Saturday, 1 February 2020

What do I have to know to start beading?

Hi There.....Do you like beadwork?

Most of you know my answer to this question already. Yes I am a beader and you could say that I am a seedbeadaholic πŸ˜‰

If you want to help me get rid of my addiction I would strongly advise against that.....I am too far gone to even be thinking of getting better.....Nah I am good no worries.....Here is some proof of my addiction πŸ˜‹

So you might be wondering how I got started. Due to a lot of health issues and surgeries back in 2007 (If you are curious about this you can read my first blog post about it here) I had to start looking for a new hobby that I could do when resting.....Or sitting on my lazy but 😁

Because of my mobility problems I didn't quite feel like going out and follow workshops on the topic.....Do note that there are a lot of people offering great workshops if you do feel like it 😊

But I am not the one to give you advice on those because as I said it was not for me. So maybe you are a bit like me.....Stuck like glue on your comfy sofa and you still want to learn. My best advice that I can give you is to start searching for tutorials on beading or video's on beading on Youtube or if you are more into books there are a lot of bead stitching books for beginners out there too.

Although I do have a question for you first.....Do you want to start beading for yourself or maybe you want to start up a shop?

If you are not sure about the fact that beading is what you would like to do to get your own shop with beautiful handmade items.....I would strongly advise against it.....No I am not kidding you this time but the market is oversaturated with jewelry shops of all kinds 😞

At first, I started out with these somewhat cheaper beads that I found in Veritas (Belgian shop) from Gutermann

I made a lot of pieces with these beads. And there is nothing wrong with them if you are a starter they are a very good choice. So be sure not to start with the most expensive beads like Miyuki or Toho before you get the hang of it.....On the other hand, don't stock up too much on those cheap beads either because you might not want to use them anymore once you start using the more expensive ones.....The cheaper beads work fine for multi-strand necklaces or spiral ropes but when you want to do loom work, peyote or brick stitch you will notice that they will make your work look uneven and even sloppy πŸ˜’

To start with I also used cheap nylon wire to make my first beadwork creations. They are good to get you started off but I do need to warn you especially about the cheap nylon wire.....It disintegrates in time and after a while, you are left with nothing but parts of a necklace. There are a lot of different sorts of beading wires out there.

Here is a video that can help you get a better idea of what you might want to start with πŸ˜ƒ

I have found that Potomac bead company has a very helpful channel for beginning beaders as well as the more experienced beaders.

Here is another video of them explaining all the kinds of stitches you can use for bead weaving.

I do recommend to be careful not to take on more than you can handle in the beginning. There are a lot of stunning pieces out there that might give you inspiration but Rome wasn't built in a day either. 

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day.

Want to be on my blog next time ?? Want me to review your product?? Just send me an email 😊


  1. I used to do this when I was a teenager. But I don't have that artistic talent in me. Hehe.

  2. That is so creative. I wish I was more artistic but things never come out quite as well when I do them.

  3. THis is one of the things that I can't seem to grasp. I'm more into journaling and coloring. It's faster for me.

  4. I made lots of bracelets and ring using beads When I was in teenage days and it's so addictive HAHAHA. I love this kind of creativity thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great idea. I have tried working with beads for earrings, but I have never tried these before. I am definitely going to try this now.

  6. I've never tried beadworks. My mom is really great when it comes to stuff like these, I have never really been great when it comes to arts and crafts.

  7. I've never done this before (I'm not such a 'craftsy' person) but my best friend made these when we were younger. I still have a bracelet or two, she made for me! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Crafts like these are so fun to do. I remember I was so much into cross stitching back then but now that I can't afford to do such crafts, I just admire the works of others.

  9. I have never try it before. It looks so much fun and looks beautifulx

  10. Vroeger, als kind wel eens wat mee gedaan. Vooral de vriendschapsbandjes waren toen helemaal in. Maar het is wel een gepriegel hoor! Kan mij goed voorstellen dat het rustgevend werkt en dat je er helemaal in op kunt gaan.

  11. Ik heb echt geen geduld voor dat gepriel met al die kleine kraaltjes...haha! Vroeger als kind trouwens wel

  12. i like creative arts and designs. its very fun and visual beautifully

  13. Good advice to go slow. I think it looks fun and pretty.

  14. Het lijkt me een hele fijne hobby om te hebben. Ook omdat je daarna een duidelijk zichtbaar resultaat hebt dat je ook nog eens kunt gebruiken. Ik houd ervan als iets nuttig is.

  15. Mijn moeder kon dit heel goed. Als kind vond ik het dan ook leuk om haar daarbij te helpen

  16. Vind het heel knap allemaal, ben bang dat ik er zelf het geduld helaas niet voor heb

  17. ik heb dat altijd mooi gevonden, maar zelf heb ik te dikke vingers zeg ik weleens. Nee, ik ben zeer graag creatief bezig op andere manieren, maar dit is niets voor mij. Ik vind het wel altijd heel mooi!

  18. Wauw wat knap van je. Ik ga het ook eens proberen. Ik weet alleen niet of het net zo mooi als die van jou wordt.

  19. Zo ben ik begonnen met haken en breien, door dat ik niet meer kon lezen in de avond ( door een oogziekte) en een andere hobby moest vinden. Voor mij en mijn slechte zicht zouden deze kleine kraaltjes niks zijn, maar wat lijkt het me leuk om te doen zeg.

  20. Lijkt me heel gaaf om dit te kunnen. Maar ik denk niet dat ik er het geduld voor heb.

  21. Looks like fun and I love wearing stuff I made myself.

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