Thursday, 19 March 2020

Poem - Will there be a tomorrow

Hi There.....How are you feeling today?
I sure hope you are alright.....I am not sick just a bit down because of all the restrictions due to the virus. I will not be able to see my kids and granddaughter for a few weeks or months maybe.....I Can't say that things like that make me very happy  πŸ˜­
I am happy in a way though that my parents don't have to go through this.....I lost my dad when I was only 22 and my mom died 2 years ago.  But I can very much understand that people worry about their moms, dads or grandparents. 
So what better time than today to make a poem for you  πŸ˜Š
But first, it would be best to take a book and read a bit or take your phone and play a little game.....Give me some time to still make this poem.....That way I can go get a cup of tea.....But be sure to be back in time  πŸ˜‹ 

So here it comes.....
Will there be a tomorrow
Birds still fly outside the window
Outside the sun is still shining
Doesn't every cloud have a silver lining
In my heart I know that is true
Then why am I feeling so blue
I know this craziness all will pass
Kids will go back to class
We will not have to stay in anymore
Life will go back to what it was before
But the question is who will I miss
That I so still wanted to kiss
Will we feel  empty inside
Eyes red from the tears we cried
Or will we go out of our mind
For those who were left behind
So for all people around the globe
I send you all strength and hope
That we get through these times of sorrow
And that there will be a tomorrow

You weren't expecting that now were you.....Me being able to write a serious poem  πŸ˜‹ 
I haven't done that for a while and it did make me have to dig deep.....I have a bit of a problem now.....I am gonna have to ask my hubby to fill up the whole now.....My back hurts from all this digging  πŸ˜–  
Come on now.....Did you really think I could stay serious forever  πŸ˜‚  
Hope you like my poem.....Until next time.....Have a great day
Renata (Seadbeady)
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  1. I feel like so many people are worried about there not being a tomorrow right now. THERE WILL! THERE WILL!

  2. There will definitely be tomorrow, I am beyond positive that we will survive this, we always do...

  3. Lovely poem and thank you for being positive. Always a pleasure to read your blog ♥

  4. Ik maak me inderdaad wel zorgen over mijn ouders en hun gezondheid in deze tijden... Mooi gedicht.

  5. Love the poem and the positivity!! Keep it coming.

  6. Such a great poem, very well written!

  7. I seriously hope that there will be a tomorrow but that tomorrow, people would have learned something and stop taking nature for granted.

  8. Great poem. The world as we know it has been forever changed. However, there will still be a tomorrow.

  9. very nice poem. you sure are talented. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. things have changed but everything will turn back to normal soon

  10. Love the poem, very well written! Things have changed but will look up from here!

  11. What a beautiful poem that reflects hopefulness of tomorrow. Such wise and positive words!

  12. Tomorrow will come - really lovely reflection on these uncertain times! Stay positive :).

  13. Ah ja dat is moeilijk als je je familie niet kan zien. Skype je wel met ze?

  14. This was so beautiful girl...

  15. Nice poem! There will definitely be a tomorrow, we just need to stay put and follow the advice of authorities. The more we listen, the faster we are going to be able to enjoy "tomorrow" again.

  16. So beautiful and heart rendering! Be nice to people today - tomorrow the opportunity may be gone.

  17. Mooi gedicht. Enne, ook hier komen we met zijn allen doorheen. We hebben een dijk van een netwerk in NL, er en bestaan dingen als video bellen zodat je elkaar toch kunt zien.

  18. Heel mooi geschreven! Superfijn dat je dit neerschrijft.

  19. Het zijn gekke tijden, maar ik denk ook "een crisis, een kans", ik zie zoveel mooie dingen ontstaan nu, pure solidariteit en ik durf gek genoeg denken "dit hadden we nodig"

  20. Great poem. Is that blossoming tea? I just bought some!

  21. Ik vind het overigens ook een heel mooi gedicht!!!

  22. Jij hebt super veel dicht talent. Wat een prachtig gedicht. Erg mooi geschreven.

  23. Keeping the faith that this will be over soon. I heard that there's already a cure and we just hope that it can be tested and distributed worldwide soon.


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