Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Introducing to you - Viktoriyasilk

Hi There.....I have another introduction for you šŸ˜ŠAre you ready to meet Viktoriyasilk?

The shop owner, Victoria, lives in Ukraine and her heart belongs to art in all of its forms. Her main hobby is embroidery, which she inherited from her grandmother.

She makes all kinds of art, with stones or feathers, on walls and furniture and on canvas. She plans on opening a second shop for all this artwork somewhere in the future. For a while she had to put her shop on hold to pay full attention to her son. But now that he's all grown up she can focus back on her shop.

Blue bracelet with lapis lazuli, blue soutache braceletSoutache bracelet

Colorful ethnic necklace. Jewelry necklace, handmade Soutache 

Embroidered picture of a bird. Hand embroidery of a heron

Soutache earrings, long light turquoise and blue earrings

Gray-red bracelet from soutazhi, gray bracelet

Earrings Soutache pink, long pink earrings, pink and crimson

Pink bracelet from soutazhi, pink bracelet from soutazh

Green bracelet from soutazha, green soutache bracelet

Embroidery of colors Embroidery of poppies

Womens gift beaded necklace jasper jewelry gemstone necklace

Stunning pieces.....don't you agree?šŸ˜ƒ She loves making new friends so don't hesitate to contact her to get to know more about her stunning art pieces.

Hope you liked my blogpost.......Until next time.......Have a great day


  1. Wauw love the designs! Looks pretty!

  2. I would love to see them as a headband too! I love the earrings, the necklace is a bit too heavy for me!

  3. Wow, this is stunning jewelry! Love how the artist uses gemstones for her designs. Beautiful :-)

  4. Ik vind het hele mooi kettingen hoewel ze naar mijn smaak wel vrij grof en groot zijn.

  5. Wow prachtige oorbellen en sieraden. Net een kunstwerk.

  6. Mooie juwelen. Jammer genoeg helemaal niet mijn stijl, maar ben er van overtuigd dat anderen daar anders over denken :)

  7. Het ziet er allemaal super uit. Ik zal het zelf alleen nooit dragen. Ik draag Ć¼berhaupt niet veel sieraden. Dat betekend niet, dat ik niet iets moois herken of waardeer als ik het zie.

  8. Wow,These are really stunning pieces. I love the colors and the artwork, very nice

  9. Love statement pieces. And those colors. WOW!


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