Saturday, 1 August 2020

Tips on How to be Creative During Lockdown and After

Hi There..... Are you creative?

As some of you may already know..... I am..... Ever since I was a kid and probably till the day I die 😁

No worries..... I plan on being around for quite a while still..... There is more than enough time left for me to play the fool πŸ˜‹

For me, creativity is my therapy against the pain I have on a daily basis..... I am pretty sure that many people use it to keep the stress from this pandemic of their mind too πŸ˜€

Things like drawing, sewing, building things or other creative activities reward your brain..... Not only with what you made of course..... That's not what I meant..... Creativity seems to release dopamine 😊

Ha..... Did you think I would leave it at that..... I can see your face frowning..... What on earth is this dopamine..... It's some kind of hormone and a neurotransmitter that plays a very important role in our brain and body..... It gives you a sense of pleasure and reward..... It is said to relieve stress and reduce the tension that has build-up in your system..... Cool, right 😍

So you can imagine that I was happy to receive this gift from Beeeasycrafts..... I am really happy with the color and love the feel of this wool 

I got it along with the description on how to crochet a basket out of this yarn..... Oh yes, I have done a lot of knitting and crochet too when I was a young girl πŸ˜„

Below is a picture of the basket I am gonna make..... Looks pretty cool..... Don't you agree 😎

I will definitely be showing you the basket on my Instagram page once I have it finished..... But let me tell you a bit about this Beeeasycrafts shop first ..... They offer crochet, quilting, and vinyl..... They are an Ice Yarn reseller too..... They offer short how-to videos, product reviews and more πŸ˜„

Julie Ammon and her daughter in law Dakoda Hathaway both run the shop together..... Must be quite nice being able to do this together 😊

You can find a lot of their live sessions on their Facebook page ..... So be sure to head on over there if you are interested..... But hey wait..... You have to read the rest of my blog post first..... I still have to show you some of the things you can find in their shop 😁

National Tequila Day 2020 shirt

Uneek Sock Kit - Tigress

Michael Miller Reversible Face Mask Kit Makes 4

Mickey Mouse Quilting Panel 36in

Ice Yarns Cakes DK

Crocheted Red White and Blue Dog Pacifier Holder

Quilted Green Paisley Wristlet Key Fob

Narwhal Lovey Top Blanket Yarn

Mermaid Coloring Page Shirt with Markers

They have a lot of cute stuff..... Don't you agree..... I actually love this last T-shirt..... I think my granddaughter would love that too..... She is 4 but seems to have inherited the creative gen too 😍

Ok..... You can leave now and go and check out their Facebook page 😁

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

Behind every unique handmade piece is a lot of hard work. It's a labor of love and every piece you buy will make someone's day a happy day. 

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  1. Yes , but unfortunately I am primarily creative in fantasies and dreams.
    Being creative in ways that make reality more interesting the way you do is fabulous!
    Your inspired creations are fun to look at.

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    my YouTube
    my Twitter

  2. Ik ben zelf helaas niet zo handig als het om dit soort dingen gaat, maar ik kan het wel hevig bewonderen.

  3. ik kijk hier ook alleen maar naar want zelf eraan beginnen ....neuh dat is niet voor mij weg gelegd.

  4. Wat een gave dingen zeg! Ik ben ook zeer creatief maar zou wel meer dingen willen leren op creatief gebied.

  5. Wow wat een leuke spullen. Die Mickey Mouse is ook super leuk.

  6. I am creative but rarely have time beyond creativity with work right now. And I love the basket pattern you have picked. I hope you were able to finish it!

  7. Zo te zien kun je daar hele leuke items shoppen!

  8. There are ways we can be creative. aside from sewing and making something out of a yarn, we can also write, recycle and so on. And those T-shirts from Etsy are nice.

  9. I love your creativity and especially the Mickey mouse! The mask looks like an item that would fly off the shelf!

  10. Ik knutsel wel graag met mijn zoontje maar jammer genoeg is hij het nogal snel beu

  11. Mooie spullen. Helaas ontbreekt het mij ook aan creativiteit. Maar kan altijd erg genieten van wat anderen wel kunnen maken

  12. I love creativity! Making out something from nothing is indeed a great reward!

  13. It's been hard for me to be creative during this time. Some weeks are good and some weeks are bad. These are great tips to implement during this time. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love how creative you are. I'm more of journaling and diamond painting kind of creative.

  15. These look very neat! I love little artsy projects so this is right up my alley. I will look into these more for some new ideas to craft.

  16. Oh these are all such fun ideas. I love working my body creatively, it can be so fun.

  17. Wat een creativiteit weer! Zou zelf ook wel graag willen kunnen haken en breien trouwens, lijkt me erg rustgevend. Ben benieuwd naar je mand!

  18. Wat super leuk om zo'n mandje te maken. Ik kom niet verder dan een simpele sjaal breien. Maar dat vind ik wel erg relaxt om te maken. Wie weet kom ik ook nog zover om een stapje ver te gaan.

  19. These are all such pretty creations! I am creative but mostly when it comes to gardening or cooking.

  20. These are really lovely creations of yours! I agree doing something productive while being creative is interesting, thanks for sharing these ideas with us!

  21. This sounds really amazing and interesting..creativity is truly very important for everyone..great work though...

  22. I absolutely love that Mickey Mouse quilting panel! These are definitely some great ways to be creative during this time for sure.

  23. I love being creative with yarn. The Mickey panel is my fave.

  24. Looks like a fun activity! I can't wait to see your basket!

  25. erg leuk, ik ben zelf hierin niet zo goed en dat vind ik erg jammer

  26. I have actually been very creative in this quarantine. I have an etsy shop too now making handmade clay earrings!

  27. creativity sure does express itself in so many ways. I am very impressed by your creations. Kudos
    Elizabeth O

  28. I thought it was a dress,I feel silly after reading that it's a dog pacifier holder.

  29. Oh this looks so creative and very fun. My sisters and daughter will enjoy this.

  30. Mieke | Miek's Mind18 August 2020 at 09:44

    Ik vind mijzelf ook wel creatief, maar dit is niet zo mijn ding. Achja smaken verschillen!

  31. Knopen heb ik weleens gedaan. Bijvoorbeeld een lintje voor een sleutelbos of iets. Maar het liefste speel ik met ecoline hoor :)


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