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Where To Find 23 Cat Gifts - Gift Guide for Cat Lovers - 08/2023

Hi There. Are you one of those cat lovers who is always searching for some new and fun cat gifts?

Compilation by Seadbeady

Well then, my fabulous feline friends! 😺 Guess what? It's International Cat Day, and that means we get to celebrate all things CAT-tastic! Meow-velous, right? πŸ˜„

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case you don't, I'm the biggest 😻lover in the whole wide world (or at least my neighborhood). Seriously, my heart goes all mushy when I see those cute whiskers and twinkling eyes! 😍

So, since today is all about honoring our purr-fect companions, I thought, why not spread some joy with a special gift guide? 😊

Yep, you heard me right! I've rounded up the most PAW-some presents that any cat lover would be head-over-heels in love with. πŸ˜‰

Whether you're a seasoned cat aficionado or just starting to fall for these furry wonders, my gift guide is here to save the day and help you find the puuuur-fect surprise for yourself or your fellow cat enthusiasts. 😎

Get ready to join me on a journey filled with whiskers, wagging tails, and a whole lot of laughter! Trust me, this guide is going to be the CATalyst for a paws-itively delightful day! 😽

So, let's dive right in and explore all the fantastic cat gifts that'll make every cat lover go, "Me-WOW!" Happy International Cat Day, everyone! 🐾😸

Unique jewelry doll pendant with cat €89.90

Picture provided by

Cats - they are the crown of creation, the apogee of dexterity and extravaganza of charm. There is no creation more graceful, and more perfect. Cat enthusiasts are highly devoted... 

The new SARANA “Six Cats” collection. The resurgence of Soft and Tender Velvet has brought it back into vogue, establishing it as a current seasonal trend, a rich color palette, velvet bags in the hands of pendant dolls, juicy coral, three types of aventurine, two gentlemen and six kitty faces are the main difference between this beautiful collection. 

Additionally, this assortment features adornments like velvet chokers and pearl bracelets, all embellished with distinctive enchanting logos. Let’s enjoy .... :)

Ah, what a sweetheart she is !!! The perfect fusion of deep navy blue harmonizes beautifully with a bright red coral and a burgundy velvet top. Also in the manufacture of this pendant dolls were used pearls, gilded brass, gilded silver elements 925, and a velvet skirt inlaid with original crystals and pearls SWAROVSKI®.

Doll height 12cm, chain length 75cm.


Picture provided by

Redirect their paws from your laptop and plants, move them away from your face, and engage them in an activity that taps into their innate hunting instincts.

While a Pawzzle shouldn't serve as a substitute for regular interactive play sessions, it can effectively channel your cat's energy in situations when you're unable to provide immediate attention, such as during meetings. Think of it as a box designed to alleviate frustration!

Reduce boredom and discourage rapid food consumption.
Suitable for cats of varying ages and skill levels.
The use of natural materials complements any style of decoration.

Engaging with puzzle feeders to access food demands significant effort from cats, a behavior that aligns with their evolutionary traits. In the wild, hunting necessitates even more effort. Thus, the act of striving for food through these devices inherently offers gratification.

Sublingual Small Pet Hemp Oil Extract

Picture provided by

Introducing our specially crafted range of CBD oils tailored for your beloved pets. 

These products maintain the same exceptional quality of CBD found in our other offerings and are thoughtfully blended with salmon oil to cater to your furry friends. Explore our Grassroots Harvest sublingual pet CBD salmon oil tincture, boasting a lower concentration with 10mg of CBD per milliliter.

Ideally suited for smaller pets.

Cat Care Planner $9.68

Picture provided by

This Cat Care Planner is here to make your life easier and your cat happier!

Using a Cat Care Planner ensures that you won't overlook your cat's upcoming vaccination dates, the most recent litter change, or your vet's operating hours. All crucial information about your cat can be conveniently stored in a single location.

This Cat Care Planner consists of 27 pages.

It comes in 3 sizes:

• US Letter
• A4
• classic Happy Planner size 7 x 9.25in

General Info

• About My Cat: General info about your cat.
• Pet Sitting Information Sheet: All the essential information your pet sitter requires to provide proper care for your cat during your absence.

Health & Medical Records

• Dental work: Your cat’s dental cleanings and treatments.
• Flea & Tick Prevention: Your cat’s flea and tick treatments.
• Deworming Treatment: Your cat’s deworming treatments.
• Medication Records: Utilize this to monitor the dosage and frequency of medication required for your cat.
• Immunization: Your cat’s vaccinations.
• Vet Visits: Veterinary appointments, diagnoses, and treatments for your cat.
• Weight Tracker
• Warning Signs: Indicators to watch for when your cat appears unwell.


• Shopping List for Cat Care Supplies: Will be useful when you're shopping for supplies for your cat.
• Travel List: Ensure you have all the essential cat supplies when embarking on a journey with your feline companion.


• Yearly Schedule: Keep a record of all your cat-related tasks that need to be completed within a year.
• Cat Events: National and international cat-related days.

Miscellaneous Records

• Cat Care Schedule / Chores: Cat care responsibilities like feeding, cleaning the litter box, and replacing litter... Great for children too!
• Grooming Tracker: Nail trimming, brushing, and other grooming activities.
• Recipes: Your favorite cat food recipes.
• Expanses: How much you spend on your cat.
• Contacts: Centralize all the necessary contacts for your cat in a single location.

Useful Info

• Cats & Plants: Plants that are toxic to cats and safe plants that cats love.
• Cat Entertainment Ideas: Keep your cat entertained and active.
• Emergency Phone No. / First Aid Kit: Pet emergency phone numbers in one place and everything you need to make your own cat first aid kit. This page offers two versions: one featuring pet emergency numbers for the USA, and another blank version for personalizing if you reside outside the USA.
• Emergency Cards: For individuals living independently, emergency cards can prove invaluable during urgent scenarios. Storing the card in your wallet is a recommended practice.
• Notes: Everything else you want to write down.

Snowball Unwrapped $16.95 

Picture provided by

Combine two individuals fated for love (even if they're unaware), introduce a charmingly playful cat with a talent for matchmaking, and set the stage at a stunning mountainside bed and breakfast adorned for the holiday season. This is Snowball's formula for the ideal Weber Haus Christmas celebration!

Jocelyn Becker is willing to go to great lengths for the sake of her twin sister. Regrettably, this time "great lengths" entails stepping into Ilse's shoes as the host of the TV show "Home & Hearth," producing five Christmas-themed episodes set in the Victorian inn and shops of Weber Haus. Jocelyn faces the challenging task of persuading everyone, including her co-host Ben, that she is indeed Ilse—someone skilled in crafting, cooking, baking, singing, and skating—despite her own lack of these abilities.

Snowball, the designated greeter of the inn, finds itself facing a dual challenge. The show introduces its own cat star, Angel, who bears a striking resemblance to Snowball but possesses a mischievous nature underneath. In the midst of this, Snowball observes significant chemistry between Ben and Jocelyn, enough to illuminate a Christmas tree with sparks.

However, due to Jocelyn's deception and Angel's playful behavior, this presents Snowball with its most demanding matchmaking endeavor yet. Nevertheless, the holiday season is synonymous with mistletoe embraces, crackling fires, snug evenings, and, naturally, the endearing antics of sweet Snowball...

Choose Happiness. Choose Cats $3,50

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Cheerful and delightful stickers designed to inspire positivity and bring joy to those who use them! Perfect for adorning water bottles, laptops, notebooks, and various other items.

Sticker Details:

Measures: 2.65" x 3"
Thick and durable
Matte finish
Die Cut

Custom Soulmate© Embroidery Cat Hoodie $79.99

Picture provided by

Turn Your Photo Into A Memory That Can Last Forever.

Amaze your beloved with an unforgettable surprise! Our custom hoodies go beyond ordinary image-on-clothing designs; they encapsulate an artistic representation of your shared milestones. We're prepared to transform your vision into reality, providing your significant other with a gift they'll proudly don each day.

The distinctive feature of our hoodies lies in their personalized design. Setting them apart from anything else available, we transform your cherished photograph or collage into a sketched pattern that exudes an artistic, stylish, and heartening aura. This unique design is rendered in either white or black, embracing a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, making it an ideal complement to your significant other's everyday attire.

We prioritize top-tier quality in every aspect. Our hoodies are crafted from a unique fabric blend comprising 50% cotton and 50% polyester, ensuring a seamless combination of durability and comfort throughout the day. These hoodies are exceptionally snug and comforting, providing your partner with a sensation akin to being enveloped in a cloud. Additionally, the inclusion of a drawstring design enhances the sweatshirt's fit.

Catch a Mouse by the Tail $16.99

Picture provided by

Is your feline companion an innate hunter? Does your little predator revel in the pursuit, the chase, and the thrill of a pounce? Your kitty can relish a satisfying bite on this unique wool mouse, and it will remain ready for another playful day.

"Catch a Mouse by the Tail" isn't your typical mouse toy. It's meticulously handcrafted by skilled felt artisans in Nepal, using 100% pure New Zealand wool. The vibrant hues are derived from azo-free, cat-safe dyes.

Yet, the standout feature of this mouse lies in its approximately six-foot lengthy tail! This twisting, tangling appendage trails behind your cat, sparking immense excitement during solo play.

But the thrill amplifies when you join in! Gently drag this toy by its tail to simulate the movements of a darting rodent, and you'll engage your cat's innate hunting instinct. Especially for indoor cats, the opportunity to express their natural hunting behaviors and receive the exercise this toy offers is invaluable.

Cats Coloring Book for Kids Paperback $6.95

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Provide your children with hours of delightful coloring amusement using this absolutely perfect cat coloring book! With its collection of 50 pages showcasing adorable kittens, playful cats, and comical feline escapades, it's a fantastic choice for any young enthusiast of animal coloring books.

Embark on an unparalleled creative expedition with our extraordinary cat coloring book tailored specifically for kids. The "Cats Coloring Book for Kids: 50 Cute Funny Coloring Pages and Stories" is a treasure trove of joy and imagination, tailor-made for your little ones.

Envision a realm where your kids can infuse life into the most endearing cats, while also engaging with diverse stories on each page! This marvelous coloring book guarantees countless hours of enjoyment and imaginative exploration for your children, regardless of their gender.

Delightful, Cute, and Funny!

Recognizing children's affection for all things cute and amusing, we've meticulously crafted each page of this comical coloring book to exceed their expectations. Within the collection of 50 coloring pages, you'll find an array of distinct, endearing cat characters brimming with individuality. These charming characters eagerly await your child's artistic touch to imbue them with vibrant life using their preferred colors!

Story with Every Coloring Page

Unlike the typical animal coloring books, ours introduces a creative spin! Every coloring page isn't merely an image; it's a narrative waiting to be unfurled. While your child colors, they immerse themselves in amusing and captivating tales featuring their newfound feline companions. This process actively ignites their imagination and nurtures their reading skills.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Irrespective of your child's skills in artistry, this book is an impeccable fit. The illustrations encompass a spectrum from straightforward to elaborate, catering to children at various stages of coloring skills. This cat coloring book presents an optimal chance to nurture their creativity, refine hand-eye coordination, and enhance their ability to concentrate.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

The "Cats Coloring Book for Kids: 50 Cute Funny Coloring Pages and Stories" is a present that offers boundless delight. Be it for a birthday celebration, a holiday occasion, or simply a day spent indoors due to rain, it stands as an impeccable gift choice. This book will consistently engage your child and empower them to craft something genuinely distinctive.


Picture provided by

Embrace the Halloween spirit with our delightful cat-shaped hand towels featuring playful elements like pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and more. These towels encapsulate the essence of the Fall Holiday Season.

Available in:

Black Towel with White Cat Design.
White Towel with Black Cat Design.


100% Cotton.
Generous size. 16" wide 30" length.
.5" finished border on both ends of towel.
Embroidered cat design measures  6" high  and 5 " wide at base.
Designed in Ohio.  Imported. 

Interactive Laser Toy - Kitty $19.99

Picture provided by

Style: Curious Kitty
Dimensions: 2.06 x 3.23 in

Equipped with five laser patterns and boasting ultra-soft silicone exteriors, our Laser Toys offer enjoyment for both pets and their devoted owners! 

Use the dial selector to switch between five fun laser patterns (dot, mouse, butterfly, star, and smiley face). When you’re done playing recharge the laser with the stylish USB-C charging bracelet, included with purchase. Plus they look great attached to your keychain, purse, or backpack. 

Collect all three! Smarty Pear, Curious Kitty, Pawsome Paw.

Key Benefits:

Five fun laser patterns
Bright, long-range laser  
Stylish USB-C charging bracelet  
Push-and-stay power button 
Extra-soft high-grade silicone cover 
Compact design

Litter Mat $34.99

Picture provided by

Catches bits of litter before they spread throughout your home
Offers your feline friend an attractive and paw-friendly doormat
Aids in halting the potential proliferation of harmful bacteria

Crafted from natural tan sisal, the mat measures 24" x 36", mirroring the innate appeal of our cat litter. Its purpose is to maintain the household's cleanliness.

It boasts a soft texture, ensuring a pleasant sensation under your cat's paws as they traverse, all the while effectively capturing litter residue from their feet.

Enhancing the litter box vicinity with its aesthetic charm, the mat not only elevates the surroundings but also contributes to a tidier environment, curbing the potential dissemination of bacteria. Elevate your litter box area with this exquisite mat upgrade!

Monthly Box for Cat Ladies and Cats - Starting at $34.99/month

Picture provided by

Cat-themed surprises for you, plus ameowzing cat toys for your kitties!

What's in a CatLadyBox?

😻 Exclusive cat lady items for you
😻 Cat toys for your kitties
😻 Free shipping to the U.S.
😻 Your purchase = donation to cat rescues
😻 Plus cats will LOVE the box itself!

Fall is almost here and we're ready! With warm kitty snuggles and comfy season must-haves, the next box is all about enjoying cozy nights in with your cats!

Carl The Cantankerous Cat - Paperback $15.99

Picture provided by

Meet Carl, a cantankerous cat. But what exactly does that entail? Well, you can uncover the meaning behind it, along with acquiring a multitude of additional vocabulary, through this enlightening illustrated publication!

Encompassing more than 30 pages filled with vibrant, full-color illustrations and an abundance of sophisticated vocabulary, this picture book extends beyond the length of a typical story intended for reading aloud. With this captivating book in hand, readers will find themselves engrossed in learning for hours on end!

Readers will:

✔ Familiarize yourself with and acquire the meanings of more than 70 advanced vocabulary terms;
✔ Enjoy a story with over 30 pages of attention-grabbing and laugh-inducing illustrations;
✔ Enhance your learning experience through a comprehensive set of post-reading follow-up activities spanning 2 entire pages at the conclusion of the ebook;
✔ Gain an appreciation of advanced vocabulary;
✔ Discover an adorable, new cat to grab your attention;
✔ Spend hours occupied learning!

Buyer caution - this stands as more than just your typical picture book. Within its engaging exterior lies an educational tool cleverly woven into a fun and enlightening experience!

This volume serves as a valuable resource for children aiming to expand their vocabulary. Each page features highlighted words, and their definitions are neatly arranged in alphabetical order within the glossary found at the book's conclusion.

If your search for picture books targeting grades 4-6 has proved challenging, direct your attention to Carl, for this very picture book is tailored for the upper elementary student demographic!

While "Carl the Cantankerous Cat" presents itself as a vivid, full-color narrative tailored for elementary learners, its charm extends across all age groups, even resonating with adult readers.

Hepper Nest Bed $59.50

Picture provided by

Is your furniture adorned with layers of cat fur? The Hepper Nest Cat Bed offers a solution by preserving your human seating and resting spaces while providing a cozy spot for your feline friend to cuddle up and doze off.

The interior lining of the cat bed boasts sherpa fleece, ensuring optimal comfort. Furthermore, this liner can be effortlessly detached and laundered.

Crafted from flexible molded foam enveloped in fabric on both sides, the cat bed bowl boasts a gentle and tactile construction. Its comfortably contoured bowl shape, complete with curved sides perfect for lounging against, is complemented by a broad rim designed for resting weary heads.

The overall dimensions of the bed are 17.5"W x 17.5"D x 5.75"H, featuring a bed area with a 15" diameter and 5.5" depth. Do remember to verify if your furry companion will fit comfortably.

While ideally suited for cats and small dogs weighing up to approximately 17 pounds, it's worth noting that numerous content customers have reported 20-pound cats cozily settling inside!

Vintage Orange Tabby Cat With Blue Bow ART PRINT $20.00

Picture provided by

Seeking to add a dash of true uniqueness and captivating allure to your living space? Look no further than our Vintage Orange Tabby Cat with Blue Bow art print, a splendid choice for both devoted cat enthusiasts and aficionados of vintage artwork.

This exquisite artwork is obtainable in sizes of 8x10" or 11x17", printed with remarkable color fidelity on archival matte art paper. To ensure its safe arrival, each print is meticulously shipped in a durable and robust mailer.

Please note that this offering includes the print alone, and the frame is not included.

Within our assortment of vintage cat art prints, you'll discover pieces that not only align with your artistic sensibilities but also infuse a dash of sophistication. From meticulously crafted cat art lithograph reproductions to charming ephemera-based vintage cat prints, each creation has been painstakingly fashioned with an unwavering focus on precision and design.

Our collection showcases decorative cat art for home spaces, seamlessly merging vintage charisma with contemporary elegance. These tabby cat art prints transcend mere wall adornments; they are timeless expressions that reverberate with fervor and ingenuity.

Be it the allure of our orange tabby art, exuding a captivating home decor charm, or the enigmatic appeal of our cat ephemera art print, our selection promises to captivate your senses. Drawing inspiration from the natural tonalities of the orange tabby, and leveraging the depth of ephemera, these artworks resurrect a tactile richness that harks back to vintage lithograph cat print reproductions.

Each piece in our assemblage, whether vintage cat wall prints or ephemera-infused tabby renditions, is meticulously printed on the finest art-grade paper, ensuring a lasting vibrancy and resilience. With sizes available in both 8x10 and 11x17, our cat art lithograph reproductions of the highest quality make for splendid gifts or remarkable enhancements to your living space.

Balanced Breed® All-In-1 Cat Multivitamin + L-Lysine Supplement $34.95

Picture provided by

Trusted and approved by a US-based veterinarian pharmacist. Balanced Breed is carefully crafted using natural ingredients, all formulated and packaged within the USA.

Presenting itself as a comprehensive cat supplement, it boasts a delightful natural chicken flavor enhanced with the addition of catnip and carob, elements that cats universally relish and consider scrumptious. This feature positions it as a top-tier product among cat supplements.

Balanced Breed takes a firm stance on its commitment to quality, abstaining from incorporating fillers. This formulation is devoid of corn, rice, soy, wheat, sugar, meat by-products, or any other substances that could potentially jeopardize the well-being of your cherished feline companion.

The harmonious fusion of these essential vitamins and minerals plays a pivotal role in the holistic upkeep of your cat, addressing a spectrum of areas including respiratory issues, reinforcement of the immune system, alleviation of joint inflammation, as well as the enhancement of skin, coat, cognitive function, and overall health.

15 Oz Ceramic Cat Water Bowl $27.99

Picture provided by

Ideal Height for Indoor Cats: The elevated cat bowl is designed at a perfect height of 3 inches, coupled with a generous 5.5-inch diameter, facilitating a more natural neck posture for your cat while alleviating neck strain.

Microwave & Dishwasher Friendly: Easily warm up your cat's food in the microwave without any concerns. After your feline friends have dined, simply place the cat bowl in your dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.

Constructed from Resilient and Premium Ceramic: This cat bowl is resistant to breakage and free from any lingering odors. While it remains lightweight, it's impressively sturdy. Its rim is chip-resistant, and the non-skid feature ensures stability. The ceramic material also aids in preventing chin discoloration and food-related illnesses in your cat.

Complete Dinner Proportions: The bowl boasts a 5.5-inch diameter, minimizing whisker stress. The overall height of 3 inches offers excellent equilibrium, effectively preventing cats from toppling the bowl.

Line Art Cat Neon Sign $232.00

Picture provided by

How absolutely purr-fect is this cute little cat sign!? Offered in an array of diverse colors, this charming neon cat light is a perfect enhancement for any environment cherished by feline enthusiasts.

Please note that this personalized neon design is solely a representation. The hues displayed might differ slightly from the final product, owing to variations arising from the use of diverse browsers, devices, and individualized settings.

Our exclusively tailored neon light signs are conceived by our team and are modifiable according to your preferences, encompassing dimensions and color choices. We possess the capability to produce any neon sign you envision, employing a broad spectrum of fonts and an extensive palette of colors.

Your novel LED neon light comes accompanied by a 4.9-foot transparent cord, which connects to an accredited adapter (if you require an adapter suitable for another country, kindly inquire during the checkout process). The adapter incorporates an additional 3-6 feet of cable to connect with the power outlet.

Pet First Aid Supplies to Treat Your Dogs & Cats from $19.95

Picture provided by

1. They Trust You To Keep Them Safe. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our premium pet first aid kit has been specially created for dogs and cats, recognizing the significance they hold in your life. Our pet emergency kits are designed to keep you equipped and well-informed, ensuring you're ready for any situation. These essential accessories are a vital addition to your grab-and-go bag, proving indispensable during earthquakes or evacuation scenarios.

2. Vet Approved. 

Every component within our animal first aid kit, as well as the accompanying first aid handbook, has undergone meticulous evaluation for precision and pertinence under the scrutiny of a veterinarian. Our comprehensive dog medical kit is produced within a medical products facility, distinctly set apart from the realm of pet supply manufacturing.

3. Quality Over Quantity. 

We refrain from overloading our pet first aid kit for cats and dogs with ineffective items like adhesive bandages, prioritizing instead quality and practicality. Our well-stocked dog and cat first aid kit exclusively contains essential items tailored for pets, such as a tick remover, extra gauze in lieu of adhesive bandages, and a pet emergency kit handbook that functions independently of internet access.

4. Travel Friendly.  

Include our dog or cat first aid kit for hiking either in your bag or attach it to your backpack; it boasts a compact and portable design, making it effortless to carry wherever you go. Consider maintaining one at your residence, in your vehicle, and on your person while you're out and about – this ensures a sense of security and an added layer of safety.

Furry Masterpieces Cardboard Cat House with Scratcher $34.99

Picture provided by

Discover the ultimate cat experience with Furry Masterpieces Cardboard Cat House with Scratcher, where your feline friend can scratch, play, and nap in style. Unleash their inner artist as they become a part of iconic artworks like The Mona Lisa, The Scream, American Gothic, and Van Gogh's Starry Night. Each side of the eco-friendly and cat-safe Cardboard Cat House features a different masterpiece painting, offering endless photo opportunities. 

😺 Let your beloved cat transform into famous artworks, including The Mona Lisa and American Gothic, with the exclusive Feline Masterpieces Cardboard Cat House. 
😺 Available exclusively through Cat Box Classics. 
😺 The package includes a Cat House, replaceable Scratcher, and Catnip for extra enjoyment. 
😺 Crafted from eco-friendly recycled cardboard, our product ensures your cat's happiness while caring for the environment. 
😺 Our graphics are printed using cat-safe and renewable soy ink, promoting your cat's well-being and preserving the planet. 
😺 Feline Masterpieces is a proud cat-family-owned company, dedicated to providing the best for your feline companions. 
😺 Enjoy the convenience of two-day shipping. 
😺 Worried about your purchase? Fear not – we offer a no-risk policy, including free returns and a full money-back guarantee. 
😺 Unparalleled durability with thick, cat-tested corrugated cardboard that can withstand even the most playful cats. 
😺 The spacious design allows your cat to scratch, play, and sleep comfortably. 
😺 Our airy yet enclosed structure offers security to your cat while reflecting their body heat, ensuring a cozy experience. 
😺 Strategically placed play holes encourage interactive play, allowing your cat to pounce on "prey" and bond with you. 


Picture provided by

Crafted utilizing Northstar's Galaxy Black, this pendant exhibits a subtle shimmer.

Presented in a box, it arrives alongside a hemp cord, ball chain, and stickers. Should you desire an alternate hue for the ball chain compared to the one depicted, kindly specify your preference in the notes section during the checkout process. You have the option to select from a range of colors including black, bronze, silver, gold, and white silver.


Picture provided by

Fifteen years ago, the inception of The Mexican Collection began with a backpack filled with silver and a venture aimed at financing a journey along the enchanting Mexican coast.

The global demand for meticulously handcrafted, top-tier jewelry is pervasive. Following numerous visits to the mesmerizing 'pueblo magico' of Taxco, we established a dedicated customer base drawn to our exceptional pieces.

Immersing ourselves in Taxco's vibrant artisan community, we delved into the artistry of silversmiths, mastering techniques that transform silver into an endless array of shapes and textures, while also comprehending the core principles of the design process.

Carefully forged from solid silver, this delicate creation showcases animal paw prints affixed to reliable post fasteners. The paw pads are adorned with a brushed silver texture atop a polished silver base, adding an exquisite contrast.

Feel free to explore our store to discover a coordinating pendant and bracelet within this exclusive design.

Dimensions: 1.5cm in diameter
Weight: 5.5g
Hallmark: 925
SKU: EA317

Iconic Cats 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle $35.00

Picture provided by

Discover your cherished feline friends bit by bit using this intricate 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Embark on an enchanting journey to meet the world's most adored cats, each awaiting your discovery within the confines of their treasured haven - a box. 

This puzzle provides an ideal way to spend your day, allowing you to while away the hours in the company of these endearing feline companions, ranging from the Selkirk Rex to the Russian Blue and the majestic Egyptian Mau. With its 1000 pieces, you'll have ample time to contemplate and appreciate your preferred breed.

Featuring an array of 48 of our most iconic feline companions, this jigsaw puzzle showcases the intricate and delightful illustrations by the talented Marta Zafra.

Hey there, cool cats! We've had a blast with all these paw-some cat gifts today, but let's give it a break, shall we? Don't worry, no need to panic! Next year, more kitty gifts will be poppin' up like magic! 😁

But hey, if you just can't wait (seriously, the struggle is real!), go take a peek at last year's guide for all the cat lovers out there. It's like a treasure trove of purr-fect presents! Meow-tastic! 😸

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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  3. These are some great gifting ideas. Jewellery and toys are amazing to gift.

  4. Hey there! Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for sharing this awesome cat gift guide. As a total cat lover, I'm always finding cute stuff for my furball. Your list of 23 cat gifts is pure gold! From toys to beds, it's all there. Really appreciate the effort you put into this.


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