Saturday, 30 May 2020

Everything you need to know about Singer Songwriter Fletcher Moudy

Hi There..... Do you like music?

I do..... Very much..... Some of you may not know..... But I am the lead singer of a Cover Band..... We haven't been able to practice for a while though..... At least not together..... And if there is one thing that makes me happy it is singing..... So this is not a very happy time for me now 😭

I cried my eyes out..... Or not..... I must have been mistaken..... I can still see for instance that I have a picture of Fletcher Moudy here below..... I actually stole it from his Facebook..... Sneaky me.....No worries it is ok because this blog is about his music..... And what is music without a face..... Right 😄

Ah, I see..... I made you curious now..... You want to know more..... That's actually the way I felt when I heard a small part of his music..... It has a strong country vibe and I have been a fan of country music like forever 😍

That's just like Fletcher Moudy..... He was born in Indiana and grew up listening to country and bluegrass music 😊

Did you know that Indiana was the home to Gennet Records..... And they are known for their recording a wealth of jazz, blues, and country music in the 1920s..... You can find out more about that on Wikipedia  😀

Fletcher packed up a truck in 2001 and moved to Dallas..... He was the frontman for the hard rock band SLUR..... Their single reached Top 40 on the charts..... But he grew tired of the rock scene and returned to his roots in 2016..... If you listen to the song parts you will notice this rock past in some of his songs too 😃

Now he dedicates all his time to songwriting..... He has been writing and producing songs for multiple artists worldwide 😄

How cool is that..... Ah, you don't know...... Of course, you don't..... You need to get some teasers from me first 😁

So now he has made a debut country album..... And if you ask me it's really good..... You should really give him the benefit of doubt and listen to these teasers that I chose for you 😄

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