In love with the vintage looks you've pulled out here 😍 the men all look so dashing and handsome - i wish modern fashion for men was more like this x

  23. There are some great styles here. I like everything you picked out! Great job.

  24. Ik blijf erbij dat ik het niet leuk vind. Totaal niet mijn stijl. Een beetje oubollig.


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