Saturday, 15 September 2018

Introducing you to - KOSHA6

Hi There.....Do you like to accessorize  ?

Yes? let me introduce you this week to KOSHA6 😃

The idea for the shop had been developing in the owners mind from 2016. Based upon experiences of a journey from Fashion to Yoga and evolved to combine those two. August 2018 KOSHA6 was officially born. It is a shop with craftsman yogic healing tools designed and wrapped in bohemian spirit, with the responsibility to always cause the least possible environmental harm.

That is a responsibility that keeps us all busy the latest years, and I really do think that is very important 😟

KOSHA6 aims to reclaim a new way of life, one that is rooted in yoga, culture, craft, community, green earth and handmade. It stands at a crossing of local, global, traditional, innovative, reinventing and contemparary. The shopowner believes in taking inspiration from our rich old culture and moving forward, and that Fashion has the power to change lives.

This jewelry has shifted Fashion to touching the soul instead of just the body and therefore is called  jewelry for body, mind and soul. They can be with yogic healing tools or with purposeful talismen designed with a bohemian look. The proces of creation is as precious to the shopowner as the production of a beautiful product.

Products made this way do so much more than just bring pleasure to the customer. They create a link between the user and the artisan, they keep help the traditional approuch to crafts alive and in continues evolution, and create an opportunity for the whole community and their welfare.

Here are some items I selected from this lovely shop 😊

Rudraksha Howlite Turquoise Mala, mala necklace

Amber stone wire wrapped pendant, unisex pendant

Antique Silver ancient goddess pendant , Yoga Pendant

Tourmaline Citrine Mala, Tourmaline mala, citrine necklace

Lava Red Tiger eye Buddha Necklace, obsidian buddha pendant

Sandalwood Blue Jade Mala, Yoga Mala, unisex Necklace

Rudraksha Chakra Mala, Mala, Rudraksha mala, chakra mala

Rudraksha Clear Quartz Mala, Tree of life, Necklace

Lava Green Jade mala, lava mala, green jade necklace

Rudraksha Carnelian Mala, rudraksha mala, carnelian mala

See something you like? The collection is for those with a bohemian spirit and an eco-sensitive conscience and who love to have meaning behind everything they do or wear 😊

Hope you like my blogpost.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.
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  1. Mooi maar voor mij zelf te druk om te dragen.

    1. Hi u can check my store on Etsy : There are lot more on these lines around 189 listings I am sure u will like those ��

  2. Ik vind dit heel mooi! Kom gelijk in buitenlandse sferen :)

    1. Hi you can check my store on Etsy . There are around 189 listings in my store .

  3. Ga het onthouden als kadootje voor bohemian-lovers!

  4. Beautiful and very colorful. I like that style!

  5. Very beautiful and colorful. I don't wear things like it, but I do love seeing them.

  6. Ziet er wel echt super mooi uit zeg! Voor mij een beetje te maar wel leuk voor vriendinnen!

  7. Heel unieke en bijzondere sieraden, maar niet echt mijn ding!

  8. Ik vind de 1e ketting erg mooi. Het doet me denken aan een gebedsketting

  9. ik vind die met Amber erg mooi. de anderen ook, maar een Ambersteen springt er voor mij om heel persoonlijke redenen uit!

  10. Ik hou van de kleuren, echt heel erg origineel!

  11. wauw wat een mooie sieraden. mooie kleuren ook. weet alleen niet of ik ze zelf zou dragen. hou het vaak bij simpel zilver

  12. Wat een prachtige sieraden, misschien zou ik ze zelf niet zo snel dragen maar wel zeker mooi om te zien

  13. Bijzondere collectie, vraag me alleen af waarbij je dit zou kunnen dragen?

  14. Wat een mooie sieraden, sommige heel kleurrijk en andere mooi in hun simpelheid


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