Sunday 18 July 2021

Where To Find 24 Great Gifts For Women - Beauty Gift Guide - July 2021

Hi There..... Have you been waiting for me to share some more great gifts for women?

Then this is your lucky day because today I have put together another beauty gift guide, especially for you. It takes up a lot of time but I like to keep my readers happy. 😃

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to make people happy. I recently discovered it may be because I am a Highly Sensitive Person, and I hate conflict situations. So don't you dare to say you are not happy with my new gift guide. 😈

Nah, just joking, I can take criticism. I can't expect you to like everything I write. Let me know, though,  if I spiral down the road too much and lose myself in it. That would make a vast gap in the road. Then again, if this is exactly what you have been waiting for, don't hesitate to tell me either. 😜

Wait, not yet, you still have to check out my gift guide before you praise me to the skies. 😉

Smooth Over $50.00

The erb + owens skincare line is distinctive in that its products were developed specifically to combat the dehydration and wrinkling of the skin, caused by exposure to harsh elements such as wind, dry air, and cold. Robin spent years of research perfecting her formulas for maximum effectiveness so that only a few products are needed to keep skin nourished, renewed, and youthful.

All erb + owens products draw their magical power from Mother Nature’s wonders. These “star ingredients” keep clients coming back for more. Sea buckthorn works like Retinol A for healthy cell turnover without irritation. Meadowfoam, rosehip, argan, evening primrose, borage, and avocado oil diminish wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. Orange oil lifts the spirits and keeps acne away.

All erb + owens products are at least 90% organic, contain no parabens or artificial preservatives. And are vegan!

A treatment product for lifting, plumping, and smoothing over wrinkles, to be applied under moisturizer. Shake before use.

Contains highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and Argireline peptide, which has been referred to as topical Botox, as well as pomegranate, which brightens, hydrates, and clears skin. 

Multi-Functional Ceramide Repair Emulsion Body Lotion $19.99

Based in Los Angeles, KIMTRUE is part of KT Laboratories and is an emerging beauty brand that sells high-quality haircare and skincare products for female consumers. The company uses top-notch, cutting-edge active ingredients to formulate non-traditional, results-focused products at affordable prices. KIMTRUE takes pride in being a socially responsible company and is dedicated to helping its local community. 

Product Information:
Volume: 300ml / 10 oz
Packaging: Sealed plastic packaging
Shelf life: 3 years, 1 year after opening
Suitable skin types: Any
Pleasant refreshing scents: Grape
Efficacy: The quadruple moisture formula is used to help relieve skin dryness in many aspects. Combined with multi-functional replenishing ingredients and Vitamin E, the product is soothing, nourishing, and delicate. It helps improve fragile, dry, and rough skin. The moist and light cream is easily absorbed by the skin and has an elegant grape fragrance.

As an important moisturizing ingredient contained in the intercellular lipid of the skin itself, KIMTRUE laboratory repairs the barrier in multiple synergies, making skin soft, strong, elastic, and shiny.

The moisturizing formula has a lasting scent. It is not greasy/sticky and is light and easy to be absorbed.

20 Packs Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads $9.99

ASPACES - Zero Waste Lifestyle Great for Home & Travel

♻️Reusable Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads♻️Great alternative to you if you are sick of spending an amount of money buying disposable remover pads or cotton pads. It removes 100% of your make-up away. Simply wash & reuse. You will be excited to create less waste instead of using disposables that may go into landfills directly.
♻️Fit for All Skin Types♻️100% natural pads are gentle enough to be used on all skin types. Wet pads with makeup remover and move it in a circular motion until all makeup is removed, it will leave your face clean, soft, smooth right away.
♻️ECO-Friendly & Zero Waste♻️Replace your wasteful makeup wipes, sponges, or paper towels! Organic makeup remover pads and cleansing gloves can be washed and reused hundreds of times, save money and reduce landfill waste. They replace 10,000 disposable cotton balls! The plastic-free package can be recycled!

Davids | premium natural toothpaste / charcoal+peppermint $ 29.85

Add some pretty, sustainable, and effective toothpaste into your clean bathroom! David’s premium natural toothpaste is made using the highest quality naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients. With 4 flavors to choose from, David’s is the safest & most effective way to whiten teeth, fight plaque, and freshen breath. For the natural conscious person.

natural whitening / antiplaque / fresh breath
high performance safe + clean ingredients
EWG Verified
coconut charcoal for enhanced whitening / enamel-safe
sls free
recyclable metal tube
98% USA origin ingredients
premium natural peppermint oil flavoring
proudly made in USA
metal tube key included
5.25 oz / 149 g


LAMIK Beauty is a vegan makeup line made with natural and organic ingredients for multicultural women.

We support and celebrate women in all of their glory.

We are building an inclusive community for women across the country. We're passionate about serving this community. 

We are creating the highest quality products with the purest ingredients. We are devoted to promoting the health of our customers and their communities. We educate our customers with love and care.

We are an eco-chic, vegan company dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship. Our products are made of natural and organic ingredients. Our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Transforming the Standard of Beauty.

LAMIK Mission
Provide women of color with clean beauty products and services.

LAMIK Core Values
Growth Mindset
Today’s women of color seek out clean, natural beauty products. We launched LAMIK to give you what you want — and what you deserve: makeup made with safe, natural, and organic ingredients. Our collection reveals the beauty of women like you!

Finally, a clean color, high-pigment lipgloss that leaves your lips feeling quenched and never dry!

The Showtime Lipgloss is a gorgeous, glossy high-performance lip color that lasts and lasts.

A lipgloss so hydrating your lips will be soft and supple even the next day. 

Our Showtime Lipgloss formula is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Choco-Lit: A rich deep chocolate shade with reddish undertones; adds a little drama to your lip look

Roxie: Pink-y mauve shade that is universally flattering from the richest to the fairest skin tones

Naturally Me: An elevated version of your favorite clear gloss, this formula includes just a hint of metallic shimmer for a look that's naturally you

Vitamin Enriched Brightening Duo $59.00

What do Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, Rebecca Romijn, Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, Kate Moss, and other fresh-faced celebs have in common? They all use all-natural, plant-based Belli Skincare products!
Formulated with the highest-quality, 100% organic, vegan-friendly ingredients and free of harmful chemicals, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, gluten, phthalates, and preservatives, Belli Skincare is recommended by dermatologists and OB/GYNs and has earned the Women’s Choice America’s Most Recommended Award not once, but twice! With all-natural options that work for all skin types, including pregnant women, there’s a Belli beauty product that’s perfect for every woman.

Belli Vitamin Enriched Brightening Duo delivers firming and relief to tired eyes and makes them brighter, while also providing the best face hydration results too with a Vitamin C boost that makes your skin not only look but feel naturally glowing and healthy. As with all Belli Skincare, this set is safe for pregnancy and nursing use too.

Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator provides a powerful antioxidant boost of Vitamin C to brighten, even out skin tone, and reduce free radicals. Lightweight for all skin types and perfect for morning or night.

Eye Brightening Cream uses vitamins K and B3 to revive and illuminate tired eyes. Vitamin K is scientifically reported to reduce dark circles and hydrolyzed soy protein helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. And, cools on contact!

The Benefits:
• Perfect Lightweight Facial Hydrating 
• Firming
• Tired eyes and dark circles 
• Skin looks + feels healthier
• For all skin types

If safe clean skincare is your priority, you are right where you need to be with Belli Skincare. Our formulas are purposefully made to be safe for use during your pregnancy and even while nursing, which means they are perfect for use before, and after pregnancy too.

Dead Sea Minerals + Vitamin B5 Shampoo & Conditioner Set $20.00

AYAM Beautycare is the first company to transform Dead Sea Minerals into high-quality, affordable products.

All the AYAM products are made with Dead Sea Minerals -- 12 of which are not found in any other ocean or sea salt. They are free from parabens and utilize only natural ingredients to provide individuals with the best experience possible. 
AYAM Beauty products are the first-of-its-kind in that they are friendly to all budgets, particularly when compared to other Dead Sea products. The bottles are large (ie: Shampoo is 13.5 fl. oz. and last 3 months) and the quality is high (17k 5 star reviews on Boxycharm).

DEAD SEA MINERALS - Nourish the scalp and hair follicles promoting a healthy, rich and silky smooth hair
INFUSED WITH VITAMIN B5 - Helps nourish the inner layer of every strand with moisture while rebuilding damaged areas to give your hair a healthy look
ADDS STRENGTH AND ELASTICIADDS STRENGTH AND ELASTICITY - Helps speed moisture to stressed locks, rebuilds damaged lipids to improve the ability to retain moistureipids to improve the ability to retain moisture
HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Our formula consists of high-quality ingredients coming from natural resources such as the Dead Sea
SPECIALLY DESIGNED - This product is designed for all types of hair including, Fine, Thick, Curly, Frizzy, Coarse, Color-treated, Damaged, Thinning, Dry, Oily

Original Hair Turban $20.99

Sometimes, making a small adjustment to a beauty regiment positively impacts the quality of someone's hair and skin. Often people tie their hair up with a heavy towel, which causes friction and induces hair loss. Using a microfiber towel can improve the quality of hair by drying the hair with any additional rubbing. It decreases the drying time by 50%. Unnecessary friction increases the duration of any color treatment. Using a microfiber towel can save up to 13 hours of hair drying while using a hairdryer. AQUIS as a company is very environmentally conscious and provides value for money. 

DRY WITH AQUITEX TECHNOLOGY - Unique AQUITEX material is woven into channels that work to quickly and gently wick water away from hair faster than traditional cotton and terry towels without taking necessary moisture out of hair.
PROTECT HAIR AT ITS WEAKEST - Wet hair is weaker. Avoid the friction from rough materials and heat when hair is at its most vulnerable to keep strands smoother and stronger.
UNWRAP HEALTHIER HAIR - Towel design and proprietary microfiber material allow for healthier hair drying without rubbing or heat to promote stronger strands—and 50% faster drying time.
DONE WITH DAMAGE - Leaves hair noticeably softer, smoother, shinier + healthier without adding any product to your routine.
CONSCIOUS DRYING - Our proprietary fabric lasts longer and is less pollutive than traditional microfiber material for less consumption and less waste.


Sebamed USA, a global skincare brand founded in Germany that specializes in pH-balanced products for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. We recently launched a premium probiotic skincare line called Sebamed PRO! which is designed to strengthen and protect the skin barrier. There are 3 lines: Prevent, Vitalize, and Renew, each designed for different phases of the skin meaning there is a solution for all skin types and ages!

Your loved one will light up the room after using our Vitalize Duo. It features our PRO! Vital Serum revitalizes the skin while alleviating visible signs of tiredness, helps to plump the skin, and replenishes moisture. It also includes our PRO! Energizing Cream that smooths wrinkles and firms the skin while counteracting elasticity and moisture loss.

PRO! Vital Serum
Apply day and night to a clean, dry face, neck, and décolletage. During your first application, start with a pea-sized amount and massage upward into your skin, especially when applying to the neck. A little goes a long way. You can always apply more. Use your ring finger around the eye contour to ensure a light touch to this delicate skin. Then lock in the moisture with our Sebamed PRO! Energizing Cream or your favorite pH 5.5 facial moisturizer.

PRO! Energizing Cream
Layer over our Sebamed PRO! Vital Serum day and night or apply to a clean dry face, neck, and décolletage. During your first application, start with a pea-sized amount and massage upward into your skin, especially when applying to the neck. A little goes a long way. You can always apply more. Use your ring finger around the eye contour to ensure a light touch to this delicate skin.


While traveling to a friend's wedding in Miami and sharing a hotel room with a bunch of girlfriends and one bathroom, Sairey found herself trying to get ready while wrestling with her towel. Putting on her dress for the wedding wasn't an option, and traveling only with a carry-on, she didn't have many options to throw on. She kept thinking there was a better option than struggling to stay covered and not having your hands free. Thus, the idea of the TowelTopper was invented. 

TowelTopper® towel bands are patent pending packable towel bands that wrap around any towel anywhere to secure it in place. Securely keeping you covered while doing your hair or putting on makeup. 

Industrial strength elastic, snug fit. Pull to stretch around, elastic will eventually settle into a perfect fit without stretching out over time.


Length, 35” long, relaxed, 2“ wide
7” Hook and Loop
Fits the circumference of 24” to stretch 55” around and close.


BeeSpa: Developed from a secret recipe from a beekeeper’s grandmother, all-natural BeeSpa works quickly to provide relief to cracked and dry skin on your hands, feet, and everywhere in-between.  Available online and at high-end spas around the country, BeeSpa meets the highest demands of spa directors and clientele and allows you to enjoy a little spa treatment at home.
Beeswax carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that are essential to healing and preventing dry, chapped, or cracked skin. Using this natural ingredient, Cook has created a product that has become a spa favorite. One of the biggest benefits of BeeSpa is how quickly it works. While other treatments can take weeks to show results, BeeSpa begins healing skin immediately.

0.5 oz mini Beespa Hand and Foot Cream
3.4 oz Beespa Luxury Body Cream

Full Face Set $46.99

Silc Skin: From Jennifer Aniston to Cameron Diaz, Rob Lowe to Tom Cruise, Emmy-Award-winning makeup artist Camille Calvet has built a 20-year legacy in making some of Hollywood’s biggest stars ready to lead in iconic films. On top of a successful career in Hollywood, Calvet is the game-changing CEO and founder of the award-winning skincare line, SilcSkin, dedicated to developing non-invasive solutions for the safe and effective removal of wrinkles and fine lines. SilcSkin is the first of its kind to use natural silicone patches that adhere to your skin while you sleep—without using toxic adhesives—to keep all areas of your body smooth and wrinkle-free, safely and effectively without irritation.  
SilcSkin got its start in developing solutions for wrinkles over twenty years ago, as Calvet was the first to repurpose and redesign Silicone Scar Gel Sheeting for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure the best possible results were achieved and quality was not compromised. All manufacturing takes place in the U.S.A. and Calvet and the company pride themselves on using a platinum curing process to refine the silicone, ensuring only the purest reaches the consumer. SilcSkin pads are stronger and last longer than the competition, and they don’t use any additives. 

Our Full Face Set contains 1 brow pad, 4 Eye Pads, and 2 Multi-Area Pads that work together to get rid of unsightly wrinkles on your face. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, our pads are developed using a platinum curing process which means they’re stronger and longer-lasting. Our anti-wrinkle pads are made in the U.S.A under sterile lab conditions and are reusable.


Element Apothec is a clean nutraceutical, body care, and wellness brand on a mission to set a new standard of quality in CBD-infused products. The brand offers a diverse line of products, including lotions, balms, serums, and tinctures, each created with true, broad-spectrum phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBN, and CBG.
Focused on developing innovative and natural formulations that utilize the well-documented benefits of CBD, other phytocannabinoids, and plant-based remedies, Element Apothec is dedicated to cultivating consumer trust through complete transparency, reinforced by its “Never, Ever Promise” - a promise that it will never, ever use questionable or banned ingredients in the products it creates, or test its products on animals.
As a public benefit corp, Element Apothec is committed to bettering the world through responsible ingredient sourcing, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to not harming our planet.

Belle Visage Face Serum is a luxurious, balancing formula, created with broad-spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBG), soothing botanicals, and beneficial oils including Sea Buckthorn Oil, Moringa Oil, and Abyssinian Oil for all skin types.

Hair Detox Masque $45.00

Travertine Spa Collection, a luxury brand of organic skincare products, aromatherapy, and fine fragrance. I would like to recommend to you our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray. Our shower spray line is perfect for the summer. Sit back and relax as eucalyptus envelops your shower turning it into a relaxing spa-like experience. 

A Pre-Shampoo Treatment. Mineral-rich Montmorillonite (French Green Clay) Is a natural, bio-organic way to cleanse your hair and remove oily buildup while avoiding harsh detergents that can strip your hair dry. This clay is green because it is composed of plant matter (kelp, seaweed, algae). Similar to a magnet, by adsorption, montmorillonite clay, is known to attract impurities. The result is soft and manageable hair.

Mix (using non-metallic utensils) 1 tablespoon of clay with 2 tablespoons of tepid water.  Apply to wet hair beginning at the roots and massage into the scalp. Leave in for 10-15 minutes.  For best results, do not allow it to dry completely.  For heat treatment, wear a shower cap after applying clay.  Rinse off in Shower and continue with Travertine Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner.  May be used as a spot treatment on hair ends.

Moisturize Bundle $25.00

We create salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars and pick up ocean trash for each item ordered. Our shampoo and conditioner bundles make a great gift for anyone trying to reduce the environmental impact of their beauty routine. Not only do our bars reduce your plastic usage, but they directly clean up the ocean, and we include a card denoting how many pounds of trash were picked up in each box. Because our bars come in reusable applicators they are like a starter kit makes them easier to use, and a more impactful gift than just a bar of soap. 

Our mission is to turn the products you use every day into a force for good in the world. Each time you wash your hair with a SeaBar, you are helping us on our mission to clean the ocean. We believe that if enough people make the simple act of choosing a better way to wash their hair, we can make a massive difference in the world's oceans.

The Moisturize Bundle is perfect for all hair types. It is color-safe, and the naturally-derived cleansers keep your hair healthy and clean. We use Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to moisturize your hair without making it greasy.

The Lash Bundle $58.00

About ForChics:
At ForChics, we believe that less is more. We believe in the undeniable beauty of each and every one of our customers.

Our Secret Is Simple.
Our products harness the ingredients inside beautiful plants that work in tandem with proven science to promote hair growth in a healthy, organic, and gentle way.

No animal testing, No synthetic chemicals, No fillers, No parabens, No preservatives.

More Than Just A Product.
We are committed to creating thoughtful, modern hair care treatments that serve to empower and embrace natural beauty.

Always clean ingredients, backed by science and filled with passion.

A large part of ForChics's goal is to emphasize that we value the well-being and health of our customers. Beyond just a product, we strive to be a brand that our customers can trust and support. Because of this, we continuously try to improve the customer’s experience, and partnering with stores that share these values is a priority.

Two is better than one. See fuller, denser, longer-looking lashes in as little as 30 days after regular, committed use of The Lash Bundle.


Kindlab is on a mission to empower women to say ‘yes’ to put their wellness first, so they can cultivate the lives they deserve and feel healthy, calm, energetic, balanced, and beautiful.

Caregivers, entrepreneurs, athletes, mothers, leaders – women are all these and more and are adapting to the many demands of modern life with a shifting mindset that prioritizes natural solutions and a higher bar for wellness.

Our products are formulated with quality, ethically sourced, and third-party tested CBD-rich hemp extract and plant-based ingredients that help women enhance their quality of life, and discover better living through nature.

You’re 30 days from the skin you crave.

Use Grace Serum nightly for a month on your dry, oily, acne-prone, and otherwise problematic (or not!) skin and you’ll be rewarded in the mirror with a reflection that matches how you feel inside.

Oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins, omegas, and sterols are boosted with raw (CBDa) & heated (CBD) hemp-derived cannabinoids in this potent serum that nourishes, balances, and protects.

The 1 oz bottle is infused with 600mg CBD from raw & heated full-spectrum hemp extract for powerful anti-oxidant protection.

Discover supernatural skincare with Grace Serum.

Contains both raw & heated cannabinoids – including CBD & CBDa
Rich oils deeply hydrate, balance, and protect + help prevent breakouts
CBD & CBDa boost the overall health & appearance of skin
Helps combat the effects of stress on skin
Effects are cumulative – use daily for optimal results
Vegan and all-natural
Suitable for all skin types
Kind Lab topicals are Leaping Bunny Certified and listed in Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser $21.99

Our mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare and skincare products. We believe in living outside and enjoying the sun and not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge, the right sunscreen, and healthy skincare from day to night, everyone can live our mantra: “Play Smart, Play Safe”.

The sun is the leading cause of skin damage but despite advances in science and cosmetics, skin cancer rates continue to rise and premature skin aging is prevalent. We believe this is due in part to poor quality sunscreens, misleading marketing, and the failure to educate consumers on safe suncare practices. To rectify this, we pledge to be consistent, honest, and transparent in our marketing as we pursue our goals: educate consumers, optimize product safety, quality, and cost, and earn your trust.

Our cleanser is crafted with Block Island’s crisp blue water and natural beauty in mind. That’s why our daily face wash features no harsh ingredients and is packed with antioxidant-rich organic and natural botanicals to remove build-up, impurities, dirt, and makeup. Non-irritating, lightly foaming, sulfate-free, and gentle on the skin, you’ll feel refreshed and clean day or night. It’s great for women and men.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Top Rated Cleanser Ingredients
Rich in Antioxidants like Vitamin C & E to Reinvigorate Skin
Organic & Natural Ingredients Gently Cleanse
No Sulfates – No SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates) or SLES (sodium Laureth sulfates)
No Parabens, Gluten, PABA, Phthalates, Dyes, Silicone, or Fragrance
Not Tested on Animals, Cruelty-Free
Purifying Vegan Formula
4 oz / 120 ml


The path to self-discovery and loving your imperfection is not often an easy one. But at Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality, we know firsthand how empowering and beautiful that process is, which is why we made it our mission to help YOU, the gods and goddesses of this adventure, find something you can love, believe in—trust.

Our meticulously crafted skincare products, derived from the most vitamin-rich, natural elements, will help you have the beautiful skin you want without compromising the quality you desire.

Food for your skin, this proprietary essence is made with 20% L-ascorbic acid, enzymes, and vitamins to boost your skin's nutrient status beyond optimal!

Scientifically Speaking...

We dissolve the L-ascorbic acid in a whole food broth of fresh fruits bio-extracted using a cutting-edge proprietary technology that minimizes the oxidation of L-ascorbic acid.
This unique process provides you with superior Vitamin C antioxidant benefits. 
The superior antioxidant properties of Vitamin C, along with its role in collagen synthesis make Vitamin C essential for our skin.
Use Alpha to awaken and nourish your skin, making it appear brighter and youthful, allowing us to age gracefully. Infused with Nectar of the Gods, our proprietary blend of Grecian Laurel and Bergamot, Alpha will truly make you glow like the god + goddess you are. 


Producing an organic skincare line that is safe for the whole family. Once you try our products, you will wonder why you ever used anything else.

A luxurious body scrub made with organic, fair trade unrefined sugar and organic oils.  Sure to leave your skin soft and glowing.

Net Weight 9 oz.

Directions for use:  Scoop out a generous handful and scrub vigorously, preferably in a circular motion, on wet skin.  For Best Results: Follow-up with one of our moisturizing lotion bars.  Keep unused portions dry.

Organic Fair Trade Sucrose (Sugar), Organic Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) oil, Organic Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) peel, Organic Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit) essential oil, Organic Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon bark) essential oil

Organic Fair Trade Sucrose (Sugar), Organic Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) oil, Organic Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) flowers, Organic Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) essential oil, Organic Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla absolute) oil

Organic Fair Trade Sucrose (Sugar), Organic Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) oil, Organic Mentha spicata(Spearmint) Leaf, Organic Mentha spicata(Spearmint) essential oil, Organic Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) essential oil

Nectar Self Care Bundle $65.00

At Nectar
That pure joy is the number one ingredient for looking and feeling good, and serious fun can be seriously functional.

Whether you are young or simply young at heart, our products are made to make you smile.

Nectar is Simple & Clean
If you can't pronounce it, we don't use it.

Nectar is Handmade
Made with love in the USA.

Treat yourself, your friends, family to our new self-care bundles to spread a little extra joy and relaxation! 🎁

Our new bundles come with your choice of an 8oz sugar or salt scrub, and avocado oil & shea-based body butter, and 4 FREE bath bombs of your choice.

Each comes in a beautiful box shipped directly to your door! It's the perfect combination of our most popular items and a great way to treat yourself, family, and friends to some much-needed relaxation! 🤗

Each Self Care Bundle Includes:

1 8oz Sugar scrub made with nourishing shea butter and all-natural, moisturizing oils like sweet almond oil & coconut oil. 🥥
1 8oz Body Butter made with moisturizing shea butter and avocado oil for a non-greasy smooth your skin will thank you for! 🥑
4 stress-melting bath bombs made with detoxifying bentonite clay and moisture-rich sweet almond oil for the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day! 🛁


Experience a  Date Night in a Little Plum Dress at Midnight in Paris after Lights Out and get Lust in Love. And if you Aim to Please, you have to get  Laced Up and check out ella+mila’s latest venture.
With a passion for color and dedication to healthy beauty, the founders strive to provide fashion-forward beauty products without compromise. In addition to being chip-resistant, quick-dry, and high-shine, ella+mila nail colors contain no Acetone, Animal-Derived Ingredients, Bisphenol-A, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Gluten, Glycol Ether of Series E (Glycol ethers derived from ethylene oxide), Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Parabens, Phthalates (including DBP), Styrene, Sulfate, Toluene, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP/TPP), Xylene, making it a seventeen chemical-free product. But the advantages don't end there! ella+mila polishes are also PeTA-certified. The newly launched line of lippies does not contain the following: Paraben, Phthalates, Lanolin, or Gluten. Like their nail lacquer, these lippies are also vegan, cruelty-free, and proudly made in the USA. The deeply admired luxury beauty brand continues to allure the world with its creamy formula and dazzling array of colors.
Polish with love®

6 Nail polish bottles  14.78 ml - 0.5 fl oz  

Animal cruelty-free
Quick Dry
Chip Resistant
Made in the USA
ella+mila polishes are certified by PETA!

Moroccan oil Pure Cold Pressed $21.89

Born from a family history of over 18 years in the sector of argan oil in Morocco. Over time, the family business has developed its expertise in the creation of natural-based cosmetic synergies. Venamine is a company that has been specialized in oils, plants, and natural Cosmetics.

✅AUTHENTIC MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL – The world over, Argan oil from Morocco receives praise from dermatologists and hair experts. This precious oil from Argan trees offers immense benefits for your skin and hair and allows you to look the best version of yourself ever. Our Venamine Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% authentic and contains all the genuine benefits of Argan oil.
✅MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN – If you are looking to have moisturized skin, we offer you a convenient way of hydrating your skin and helping to restore it to its natural condition. Our Venamine Moroccan Argan Oil penetrates your skin and replenishes your cells to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and has a radiant glow.
✅PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH – If you are looking to promote the growth of your hair and have long, shiny hair, our Venamine Moroccan Argan Oil will help you achieve this. It comes with natural hair growth-boosting elements that ensure you can grow your hair long and healthy. This oil is also efficient in boosting facial hair growth for those wishing to grow beards.
✅ORGANIC – We offer you a product that is 100% organic. We ensure that we source our ingredients from organically grown and harvested Argan trees. This ensures that if you are looking to lead an organic way of life, you can achieve this conveniently. Moreover, the product is alcohol-free.
✅CONVENIENT PACKAGING – We avail this product to you in a convenient 50ml (1.7oz) bottle that comes with a pipette bottle cap. This pipette allows you to administer this oil into your hands easily and then proceed to apply it on your hair, body, and face conveniently.

Pink Treats Kit $59.99

In an unexpected turn of events called 2020, my circumstances changed significantly, and it truly was a blessing in disguise. I saw it as a perfect time to fully invest myself into ZenLux, so in a leap of faith, I started ZenLux on December 24th, 2020, and launched June 1st, 2021. My inspiration and mission behind ZenLux are to first and foremost encourage genuine self-love, because I, myself, have experienced the unlimited benefits of taking the time to truly take care of myself and love myself.

Zenlux by definition is a peaceful state, of being immersed in lux mindfulness for self and skin. Our self-proclaimed business definition encompasses all things and actions that make us feel 100% of our best selves. 
I firmly believe that when you’re in the up and down journey of falling in love with yourself, you’re blooming into the best version of yourself and there is nothing better than that. I am truly thankful for the support, and I look forward to growing this brand into something amazing for all of us.

Silk Pillowcase
Our 100% 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is standard size 20inx26in (51cmx66cm), Machine washable, and Oeko-Tex® certified safe.

Facial Roller
Our facial roller is made of 100% natural jade.
Lip Mask
Our lip mask is made with jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter.
Our 100% cotton terry cloth spa headband is multi-functional and eco-friendly.

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  1. Oh I would totally love that lipgloss!

  2. Wow! These are some great products! I will definitely be trying some!!

  3. These are some good products and I've some of them like that facial roller, one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing. - Amalia

  4. All the products look super cool and are all so unique and different from one another. Super cool, thanks for sharing this!

  5. I NEED those bamboo makeup erasers!!!

  6. These all look great! Never can go wrong with some bath products or skin care. :)

  7. SHOWTIME LIPGLOSS are my favorite because I love wearing lipstick annd the colors are beautiful

  8. Thanks for the recommendation. I know what to buy for my sister on her birthday this year!

  9. these are a lot of great gift ideas! I always love receiving amazing skin and hair care products.

  10. Thanks for sharing this great content. It is really informative and useful.,

  11. This is a great list. The sea buckthorn is really a competitor of retinol, I love lip glosses, that no peak I never knew before that was cute lol. The microfiber wrap I do want since I have curly hair. And that sugar scrub. Loves them all. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


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