Saturday, 23 May 2020

What good cause to support when you are a pet lover?

Hi There..... Do you have a soft spot for animals?

I mean in your heart of course..... No, No..... Not the soft spot on the couch that's reserved for your four-legged friend 😂

Actually, I wanted to come back on a blog post I made in December last year about The AAP or Animal Assisted Projects 😊

You can read my previous blog post here

The AAP focusses on the relationship between man and animal..... And they have found great ways to do so 😀

Like their plus-owner initiative..... Where people of 55 or older are given the chance to take care of someone else's animal for the day..... That way the owners can benefit too by knowing someone is giving their pet some extra love 😍

Picture from zoegammon on Pixabay

Another important goal of them is to also use their knowledge to offer training about the relationship between animal and man  😀 

And if that's not enough..... They also use their know-how to work together with the government and organizations..... And not just a tiny bit..... They really are devoted to their job if you ask my honest opinion..... I might try to fool you sometimes maybe..... But definitely not this time  😊

They have a helpdesk where you can ask all kinds of animal-related questions..... Citizens can report animal-abuse or neglect and they work together with the police or other services to find the best possible solution  😍

Hearing that really makes me happy..... If there is something I can't stand its people neglecting or abusing animals..... That is simply unforgivable  😖

Also very important for people who live in the neighborhood is their emergency care and transit if owners can temporarily not take care of their pet..... They have enthusiastic volunteers who are happy to support them in this task  😀 

Picture from Wokandapix on Pixabay

Where are you going..... No, no don't go..... I haven't finished..... Stay..... Sit  🤣

They also often intervene when an animal is seized..... They sit down with the parties involved to see which measures would be appropriate..... If necessary they give advice and support after the return of the owner's pet  😊

Oh yes, there is more..... They follow up on incidents with animals by consulting with the animal shelter, the vet or another expert about measures to guarantee public safety and the welfare of humans and animals  😀 

And last but not least..... There is their involvement in School projects, youth projects, and awareness campaigns in which they develop a diverse range of training courses and workshops tailored to young people..... Fabulous..... Right  😍

Picture from Free-Photos on Pixabay

What did you say..... You would love to help..... Of course, you can..... No obligations but you can't blame a girl for asking..... Actually, they mailed me to ask for help so I am just passing the buck 😁

So maybe you have a grandpa or grandma that you miss so much..... Who knows maybe it could be a mom or dad, a girlfriend or boyfriend even..... Maybe you should let them know that you are thinking of them..... Or maybe you just want to spread some joy around the world 😘

What better way than to order their fun postcards to put a smile on someone's face..... You receive a full package of 10 different cards for 12.50 euro..... Here is the link to them Come on now..... It's not that much and it's for the welfare of animals  😍

By the way..... If you might ask yourself.....I have no benefit from posting this.....I just have a big heart for animals..... Not literally of course..... It's not like you can feed my heart to your dogs  😂

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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