Wednesday, 24 June 2020

What we love to do at Blankenberge

Hi There.....Do you like to be at the seaside?

I just love it..... I love everything about the sea..... Walking towards the Pier..... Having a cool drink on a terras..... Shopping at the seafront..... Enjoying a game of miniature golf..... Even though I almost always lose..... Enjoying dinner with a view on the beach and the sea..... Watching the sun go down into the Ocean in the evening 😊

And I can say we had it all the last couple of days at Blankenberge..... Just about a bit more than an hour drive but still, we decided to stay in a hotel before the summer rush starts 😌

We have the luxury of having 2 grown-up kids so there is nothing to keep us from taking a short break before everyone else does 😂

And you bet that I wanted to share it with you..... Making everyone a bit envious..... Even though we didn't venture far..... No, I am just sharing because I was able to take some wonderful shots of mother nature..... And I wouldn't want to deprive you of the pleasure of looking at these shots of mine 😇

Time to show you those crazy beautiful shots of mine..... A little exaggeration never hurt anyone 😉


I don't know why but I am a sucker for sunsets on the beach 🙃

IMG_20200622_192434  kopie.jpg

And this seagull was so nice to pose for us on the pier


So I thought..... If this seagull can do it..... So can I 😁

DSC04658  kopie.JPG

And I just had to have a picture in front of those beautiful rose bushes at the miniature golf..... My hair all messed up by the wind 😄

DSC04661  kopie.JPG

And how about these lovely flower bushes..... The Bees were fans of them for sure..... Just don't ask me any names 🙂

DSC04670 2.jpg

And this beautiful flower bed right next to the miniature golf court..... Irresistible..... Right 😊

Well..... Was I exaggerating..... Or not 😚

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. I love all the pictures of the plants that you took and all its beauty.

  2. This looks lovely! Beach holidays are so perfect.

  3. i love beach holidays. The seagull was funny. Nature is so beautiful

  4. renata ,
    love the pics and the location that you guys were put up . the sunset visuals of the ocean is so soothing

  5. Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing..

  6. Ik ben opgegroeid in Koksijde, dus in Blankenberge ga je me niet zo snel zien, maar de zee doet altijd goed he!

  7. The place looks lovely and gives good vibes. I also love your pictures.

  8. I love the beach--there's just something so relaxing about it. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorites there (usually sunrise since we are usually on the east coast of the US).

  9. We go to the beach often for our son. He really likes to swim and play in the sand.

  10. Ik vind de zee altijd prachtig! En indrukwekkend ook. Helaas kom ik er zelden.

  11. Wat een prachtige foto’s. Ik wil er al eens heen maar nu helemaal 😁 Iemand die ik ken heeft hier een kroeg, dus vandaar dat ik eens heen wil gaan! ( en ik ben dol op mini golf)

  12. I am loving all your pictures here. It seems like you had a wonderful time there.

  13. I love the sea!! Especially sunsets. It makes the whole world beautiful

  14. Being by the sea is my happy place, I also love the beautiful flower pictures that you took. Life is just so lovely, isn't it? :)

  15. Blankenberge seems like a simple paradise! I would love to go and just spend a day in its serenity.

  16. Looks loke a lovely place to visit.

  17. Oh heerlijk, ik heb toch zo'n zin om er weer op uit te gaan. Ben hier vroeger al eens geweest dus goede herinneringen aan deze plek. Groetjes Caroline

  18. Wat heerlijk om te zien, die zonsondergang! Daar wil ik ook wel naartoe.

  19. I like to be near a sea but never lived there haha. It's amazing to go walk and enjoy the sunset everyday.

  20. Ik ben al zo lang niet meer aan de zee geweest...
    Maar het ziet er zo wel mooi uit


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