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Interview with Fashion Designer Batool

Hi There..... Do you like Interviews? Would you like to see a few interviews starring people from the Fashion Industry?

You know, I have seen a lot of Interviews pass by from reading other blogs. Even more so, other bloggers have interviewed me too. That got me thinking. Oh yes, I can still think clearly from time to time. 😁

What if I would make my own questions to interview fashion designers and make a blog post on that? The only thing left to do would be to find those stars from the fashion industry to fill in those questions. And believe it or not, I found a few already. This could be a start of hopefully something to last for a while. If I can keep finding new people willing to be a star for one day on my blog. 😄

The first one on my blog is Batool, who is the Design Director for BeReal Wear.

What kind of work do you do or what are you studying to be?

I am the lead designer for BeReal Wear, and design the Brand’s collections inline with our brand values.

Is fashion important to you? Why?

Fashion is important in our society because it has the potential to bring different individuals together and celebrate their own individuality. 
Our Activewear is for everyone who wants to be unique and be real. Because we truly believe everyone is exceptional in their own way, and our clothing brand represents that. 

What are your successes?

Our base is in London, and we have a presence in New York as well. We are getting a significant response and will introduce online free workout classes on our IG @bereal wear, so everyone can benefit from them in the comfort of their own home.

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

We totally believe that it's the quality of clothing you are offering and the customer service you offer. 

We are proud to mention that we use the finest fabrics and have rigorous quality checks to ensure our customers get the best product/clothing and best customer service from BeReal Wear.

Describe your personal style of clothing?

As they say, “What clothes make you feel powerful, confident, and comfortable”.
You would find my wardrobe filled with fitness clothing as I like to wear comfortable and bright colors while going to the gym or working out. 
Also, I transition them throughout the day by adding a hoodie, jacket, accessories depending on my activities for the day

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

On personal style, I would say go with whatever makes you look comfortable, and my signature look is all about looking trendy yet comfortable.

Do you have an influence on other people’s clothing style?

Clothing is the best way to express yourself, wear something that reflects who you are. We believe our true self is who we really are when we let go of all the stories, labels, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. It is who we naturally are without the masks and pretentiousness.

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

Go with trends that make you feel comfortable and reflect who you are.

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

My fashion advice would be 'Be Yourself, be Real … You are enough'

Who is your style icon and why?

There are many.

Is there something else you would like to share with us?

Our brand is an activewear brand. We have designs that are comfortable for workouts and even comfortable for lounging around or working from home.  

We use the finest fabric for our collections.

Thanks for your time, it was an absolute pleasure, Renata.

Batool was so nice to include a Special 10% discount for you when you shop on her website and use the code Renata10 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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  1. Looks like I have some shopping to do, very cute!

  2. Enjoyed reading the interview. The best part is the mention on being and feeling comfortable. I liked that.

  3. Such a lovely interview! Great questions and answers!

  4. Interviewing a fashion design must be so cool. Thanks for sharing with us.


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