Sunday, 22 October 2017

Introducing to you - The SandlapperShop

Hi There.....Are you ready for another introduction?

This time I want to introduce you to the SandlapperShop. A shop with special greeting cards, Vintage, Quilting and Whimsy items.

Jeanne, the shop owner, enjoys having her shop on Etsy, where she finds that other shop owners and shopper are so warm and kind. Her shop has an assortment of listings. She has vintage items that were carefully packed away and in beautiful condition because her ancestors just couldn't part with their treasures. Since she can't put them all on display herself, she decided to put them on sale in her shop for others to enjoy them.

Jeanne also sews, quilts, does embroidery and crochets and often lists supplies for sewing, paper crafts and other creative arts. Check out her handmade cards that can be personalized if wanted.  😉

Vintage Beaded Christmas Ornaments Gold and Green

Autumn Leaves Card, Handmade Card, Thanksgiving Card

Cougar Cub Collector Plate, Cubs of the Big Cats Limited Edition

Decorative Plate with Winter Scene, Lovely 3 Dimensional Sculpted Edge

Horse Greeting Card, Rustic Look, Handmade Stamped

Christopher and the Columbus: 1950s Little Golden Book

Dinosaur Toys Tyrone and Dimitrius by Russ Berrie Co.

Bee Card, All Occasion or with Saying of Your Choice

Elephant Birthday Card with Balloons (Handmade)

Thoroughbred Super Edition Horse Books, Ashleigh's Diary

See something you like maybe? Don't hesitate to contact her and she will do what she can to meet your needs. 😊

Hope you enjoyed my blogpost.......Until next time.......Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)


  1. Die vintage kerstornamenten vind ik bijzonder leuk. Hoewel ik nog niet zo met Kerst bezig ben.

  2. I really love special, unique Christmas ornaments. Never thought about buying those online, but it looks really good!

  3. Ik heb ook zo een little golden book voor mijn dochters, zo mooi gemaakt die

  4. Always nice to look at nice vintage shops. I just to read lots of Golden Books when I was young

  5. Leuke dingen allemaal! Dat olifantje vind ik zo leuk! :)

  6. Wat een mooie spulletjes allemaal! Ik krijg hier meteen een beetje een kerstgevoel van :)

  7. Het boek van Christopher and the Columbus: 1950s Little Golden Book is ook een van mijn coup de coeurs, De kids vinden het te gek om daaruit voorlezen te worden!

  8. Die olifant is echt mijn ding aangezien dat mijn lievelingsdier is :D!

  9. Ik vind dat bordje met het wintertafereel echt supermooi.