Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Tips on some handy products for Travelers - JouwBox edition 10

Hi There..... Did your kids go back to school? 

Here in Belgium, the 1st of September is always the first school day..... So did you go on vacation..... Did you have a good time..... I am actually glad the vacation is over..... That's when the fun starts for us..... We are free to go whenever we want.... Our kids have left home a few years ago..... So we always wait till others get back to work..... The less crowd the more fun for us 😁 

Ah..... Are you thinking where on earth this conversation is leading to this time..... I just love to keep you on hold..... I am a mean woman..... Aren't I 😂

Maybe you read my previous blogs about this 'JouwBox' I was lucky to receive..... Here are the links to them if you still haven't read them..... High time you did 😀

The products I am reviewing today could be handy for travelers..... It's always good to share tips on some handy products for Travelers..... Right..... But my tip could also be great for people who only travel once a year..... Maybe you should just read on to understand where I am going to 😉

The first one today is the Shampoo bar & conditioner with Jasmin and Propolis from Bee Honest Cosmetics..... Let's have a look at what their website says about this Shampoo bar..... It is in the form of a bar of soap and is especially for your hair..... It works the same as a liquid shampoo..... It ensures that your hair becomes clean and gets volume and shine without drying out your hair..... It is very economical in use..... 1 bar corresponds to 3 bottles of shampoo..... Beside nectar and pollen..... Bees collect resin from all kinds of trees and plant buds..... They add various enzymes from their salivary glands to this, resulting in propolis..... Bees use propolis to strengthen their beehives and protect their colonies against viruses, bacteria, and fungi..... Because of the many antioxidants in propolis, it helps neutralize cell-damaging free radicals from for example air pollution particles and UV radiation..... The jasmine oil gives the bar a lovely fresh, light floral scent..... The shampoo bar has a regenerative capacity thanks to the propolis..... Suited for dry and damaged hair.

For those who care about the environment..... I have to include that they pack the soap bar in a cardboard box..... They don't apply any plastic..... Can't be against this now, can we 😍

There's a first time for everything and also my first time to use this kind of shampoo bar….. You can imagine me being curious to try it….. And I have to say It was a pleasant surprise….. Straightforward to use, and my hair felt nice and soft afterward….. If you ask me, it does not compare to using separate shampoo and conditioner….. I think this could be the perfect product to take with you on your holiday….. It is handy to pack and for those of you who like to fly….. It is not liquid and thus won’t pose any problems at airport security….. Unless they think you stashed some drugs inside your soap bar 😂

My second pick for today is the African Black Soap from Natural Heroes….. Let’s have a look at what their website says about this piece of soap….. It is 100% natural and vegan..... Saponification process through cocoa pods ash..... Can help strengthen your skin..... Suitable for your body and hair..... Free from colors, fragrances, and preservatives..... It is packed with vitamins A and E and an absolute benefactor for your skin..... Vitamin A helps your skin to produce collagen, keeps your skin firm, and prevents premature skin aging..... Vitamine E moisturizes and improves the texture of your skin..... Made from the ashes of local plants and barks such as plantain, cocoa pod husk, and palm tree leaves..... The leaves and barks are first dried in the sun and then roasted in a pot at a constant temperature, which is important to get the color and texture right..... Then they add water and oil (coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter) and the mixture gets stirred for at least one day..... They then store the soap for two weeks before it is ready for usage..... Storage tip - keep it in a wooden box.

Doesn't it almost look like a piece of cake..... I was almost tempted to take a bite from it 😁

No, of course, I didn’t….. But I tried the soap and instantly fell in love with the scent….. It reminded me of the one we used when I was a child….. Don’t ask me its name because that I can’t recall….. So I cleaned my face with it as the site suggests you should….. I honestly don’t like to wash my face with soap because it makes my skin feel all dry….. But if you want to be a reviewer, you just have to try things out….. That is if you want to be an excellent reviewer….. And as you can see I survived….. My skin felt slightly dry but not as bad as I dreaded….. I can even say that it hasn’t felt this soft for a long time….. And who doesn’t want a more tight skin….. I know I do for sure 😋

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

“I was given a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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  1. I have never heard of this product before now. Thank you for sharing your review. You're right it does look like cake.

  2. Thank you for sharing the review. This is really helpful for my community so i'll share with anyone who asks for it!

  3. I've never heard of this before but now I want to know more!

  4. Seems good products. Yeah true it looks like a cake, the brownie one haha.

  5. This is awesome. Would have to check this out.

  6. It looks like a choco brownie! LOL! Super cool though. Thank you for the recommendation. Will definitely check this out!

  7. Very nice products! I love the eco friendly packaging of both :)

  8. Oh wow these products sounds quite amazing and useful one..glad you shared an honest review with us..great work though...

  9. Umm I totally thought that was cake at first glance!

  10. These were great descriptions. I would love to know more about the first shampoo and conditioner bar. It is so different--I would be curious to know what it feels like in use.


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