Friday, 1 May 2020

How to be creative during lockdown?

Hi There.....Are you into fashion? 

I'm actually not really into fashion..... And the question is..... Do we still need fashion now that we are all locked up inside..... Do we still need to dress up just to go to the store..... I suppose not..... But then again we will not be locked up forever 😃

That's why today I wanted to share my..... Lockdown Fashion Trends

The trend is actually not for me..... But since lockdown started I have been very creative with a needle and thread..... Together with my new best friend of course..... There will be no fashion trend without him..... I know we are not supposed to let strangers in our homes..... But since my other friend gave up..... Just when I needed him most..... I welcomed my new companion with open arms 😁 

Indeed my new singer sewing machine..... We have become best friends lately 😁 

At first, I started making doll clothes for my granddaughter's baby born doll..... She is 4 years old and the first thing she does with a new doll is undressing her and put her in some other clothes 😂 

So I thought I should give it a try and went to the hobby fair for some small pieces of fabric..... And here are the things I made with those fabrics 🙂 

Pretty cute..... Aren't they 😄 

She actually didn't use my last one for her baby born doll..... But as long as she is happy with it..... That's what's most important 😁 
She said her centipede had a cold and needed the dress 🤣
But then something happened that I was not expecting at all..... My daughter loved them so much that she asked me to make some skirts for my granddaughter 😯 

She had never asked this before because she wasn't aware that I had so much sewing experience and could make things like these..... And I never asked her if she would like it..... But I do have to say that I hadn't sewed any clothes since she and her brother were young kids..... I suppose she didn't even remember because it had been very long ago 😊
The problem was that the corona lockdown had started by then and I couldn't go over there to discuss any fabrics or patterns 😳 

So I bought myself a book online with lots of patterns to make skirts for children..... Then using the Whatsapp video I showed her and my granddaughter the different patterns and this way they were able to choose their favorite one 😄 

All I needed now were the fabrics..... I knew she loved the one with the little Bambi's on it very much..... So I went on a search to find a shop where they had that specific fabric and lots of other cute ones 😊 

I found one that had everything I needed..... So I bought myself 1 meter of 3 different fabrics..... Now all I had to do was wait for them to arrive 🙂 

But then when I woke up the next day..... I realized that I forgot to get some elastic for the waist and some pink sewing thread for the pink fabric 😨 

So I decided to go to the supermarket and get some..... But no such luck..... Seemed that lots a people had started making masks and bought up all the elastic..... They had none in stock anymore 😷 

Ok no problem, I thought..... I would try to find some online..... That wasn't as obvious as I had hoped..... I needed an elastic of 2.5 cm wide according to the pattern but it was nowhere to be found..... I did find a set of black and white elastic of 3cm wide..... Not that I needed the black one but better that than nothing at all..... Right 😋 

So I made the waistband a bit bigger to be able to fit in the larger elastic..... And here is a picture of the 2 skirts I already made..... 2 down..... One more to go 🙃 

I was able to deliver the first one to my daughter's home and my granddaughter was very happy with it..... I will have to deliver the second one too but sure hope that I can give the last one to her in person 😍

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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