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Interview With Fashion Designer Mugzy Mcfly

Hi There..... Have you been waiting impatiently for my new fashion designer interview? Are you a fan of a particular clothing brand?

Picture provided by Mugzy

If not, perhaps this next one could be the one for you. Then again, it's not only about the designs, but the person behind them, and their path to becoming fashion designers. 😊

Yesterday I watched the first episode of the 2018 Project Runway All-Stars. I just love the series but have never seen the All-Stars version before. Shameful, I know. 😱

It pleasantly surprised me to see Alyssa Milano present the show. You probably remember her from Charmed. 

That series seems to be in a continuous loop here on Belgian television. Must be some kind of magic. 😄

Ah, I hope you are curious to get to know more about Mugzy Mcfly, because he gets to do the talking today. 😍

Picture provided by Mugzy

What are your name, function, and the company you work for? 

My name is Mugzy Mcfly, I’m an all-around designer. That leaks into fashion, graphic, and creative designing. I own & manage my clothing brand, Signed By MCFLY

How old are you?

I’m 34 Years Young.

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be? 

Formally, I’m not studying anything. I’m a creator in the purest form. 

What made you decide to become a Fashion Designer?

I always had a deep love for sneakers. It eventually grew upwards. I was obsessed with either getting the kicks early or having a fit that topped everyone else. Naturally, designing chose me. 

Is fashion important to you? Why? 

Fashion is my end all, be all. Without fashion, there is no me. It gives me an escape, a story, and a safe space. It’s my life.

Picture provided by Mugzy

What are your successes, and how did you achieve them?

I couldn’t really sit here & tell you all of them. Success is what you define it to be. My primary success is the freedom to create & happiness. I sacrificed for it, like anything worth it. Can’t give up on your dreams. 

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

Early on, it did. Now I don’t care. I’m more into quality, story & energy. Does the piece connect to me? Is it something that fits my palette?

Describe your personal style of clothing?

My personality is just like my brand, high function, quality, fashionable sport. Something that looks good but feels good. Clothing with multiple uses for all types of people. 

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

It’s more like my style found me. Every segment of my style is a part of my story. I don’t have a signature look, cause I’m forever exploring my style. One thing is for certain, I don’t like jeans.

Do you have an influence on other people’s clothing style?

I’d like to think I have an influence on others' styles. I’ve seen styles inspired by my own. It’s one of the most flattering things. 

Picture provided by Mugzy

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment? 

Right now it’s comfort, earth tones, and oversized everything. People aren’t wearing things that aren’t comfortable, you can see it in the fabrics we choose and the footwear. Crocs are heavy on the streets now. Lots of browns, grays & greens have been the color of choice lately. People have been going up on the sizing of their tees or getting a little baggy with their pants. 

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

I’m not a fan of baggy pants. It took me long enough to let it die the last time. I’d be damned if I gotta usher that back in. No thanks.

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

Learn yourself. Fashion has energy. Do you think you look good? Do you even feel good wearing what you do? There’s a feeling that’s undeniable. Chase that. 

Who is your style icon and why?

Kanye West, by miles. I inspire to have his courage & influence. He creates fashion & trends. People catch on years later. He lives in the future. I need that.

Is there something else you would like to share with us?

Do what you love, love what you do.

Picture provided by Mugzy

Thank you so much Mugzy for working with me on this interview. I love your designs, especially the dark fantasy tapestry hoodie. Ah, now I got you curious, haven't I? 😜

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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