Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Review about the Jouwbox - Special Edition - Take Care Of Yourself with Natural Products by Ekoplaza - Drinks

Hi There..... Do you like to take care of yourself? Do you like natural products? Are you a drinker, perhaps? 

Haha, just joking, the question is, are you a coffee or tea drinker? Today all revolves around natural products for drinking. Isn’t it the most enjoyable way to take care of yourself? Sipping a nice cool or hot drink can make you feel completely relaxed, right? 😎

Ah, I am such a picky person regarding drinks. The only things I drink a lot are plain water, green tea, and fruit tea. Once a day I also drink half of a small bottle of fruit juice. I am not at all fan of coffee, and not from alcoholic beverages either. Hard to believe, right? 😏

My dad didn’t quite understand that. When we became teenagers, he wanted his 3 daughters to learn to drink beer for starters. I think it was a Stella we first tasted. Yuck, nope, way too bitter, so not my cup of tea. 😡

My sisters liked it, so why not me, what was wrong with me? Perhaps it was just the question of finding the right drink for me. He would always be in a good mood when he found something new that he thought I would like. I tasted all kinds of white wine, red, rose. 😝

He would say, perhaps you should taste this red wine then, you will like it, I am sure. He would always smile, happy he had found the right drink this time. Nothing was further from the truth. 😩

Ah, he said, I know, maybe you are more a fan of stronger drinks like whisky or cognac. Oh my, I remember the taste of cognac in my mouth as if it was yesterday. I couldn’t help spitting it out as soon as I tasted it. So disgusting, yuck. Crazy, I know, that's just me, a crazy old spitting woman. 😁

After a few years of having tasted almost anything from alcoholic beverages out there, he gave up. For the longest time, I thought I was the only person in the world that doesn't like alcohol. Maybe there really was something wrong with me. 😱

What time is it? Ah yes, time to talk a bit more about those natural products from my JouwBox. Some drinks in particular.


So what does their website say about this tea? Blossom Love is a delicious green tea with jasmine and elderflower. The lavender and elderflower complete the bouquet so that you can enjoy this soft, floral tea intensely. The ingredients are 100% organic and you can drink this tea any time of the day to relax.
Honest tea selected with care and produced sustainably. At Cleos, we know where, how and by whom our tea is made. In this way, we not only guarantee tea of the highest quality, but we also contribute to a better world. Reasonable prices, equal opportunities for men and women, and a sustainable and organic production process, that's our aim.

I am a sucker for a good cause and that's why I am going to say that I love this tea. Haha, no, no worries, I am really giving my honest opinion, but I truly am a huge fan of this tea. 😍

Normally I drink my green tea with a half spoon of honey and some lemon juice. This tea was excellent already, and with my honey and lemon, it was just perfect for me. One of the best green teas I have ever tried. I swear that it's the truth, nothing but the whole truth. πŸ˜‹


So what does their website say about this coffee drink? Do you like aromatic coffee? With a lot of milk? Does it have to be 100% vegan? With a hint of coconut? Do you like innovative packaging made from responsibly produced raw materials?

Here comes your special cappuccino: With fine coconut milk and strong coffee. From Arabica beans. 100% organic from carefully selected plantations. Guaranteed without genetic engineering. All that's left now is ... Shake well and enjoy - at home or on the go!

I already told you I don't like coffee, so I gave this one to my husband. Sorry to say, he didn't like it. You could taste coffee in it, but it was quite bland, he said. Could be a question of taste, of course, because he likes his coffee pretty strong. 😞


What does their website say about this ginger shot? A refreshing and medium-strength, high-quality ginger shot that improves and strengthens your immune system. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and it will give you an instant boost! 100% organic and cold-pressed, no additives, just a natural good taste.

Contains only natural sugar from the cold-pressed ingredients.
Anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing, and rich in antioxidants and vitamins.
We work with organic farmers who supply us with their 2nd sort of fruit and vegetables for the production of our delicious Frankly ginger shots.

I was afraid to taste this ginger shot because it scared me it would be way too spicy and wouldn't taste very nice. When I tried it, I can't say the flavor was great, but it wasn't bad at all. Even more so, I can easily imagine that lots of people will like it. It tasted somewhat like a slightly sour apple juice, but a little spicier. The taste lingered on my tongue for a few hours, though. πŸ˜…

That's it for today, my lovely readers. If you are curious about my first review of this new JouwBox, check out this blog post

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Ooo didn't know you could have green tea with honey and lemon... maybe I need to retry it!

    Katie |

  2. I really do not like beer, and wine it's quite the opposite...but that franklyjuice shot looks so nice!

  3. I am intrigued with these drinks. Definitely a cool way to add them into a daily diet.

  4. The coconut cappuccino sounds like a must-try. I'll check one out when I get to do my groceries.

  5. Mmm yummy, these all look really delish!

  6. My husband despises alcohol too. I'll have to give him some of these suggestions.

  7. Die Cleo's blossom love vind ik erg mooi. Wat een nostalgische verpakking is dat.


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