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Review about the Jouwbox - Christmas Edition Gift Box - Natural health products

Hi There..... Did you ever receive a gift box filled with natural products? Do you love natural health products? Did you ever receive the 'Jouwbox'?

I did, and I also received a lot of gifts in a box when I was a young girl. My dad really loved to tease me and my 2 sisters. He was pretty cunning in doing so too. I remember one time in specific. 😊

It was almost time for Christmas, and our dad had asked us to wrap a few gifts for New-year's eve already. He loved to tease his sisters and brothers too, and we were keen when he asked us to help him. 😋

We had so much fun wrapping up those gifts for our aunts and uncles. We didn't know what was in those packages because he had put a few papers around them at first. He said that would be best because we might spill the secret otherwise. We would wrap them up in many sheets of newspaper and he said he would add the gift wrapping paper to them later. 😃 

A few days later, on Christmas evening, it was time to unwrap the gifts we got from our mom and dad. We knew he would trick us, but we never knew what to expect. As soon as we tore off that first sheet of gift wrapping paper, we realized what he had done. He had let us all wrap our own gifts, and now we had to unwrap them ourselves. Now he and our mom were the ones having all the fun. 😁

Ah, I know you are still waiting to see what's in my 'JouwBox' that I talked about at the beginning of this blog post. Have a look at all the goodies I received in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This time Ralph Moorman & Juglen Zwaan teamed up to compose a very special Christmas edition. 😍

They filled the box with 11 natural health products worth 140 euro, but you can get it for just 49.95 euro. If you however decide to become a member (a box every 3 months) you get the box for just 39.95 euro. That's quite a bargain, isn't it, but if you want the Christmas edition, you really have to hurry because there aren't a lot of boxes left.  😍

 So what did I find inside this time? 

Rude Health - Almond Drink

Olive Art - Biological Olive Oil

Reboot Je Gezondheid in 24 u (Reboot your health in 24 h)

We Love The Planet - Lucious Lime Deodorant Stick (Vegan)

Puur Mieke - Plantain Flower 200 gr

Alteya Organics - Biological Rose Water

Mudmasky - Eye Cream

Oolaboo - Super Foodies Face Cleansingbar

We Smyle - Bottle 40 ml Non-Fluoride

Piroche Cosmetiques - Hand & Body Wash 100 ml

Het Blauwe Huis - Ceylon Cinnamon

Tea By Me - Van Gogh Tea

Just like last time, I am going to split those up over several blog posts because I want all the products to get the necessary attention. Today's review will be about the last 2 products I just mentioned. 

Tea By Me - Anne Bloemig

Let me tell you a bit more about the tea and what their website says about this Dutch Tea - Anne Bloemig from Tea By Me. 

It is locally grown, directly produced: clean, sustainable, fresh, and fair.

Tea By Me produces black tea, green tea, white tea… Whatever your favorite flavor, they are all made from the leaves of one tea plant: Camellia Sinensis.

Tea plant grower Johan was the first in Europe to succeed in growing the Camellia Sinensis locally. Tea maker Anne makes delicious fresh quality tea with these tea leaves from Dutch soil. Green tea, full of positive properties that promote overall health. Back to basics with the power of mother nature.

Their tea leaves are fresher than fresh so that the tea retains all its good qualities. Grown and produced locally - from plant to tea glass: transparent to everyone.

I did wonder what kind of tea it would be because it is hard to tell looking at the box. After a closer look, I could find that it is green tea. I have tried a lot of green tea but am not a fan of drinking this tea plain because the taste is a bit too herbal for me. However, a pinch of lemon made it more than ok. However, if you are a fan of green tea and love the taste of herbs then this tea could be perfect for you without adding lemon.

Het Blauwe Huis - Ceylon Cinnamon

The other product I tried was the Ceylon cinnamon. What does their website say about this cinnamon from Het Blauwe Huis. 

Cinnamon powder is the finely ground inner bark of the shoots of the cinnamon tree. This spice is delicious as a seasoning in sweet dishes such as apple sauce, biscuits, and pastries. 

Het Blauwe Huis occupies a unique position with cultivating, drying, and processing the herbs themselves. The herbs are known for their good, intense, and powerful taste and aroma. They work according to the organic or biodynamic agricultural principles so that you can enjoy yourself responsibly! Quality mark: EU-BIO

I tried out the cinnamon in a very easy and fast recipe of oatmeal porridge. All you need is half an apple, a bag of oatmeal express (I use the one from Quaker), a handful of raisins, a teaspoon of brown sugar, milk, and cinnamon. 

peel and core the apple and cut it into cubes. Throw in the content of the oatmeal bag and fill the bag with milk to the bar. Pour the milk on top of the apple and oatmeal and put some raisins on top and the sugar. Add just a few pinches of the cinnamon. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes and let it cool down for about a minute. Nothing more to it. 

It's a fast and easy breakfast and healthy too. Oats are whole grain and a good source of fiber. The fiber in the oatmeal can also help lower your cholesterol levels.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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