Saturday, 14 March 2020

What is the best product for dry eyes?

Hi There.....Do you have problems with your eyes?

I don't mean things like being farsighted or shortsighted.....But more things like regular eye infections.....having a burning sensation or painful eyes 😒

I get that easily.....I, for instance, am very vulnerable for eye infections and have the feeling as if there is something grainy or sand in my eyes. It's somewhat a vicious circle because when I get that feeling of having something sandy or grainy in my eyes.....I tend to rub my eyes to get it out.....Obviously, that doesn't work.....The only effect it has is that my eyes get infected and red.....I know it's so stupid.....But hey that's me haha 😁

But have you ever heard of the dry eye syndrome?

It is associated with symptoms like irritation, redness, discharge, and easily fatigued eyes.....Sometimes it can cause Blurred vision too.

If you are the curious type.....Somewhat like me.....You might wonder what causes it πŸ˜•

You can get dry eyes when the eye does not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly. This could be the result of wearing contact lenses, allergies, old age, medication sometimes and numerous other reasons.....It's an extensive list 😦

I had the symptoms actually a long time before I knew where it came from.....Knowing it is one thing but it also seems to be hazardous for your eyes.....It can lead to tiny wounds on the surface of the eyes......So I thought it would be best to do something about it.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Similasan Dry Eye Drops

What the product promises to do.....Takes effect rapidly.....Hydrates, Calms, and Sooths.....Once opened they are sustainable for 3 months.....Only the best natural ingredients.....Your vision stays clear.....Easy drip head without the use of other tools.....It can be used in combination with contact lenses.....High-end Swiss quality.

Sounds great doesn't it πŸ˜ƒ

So what did I think of this product.....Oh my, such a relief.....They really deliver on that promise.....When I put them in my eyes the sandy feeling is instantly gone and I have no allergic reaction to the drops whatsoever.....Once a day usually does the trick for me.....Maybe one little downside is that it is hard to get the drops out in the beginning.....But I found the trick to get them out alright.....I hold the bottle steady with my left hand above my eye and tap on the side of the bottle until the drops come out.....There is a solution to all problems.....Ok so far for my motivational quote for the day haha πŸ˜‚

They have a lot of other products and not only for dry eyes.....Here are some other products you can find on their website 😊




Hay fever eye drops from SIMILASAN

Red eyes eye drops from SIMILASAN

SIMILASAN cleansing wipes NR. 1 for PINKEYE



So if you are suffering from one of the above.....Don't hesitate to try them out.....They are of a very fine qualityπŸ˜„

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Ik zie deze oogdruppels ineens vaak op blogs, toen ik bij mijn vorige werkgever werkte had ik altijd droge ogen..kende ik het toen maar.

  2. So glad that I do not have a need for this. It would drive me crazy.

  3. wij hebben deze ook mogen testen en mijn man vond ze wel te doen

  4. Oh I know so many people who struggle with dry eyes, I will absolutely share this with them :)! Thank you!

  5. Oh good to know! I don't struggle with this but definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks friend!

  6. Fijne tips! Ik heb zelf ook vaak last van mijn ogen, dus kan hier zeker wat mee.

  7. Wow ik ben verrast door het aanbod! Zelf gebruik ik contact lenzen en vooral tijdens het vliegen krijg ik weleens last van droge ogen.

  8. Oh jeetje dat zijn nog aardig wat producten. Gelukkig geen ervaring mee en hopelijk ook voorlopig nog niet nodig :)

  9. Kimberly Caines16 March 2020 at 15:43

    That sounds pretty awesome. I really need to check that products you'ver shared.

  10. I never knew there are eyes problems like tis. My spects already give me a lot of trouble.

  11. Deze heb ik ook getest . Ze waren super goed allemaal. Zeer tevreden.

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I am always looking for natural products for soothing my eyes - given the amount of time we spend in front of the screen.

  13. Good information to know. Not something I deal with though.

  14. That sounds a lot like me! I have been using glasses since I was in 6th grade and over time my eyes have become so dry that I have to use an eye solution called Artelac Advanced.

  15. I get dry eyes from time to time as I am on a computer all day. It is certainly helpful to have a product that can help with tha . Especially when driving

  16. Wat zijn er nog veel middelen tegen droge ogen zeg! Ik gebruik het eigenlijk nooit zelf.

  17. Ik heb zelf eigenlijk nooit last van droge ogen, wel vermoeide ogen. Maar er is genoeg keus qua producten zo te zien. Wel ontzettend fijn als je er wel last van hebt.

  18. Gelukkig nooit last van, maar ik kan mij voorstellen dat het heel vervelend is

  19. I do get that sandy feeling in .y eyes and it's so frustrating and annoying. Sometimes, it's as if there's a pin in my pupil, so that blinking becomes a herculean task. There was a time I thought it might be my eye-shadow so, I stopped using. I'm going to try it. I hope it works for me too.

  20. Mijn zoontje is er gevoelig voor en krijgt er meerdere keren per jaar last van maar hij heeft druppels via de huisarts gekregen.


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