Saturday, 8 February 2020

Where can I find some fun Valentines Day Gifts?

Hi There.....Do you celebrate Valentine?

Maybe you do or maybe you don't.....Or maybe you hate all the hassle around it.....Or who knows you might be thinking.....Who the ..... is Valentine 😉

Or should I say Valentinus.....It seems to have been a common name in ancient Roman times. As far as history is concerned there seem to be numerous Saints and various stories connected to this date.

There have been a lot of debates on 2 holy martyrs of the same name.....Priest Valentine of Rome and Bishop Valentine of Terni......Both dating from about the 3th century.

Some say they are 2 separate persons.....Others say there was only one of them.....And then some believe they are one and the same person.

The only thing that is certain from traditions is that Valentino was a good man that blessed young couples and performed miracles of love.

I actually was quite surprised to see that the celebration of this day dates so far back 😦

I found that the oldest "Valentine" that was found dates from the 15th century and was written by a man named Charles duke of Orléans written to his wife.....He wrote "Je suis desja d'amour tanné - Ma tres doulce Valentinée".....Translated that means..... I am already sick of love - My very gentle Valentine.

A bit cheesy if you ask me haha.....But then again maybe that's what it is all about 😋

So like it or not this is my Valentine selection for you today

Valentines Day Gifts for Her, Him

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Personalised Red Heart Mug for Her

Valentines Day gift for him her, Needle felt mouse with heart

Valentines Day Gift for Him/Her/Personalized Illustration

Dotty Heart Earrings, Dotty Stud Earrings, Red Earrings

Valentines Day Gift Him / Her Personalized Set

All you need is love gift Cute bedding Romantic bedding

LOVE Mickey and Minnie ears Valentines day shirts

Personalised Confetti Hearts Wedding Pair of Wine Glasses

Did you see anything you like.....These are just my finds, of course, be sure to browse those shops for more ideas 😄

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

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  1. Wat een leuke valentijnsdingen. Mooie blogpost. Ik word zo hebberig van alle valentijsposts.

  2. Wij doen niet aan Valemtijnsdag maar die gepersonalizeerde illustratie is wel echt heel leuk

  3. Ik vind meteen de eerste het leukst! Supergrappig die fles met brief.

  4. What a lovely idea's! I like the personalized illustration!

  5. Leuke spulletjes, ik heb een goede fles whiskey voor mijn man gekocht. Daar geniet hij van

  6. SO many lovely ideas, I cant believe its already almost the middle of feb!!!

  7. oooh die fles, te zien in de eerste foto vind ik helemaal geweldig!! Leuke hebbedingetjes :)

  8. Oh these are some really fun ideas! I've already purchased some gifts but I'll be sure to share this post. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  9. I actually haven't decided on a small gift to give to my boyfriend, but I'm suddenly inspired by this post. Thanks!

  10. We don't do Valentine's day but these are great gift ideas!

  11. this is lovely but unfortunately i dont have a valentine :(

  12. These are cute ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the art print. Cute!

  13. I loved the mug and the pair of wine glasses. Both look quite elegant. Considering my age I would really love these as my V day gift

  14. The Mug is ADORABLE! I also love the little stud earrings. I have a feeling flowers will be my gift this year, but these are cute and I will pass them along.:)

  15. Such great ideas, thanks so much for this!

  16. these are all great ideas. thanks for sharing all of these wonderful ideas

  17. Nice ideas, thanks for sharing these. Sure helpful for those pressed for time.

  18. Lovely ideas! I like to most to go out of dinner with my husband

  19. Oké, ook al doe ik niet mee aan Valentijn, deze zijn zo leuk!!!! Die fles is mijn favoriet!!!

  20. wij doen niet aan valentijn. ik vind het allemaal commerciële onzin eigenlijk. mijn vriend weet wel dat ik van hem houd en ik geef dan liever een cadeautje op een andere dag, is de verrassing groter

  21. dit zijn hele leuke ideetjes die ik nog niet echt eerder voorbij heb zien komen dus super leuk!

  22. I love the V-Day bedding idea. I think it's just super adorbs for the occasion! Thanks for these suggestions :)

  23. Mieke | Miek's Mind12 February 2020 at 08:23

    Dit zouden geen dingen zijn waar ik blij van zou worden. Ik vind het net zo fijn om een wandeling samen te maken en lekker te gaan uit-eten met zijn 2'en

  24. Hele leuke spulletjes! Helaas heb ik dit jaar geen Valentijn.

  25. Wat een leuke ideeën allemaal! Zelf doen wij niks aan Valentijn, te commercieel.


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