Saturday, 9 February 2019

Introducing you to - NatureArtByBeccky

Hi There.....Are you a fan of mother nature?

Who isn't.....right? I actually wondered where that phrase came from. So this is what I found 😊

The phrase most likely stems from Greek Mythology. The Goddess Ge or Gaia (meaning earth) created everything and even gave birth to Uranus (meaning sky) and Pontus (meaning sea). So if this Goddess gave birth.....she must be a this way they came to the term mother earth or mother nature.

Interesting to know, Isn't it? 😄

But this being said.....or written.....let me introduce you today to another Etsy shop called NatureArtByBeccky.

This shop owner doesn't have the easiest life, being a single mom to 2 boys with autism spectrum. You can understand that she wasn't always into art.

But most recently she had been inspired and started doing it just for fun.

Many of her friends wanted to know where she got her artwork from, and some of them also asked her to make them something especially.

This way she started thinking if her friends were interested then maybe others might even be willing to pay for her art. So she decided to give it a try and open an Etsy shop.

Let me show you some of the creations you can find in her shop 😊

Purple Painted Leaf 

Triple Rainbow Painted Leaf

Steelers Art Painted Leaf

Red Painted Leaf

Rainbow Pride Painted Leaf

Fiery Autumn Painted Leaf

Green Painted Leaf

Rainbow Painted Leaf

Pride Painted Leaf

Very Green Painted Leaf

Not something I have seen before.....Have you? Let me know what you think 😗

Hope you like my blogpost.....Until next time.....Have a great weekend

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

Want to be on my blog next time ?? Just send me a message 😊

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