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Tips on where to get some great Biological products - JouwBox edition 10

Hi There..... Are you watching the Tour de France?

You may have guessed..... I’m not..... I am much more into Blogging..... Informing you on what I hope you find appealing πŸ˜€

Oh Yes..... I am still going on and on about this 'JouwBox' I received recently..... There were so many great Biological products in it..... I just can't help it..... Blame it on my mom and dad..... They are the ones that created me..... You really don't expect me to blame it on myself now..... Do you 😲

If you really want to know what on earth I am talking about..... Here are 2 posts that I made on this 'JouwBox' edition 10 before

The more readers the merrier..... Right..... The first one focusses on a Deodorant Summer Breeze Roller and Hand cream with Shea Butter ..... And the second post is about Biological Green Tea with Ginger and Biological Cocoa Powder πŸ˜€

But there still are a few more things I want to brag about..... I know bragging is not that nice but I already told you..... It's my mom and dad's fault 😁

Ok, let's get serious..... Today I wanted to tell you some more about the Natural white toothpaste from Oolaboo..... What does their website say about this Toothpaste..... It is enriched with lime flavor..... It's a 100% vegan product..... It is gluten-free and developed for effective cleaning of teeth and gums..... They do not use harmful ingredients such as SLS and Fluoride..... As an alternative to fluoride, they use Hydroxyapatite which is a constituent of tooth enamel and bone..... This provides a clearer, stronger, and smoother tooth surface..... Organic coconut oil acts as a natural cleaner and whitens teeth..... And it is also safe for the little ones 

That's a great quote..... Don't you agree 😁

I do agree that it's a great thing that there are no harmful ingredients in this toothpaste..... But I really couldn't get that lime taste out of it that I was actually hoping for..... I tried it for a week but am not a fan of the taste..... Sorry to say so..... It was neither bad nor good..... On the other hand, it did make my teeth feel smooth and that's pretty important to me too..... And no problems with my gums either so that's another plus for them 😍

My second pick out of the box for today is the Vegetal Oil Emulsion from Piroche cosmetics..... What does their website say about this product..... It's a silky emulsion made from plant oils such as grape seed oil..... It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with a light, moisturizing texture that leaves the skin velvety and silky..... It helps maintain the skin's elasticity..... Nourishes and protects the skin..... The emulsion can be used as cleansing milk and as a body lotion..... It lends itself well as a massage product..... It can also be used as a base to ad essentials oils to..... it is ideal for skin with eczema or very dry flaky skin..... It can also be used for children or babies with eczema or dry skin

Did you know that Archeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations.....Ah..... Who doesn't long for a long relaxing massage..... No..... You won't get it from me..... Sorry 😁

On the other hand..... I am gonna tell you what it feels like after you had a massage with this emulsion..... Your skin really feels soft and fresh afterward..... I really have dry and flaky skin on the lower part of my legs and now they feel nice and smooth..... And my skin did not feel greasy at all afterward either..... So I am really pleased with this one 😍

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

“I was given a product for free in exchange for my honest review”

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  1. Nee, ik kijk nooit naar Tour de France, blog ook liever haha. De jouw box heb ik van gehoord zitten mooie producten in!

  2. Oh nu heb ik echt zin in een massage haha. 39 weken zwanger, dus ben er wel aan toe! <3

  3. Oooh these sounds like awesome products, thanks for sharing these!

  4. Glad you shared an honest review with us..haven't heard of this product before but it sounds quite useful one..great work though...

  5. I have never heard of the JouwBox before, but it looks amazing! So many great products from amazing brands that you have in here.

  6. These look like some great products. I have never heard of them before so I will look into them. And I love your smile quote!

  7. First time for me to hear of this brand. It seems interesting.

  8. I haven't heard of these brands before, but they definitely sound like they would be great to try out! I've always wanted to try some natural toothpaste. I know it'd be great for my teeth.

  9. Hier kijk ik wel naar de tour hoor, laptop op schoot en ondertussen bloggen. Ik ben wel van de biologische producten, zeker voor mijn zoon met eczeem, maar deze merken ken ik nog niet.

  10. These products sounds very nice,thanks for the review!

  11. Yuck, de tour de france. Net als bij voetbal gaan bij mij spontaan alle lichten uit als ik dat op tv voorbij zien komen.

  12. I really liked how you have mentioned a bit background, you always make your reviews fun to read. However, I'll check out the products.

  13. thank you for giving us lots of ideas, this would be so helpful. thanks for sharing

  14. Did you know that Archeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations... Euh... Hoe dan??

  15. Die Tour de France kan mij ook gestolen. Ik vind Frankijk een fantastisch land en kom er net vandaan maar die tour, daar heb ik echt helemaal niets mee.

  16. een massage is altijd goed en lekker en krijg er gelijk zin in


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