Saturday, 16 May 2020

What are this season's must haves?

Hi There.....Do you like to dress casual?

I do..... I am a real jeans lover..... And at the moment I most prefer the more skinny type of jeans..... One that has elastic in it and fits perfectly around your legs 😃

You know when I grew up jeans weren't elastic at all..... They were stiff from top to bottom as far as I recall..... I remember going to the store and you had to hold your tummy in so hard till there was no air left in your body..... Well, at least it felt like that..... Just to get into that special pair of jeans..... I can guarantee you that it was a lot of hard work 😅 😁

Did you know that jeans weren't a fashion item at all in the early beginnings..... They were mostly worn by men as working clothes..... According to Wikipedia, they were used by sailors because they needed a fabric that could be worn wet or dry..... I bet those men would laugh their ... of if they would see us, women, in them now 😂

I just love looking up a little bit of history..... Both my sisters would laugh pretty hard if they would hear me say this..... They know that I hated it as a subject in class when I was young..... You see it's never too late to change 🤣 😂

What am I rattling away about again..... Haha, that's me I suppose..... You have to do what you are good at 😋

I made another fashion set for you with items in it that I actually would like to wear myself..... So that's one like to start 😁


Red blouse from Only for 14.99 €

Jeans from Only for 49 €

Jacket from Amelie & Amelie color beige for 85 €


Naturalizer Macayla sneaker for 98 €


Crocodile Embossed Chain Baguette Crossbody Bag for 44.97 €


And what do you think..... Do I have bad taste..... Good taste..... Great taste or maybe Wonderful taste..... It's ok I can take it..... Hit me with your criticism haha 😂 😁

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Monday, 11 May 2020

What is a Meme ?

Hi There.....Do you like to have fun?

Now if that's not a stupid question..... I don't know what is 😂

Who doesn't like to have a little fun in their lives..... Especially when things aren't the way they are supposed to be..... Someone always has to be the clown..... And I thought why not me..... I sure hope you are not afraid of clowns 🤡

I just love to play the role of the fool..... At least in my blog, I do..... In real life, I am actually somewhat shy 😄

There was a time..... When I was in school still that I used to be so very shy..... If people just looked at me I would turn completely red..... I am glad I got it under control now..... But red is still my favorite color 😁

So actually there are 2 places where I am in my comfort zone..... When I am on my laptop and believe it or not..... When I am singing on stage..... But please don't ask me to speak in front of a group..... I really hate that..... Weird right..... But hey, that's me I suppose 🙃

But enough about me..... Let's talk about memes 😊

Ah right..... What on earth is a meme..... That's what you were thinking..... Am I right 🙃

A meme is a picture that is being spread through Social Media mostly with a text on it to make it funny..... And I sure hope you will like the memes I made for you..... Well, I like them so that's at least one person to start with 😂

Ha..... Now you want to try it too..... Right..... Be my guest..... We can all have some fun together 😊 Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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