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Best Tip on Plant Based Wrinkle Release Spray - Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle

Hi There..... Do you like spending time behind your ironing board? Would you like me to tell you more about a plant-based wrinkle release spray? 😉

If you ask me, ironing isn't the worst of all the household chores. Then again, there are so many more fun things to do. Why would we do it if we don't have to? We could spend time with the kids, do a workout, bake a cake, or perhaps just sit back and relax. 😎

I remember when my kids were young, the number of clothes ready for ironing would pile up in no time. I kept waiting for the elves to come at night and clean it all up. Someone else must have kept them busy because they never seemed to make it to our home. 😭

Then again, who can blame them? If I had to choose between sitting back and relaxing on a shelf or cleaning up someone else's ironing pile, I wouldn't have to think twice. 😫

As I told you in my previous blog post, it's just me and my hubby now, so not that much ironing left to do. Our next move is not to go outdoors anymore so that we can wear pajamas all day long. 😏

Wouldn't that be weird? Can you imagine some kind of virus happening where the Government wouldn't allow you to do much except stay in your homes? What a crazy thought. 😂

Ok, back to being serious again. Let's change the subject back to this wrinkle release spray I was talking about. I received Tom & Sheri's Iron in a bottle in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

Family-inspired, family-created, and family-owned.
Years ago, Sheri Eudaly gave up ironing and created a homemade wrinkle release spray that turned out to be a game-changer - no more ironing, no more hassle, and best of more wrinkles. 

Her son Austin saw the global need for the product when friends kept stealing his, so in 2018 set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world. The goal? Perfecting a modern wrinkle release spray that’s efficient, effective, and plant-based (bonus: it smells great, too!). After several trial runs, Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle was born.

How does it work

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Hang clothing on a hanger or lay it on a flat surface to start, and spray 8-12 inches away from the garment in a sweeping motion until wrinkles on the front and back are slightly damp. Smooth fabric downward, and gently pull to watch the wrinkles release. Let dry completely before wear.

Here is a You Tube video that I made about it - only my second attempt, so hope you won't judge me too hard 😰

Which fabrics can you use it on

Iron in a Bottle is highly recommended for use on wool, oxfords, soft cotton, t-shirts, polyester blends, flannel, heavy cotton, chinos, denim, poplin, linen, and cotton blends. Prior to spraying, shaking, and smoothing the entire garment, they recommend testing a small, hidden portion of the fabric. Proceed with caution on silks, rayon, satin, or fabrics with a tendency to water-spot. 

Is it friendly for the environment

With purified water, a plant-based surfactant, natural quality control agents and a light linen fragrance made from essential oils of only the highest quality, what you see is what you get, and there are never any foreign or unpronounceable ingredients to look up. It’s crucial for them to exclude any harsh chemicals from Iron in a Bottle, while making it safe for even the most sensitive skin, so you can feel at peace using the wrinkle release spray for the entire family.

Is it cruelty-free

They’re proud to be one of only 1000+ companies that have been certified Cruelty Free.

Is it packed sustainable

All-natural. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Sustainability is at their core, and protecting global health when delivering this breakthrough formula to your doorstep in the most ecologically sound manner possible is among their most cherished values.

Is it BPA-free

They never use Bisphenol A - an industrial chemical utilized to harden plastic - in any of their construction, due to its potentially toxic effects. Rest assured Iron in a Bottle is safe for the entire family. 

Where is it manufactured

Domestically manufactured, assembled and packaged products support our economy and create much-needed jobs, so they’re proud to report all Tom & Sheri’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Investing in products made here not only secures the future of businesses within their country, it puts hard-earned money back to work in America.

My opinion on Tom & Sheri's wrinkle release spray

Wow, this is such a handy product. I had never heard of wrinkle release spray, but I am so impressed. On top of that, it's plant-based and it smells good. This would be perfect to take with you on your holiday, too. 😎

Anyone can do this, because it is super easy. If you have students that live on campus, they can take it with them. It's all a matter of economics wether you want to use it for just a few things, or you want to ditch your iron permanently. 😊

One thing is sure. You won't often catch me behind my ironing board anymore. 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. I so hate ironing. I can't even iron my own clothes let alone others. But ok I have heard of something straightening clothes but this spray seems high quality. I didn't think of investing skin aspect till I read the environment friendly part. Good if it doesn't irritate. Great review as always. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  2. Oh my, I need this in my life! I don't iron because I just don't like to do it. Most of my clothes don't really wrinkle but it would be great for when I travel and they get all wrinkled in the suitcase.

  3. I am going to look for these, OMG, thanks so much for sharing. I need them right now.

  4. I appreciate a good wrinkle releaser too. It's been awhile since I have had one in the house.

  5. I totally need to check this out, thanks friend!

  6. I need this, I hate ironing. I always preferred clothes I don't need to iron.

  7. Oh God, I'll have to check out this wrinkle releaser. I had no idea such product existed until now, so thanks for sharing 🙂

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  8. oh wow! looks great. I normally don't wrinkles but it's a necessity for some styles

  9. I didn't even know that this was a thing. I'd definitely want to give this a try.


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