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Interview With Fashion Designer Angelina Mahany

Hi There..... Would you like to learn some more about a fashion designer who makes women’s lingerie?

Have you ever owned a piece of handmade women’s lingerie? I haven’t. When I saw what this fashion designer offered, I just had to share her interview with you. 😊

The bras and panties from when I was a young girl weren’t half as pretty. Most of them were plain white with not much detail on them. Well, perhaps they were for the wealthier families, but not for us. Not that we were poor, but if you have a household of 2 adults and 3 girls, you don’t have access to expensive clothing. 😢

Getting your first bra was something to look forward to. The lady from the store would come into the booth and take your size. It was so enjoyable to get your first piece of women’s lingerie. 😍

No, of course not. I didn’t enjoy a single moment of it. Wonder if you would like to stand half-naked in front of a perfect stranger. That would mean I am a prude. 😳

Am I? I was extremely shy, which didn’t help. Such occasions would make my face turn as red as a tomato. It must have been quite a delightful contrast between my red face and the whiteness of that bra. 😂

Ok, I wanted to tell you about this fashion designer. She is Angelina Mahany, the owner of a luxury handmade lingerie e-commerce boutique. The store is called Angie’s Showroom. 😍

How old are you?

I am 32 Years Young 😊

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be? 

I am an owner of an e-commerce store, so basically, I do a lot of things: planning, marketing, finance, logistics, production, hr, advertising, designing, etc. 

I am delegating some parts of my job a lot of things are on me. I graduated from Business school with a major in Corporate Management, and I also have a Master’s degree in Marketing.

What made you decide to become a Fashion Designer?

I am not 100% designer, I just always wanted to be a part of the fashion world. I have a good knowledge of good quality products, materials, and the difference between luxury and cheap brands. I always wanted to have something on my own, a brand. 

However, my education was in business and marketing. I didn’t know how to create things on my own. I had a vision, and I just found people (lingerie contractors) who could help me to make the vision a reality. 

Is fashion important to you? Why? 

Yes, truly important. I grew up in Moscow, and I was a ballet dancer for half of my life. My parents and I traveled a lot. We always bought clothes, shoes, and accessories abroad, mainly in Europe or in the U.S. 

In ballet school, we had costumes for our performances, beautiful gowns, and tutus. We also had classes about the history of costumes and how they changed over time. 

Later on, when I moved to France to study marketing, fashion became even more important. France, like Italy, is the center of fashion. Brands are everywhere. We had professors from luxury brand companies too. It was all over us. We all dreamed of working for a luxury brand. So answering your question, fashion was always around me, since childhood it was important to me. 

What are your successes, and how did you achieve them?

It is a tough question because I can’t divine my successes or failures. Business is full of good and bad things, sometimes more bad than good. I think my success is that I keep going and do not give up even when it’s hard. 

Also, my success is that I started my own business, and I keep investing my money, time, and energy in something that I believe in and trying to grow it. Every year we have more wholesale orders, more retail clients, more collaborations. It’s nice to see that people like my products.  

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

It used to be the case. But nowadays I love to find small businesses, and purchase something “unique” from them, especially if it’s a sustainable brand and the materials are organic. 

I wish we could use all organic materials in the lingerie business. However, normally it’s more expensive to buy from small businesses than to buy something from Zara or Michael Kors. But I like to support the owners, and I know how hard it is sometimes. 

Describe your personal style of clothing?

My style had changed a lot over the past 5-to 6 years because of my life changes: climate, my work, becoming a mom, not going to the office, weight gain/loss, etc. 

I used to like office style, straight classy dresses, jackets, pants and, of course, heels. Now I like more casual long bohemian dresses, tunics, long shirts and jackets. I do wear dresses a lot… No heels for me anymore lol. But what I still keep are accessories. I love jewelry, handbags, and shoes. 

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

I am not sure. One of my projects besides Lingerie is a personal shopper. I shop a lot for my international clients. So, I know trends. I go to the stores every week, 2-3 times a week, and I guess during my shopping time for clients, I started slowly changing my personal style. 

Again, everything changes depending on your lifestyle. My life changed 360 degrees, from corporate life to being a business owner and working from home. I feel like I need to be more comfortable now because I move a lot and not sit at the desk but still look like a woman. I don’t like wearing yoga pants everywhere. Even if I go to the playground with my kid, I still wear something nice. It’s just me. 

Do you have an influence on other people’s clothing style?

I would say yes. As I mentioned, I shop for my clients. They always ask me where did I get this necklace, dress, shoes, etc? So, I assume they like what they see. I work with some Italian factories, and I sold clothes from Italy to my friends in the States, and they got compliments too from their friends. I always pick things thinking if I would wear them? If I like it, then I take it. 

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

I like high waist pleated skirts, especially with a gradient color. I think I’ve got 5 of them this season. They are perfect for spring/summer but also for autumn/winter if you match them with a long oversize shirt, cardigan, or sweater. 

I also like long shirts to match with a short vest, leggings, and combat boots. The neon trend in handbags and clothes is wonderful too. I think bright electric colors will be in trend in 2022 too.

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

Oversize sport suits hoodies and track pants. I have a couple of them myself. It’s very comfortable to travel or walk in the park, but just not flattering to the women’s body. And the weirdest trend for me is pajamas that style icons wear outside.

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

I would say find your style, look at your personality, your lifestyle, then at some trends, magazines, and people around you. You would notice similar styles and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors or textures. Don’t be boring 😊 The most important at the end is to feel comfortable and like yourself.

Who is your style icon and why?

I guess I live a bit in the past, but I love Audrey Hepburn's style. She was always so classy, elegant, and beautiful. Actually, if we look at her outfits nowadays, a lot of them are still very trendy or will never be out of fashion. 

Is there something else you would like to share with us?

I realize very few ladies own proper lingerie. Lingerie, when worn by you, where there is this glorious feeling, this confidence that builds from the inside because you know you look outstanding and only you know this. I am here to remind them that beauty begins underneath. So… what is underneath now? 

Thank you so much, Angelina, for taking the time to answer my questions. That Vivienne pajama set is pretty cool. Curious to see if people will comment on what they are wearing underneath. 😉

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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