Saturday, 6 June 2020

The secret to a smooth skin

Hi There..... Do you like to take care of your skin?

I do..... My skin is very important to me..... So I take good care of it 😃

Ok, sure I admit..... I want to look young as long as I can without having any cosmetic surgery..... Have you seen that Botched series on Tv..... I really wouldn't like to look like that 😂

Although I might consider a laser treatment if my rosacea gets any worse than this..... I can hear you thinking..... What on earth is rosacea 😲

It's a long term skin condition..... You can read all about it on this page of Wikipedia..... But you had better not look at the pictures on the site if you just ate haha..... No and mine is more or less under control at the moment 😌

My mind was wandering again..... No, no..... I am not telling you where my thoughts went too..... My thoughts are mine and mine alone 😁

That's not always true though..... Today I am sharing my thoughts with you..... My thoughts on 2 products I received a while ago from Aloeverademallorca 😃

The first one I am gonna tell you about is their Body Lotion..... This is what they say about it..... It is a nourishing body lotion with rejuvenating oils, Panthenol, Shea Butter and the vitamins A and E..... This valuable lotion has a refreshing smell and is very good to support your daily care.

Sounds good..... Doesn't it..... And if you ask me..... I am really happy with it 😊

You know that feeling when you take off your pants or leggings and your legs go all flaky..... I just hate that..... And it looks like you have some kind of gruesome disease..... I don't have that anymore now since I started using the body lotion on a daily basis 😄

Oh yes, and I almost forgot to tell you that it really smells so very fresh..... I am not pulling your leg..... It is true 😊

Time to tell you some more about their Moisturizing cream..... So what do they say about that one..... It's a high-quality moisturizer with vitamin A and E, Panthenol, and jojoba..... The Jojoba oil quality makes this a very valuable ingredient in cosmetics..... The moisturizer takes care, protects, and smooths your skin.

Ah..... Of course..... You would like to know what I think about it..... Glad to know that someone values my opinion..... Maybe you should come over to tell my hubby..... So that he knows too that my opinion matters..... Haha no just joking..... We get along perfectly 😉

I actually can't say anything bad about this product either..... It does exactly what it promises to do..... My skin felt so smooth after using it..... And you can use it to keep your skin moist in spring or summer because it has the necessary vitamins to protect your skin from the sun..... But also during the rest of the year of course 😃

Ok, shoot me..... But I am gonna tell you another good thing about it.....  It has a convenient pump top so that makes it easier to apply 😘 

Don't blame me..... I can't help it that I love those products of Aloeverademallorca..... And on top of that, they are reasonable in price..... What more could you want 😁 

If you like to know more about them you can read my previous blog posts here

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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