Thursday, 8 August 2019

Introducing you to - Buzzi

Hi There.....Do you have kids?

I have 2 kids.....well actually they are adults already.....A daughter of 32 who has a daughter of her own of 3 now and my son is 30 now.  😊

What most of you don't know is that I also blog on another platform called steam as seadbeady too - this is the link to it if you are curious about it - - .....I know I would be haha.....I am the curious type πŸ˜‰

On this Steem platform, I am what they call a hunter.

Not a real hunter cause I couldn't shout anything that lives.....that is totally against my nature. But you might wonder what I am talking about then 😡

It is actually just their word for a product reviewer. When new products are launched, the makers need to get the word out before they can start selling items. So that is where the influencers and bloggers come in.....We write about those products so that other people can read all about them.

Sounds logical.....doesn't it  😊

So recently I got the opportunity to become an early bird tester of a new app for the android phone called Buzzi.

It's an app where you can find and give honest reviews to help the community members find the right product for them. In this first stage, they are trying out this app for everything to do with kids.

It should also become an easy way to connect with community members that have the same interests as you. You can follow members to see which products they are using and connect with them to share new moments together.

On top of that Buzzi wants to reward you for sharing those reviews.

Sounds cool.....doesn't it 😎

So I made my own profile on this app and tried to make a review on it for you to see how it works. I found that making your own profile was quite easy and it is really easy to scroll for what you are looking for in different categories.

The only thing I found a bit harder was to put on my own review because I had to type in the complete website URL for the product I was putting online.

But since that is something I put in my review for them I am sure they will find a way to make this easier.

Overall I really like this app and will definitely use it in the future to scroll for product reviews πŸ˜ƒ

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day.

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

Want to be on my blog next time ?? Want me to review your product?? Just send me a message 😊


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