Saturday 6 February 2021

Interview with Fashion Designer Marlene Solis

Hi There..... Are you in for another fashion designer interview? Do you love spending time outdoors, long walks in the sunshine? Do you use sun protection?

I was a real sunbather when I was young. My skin is pretty pale though, which can pose a real problem sometimes. 😳

That reminds me of a time when I went to a summer camp to go sailing. To protect my skin, I had to use the highest sun protection factor. When I was 20, there was no sun protection factor 50, the highest I remember having was 20. πŸ˜’

The problem was that once on the sailboat there was no time in between to rub in some more sunscreen protection. Can you imagine the result of being about 4 hours on that sailboat? 😎

Aha, you probably guessed it right. I was so badly burned that a lobster would look pale next to me. πŸ˜‚

I remember going to a restaurant that evening and just the tablecloth touching my legs would be painful. Falling asleep at night wasn't easy either. I was so relieved when after a few days it turned into a very nice brown color. Lesson learned the hard way, and I know now that it's far from healthy. 😬

But today is not about me, but about Marlene Solis. She is today's star on my blog. She is the 29-year-old founder and designer of California based Florescnt

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be?

I wear all hats at Florescnt, my sun protection clothing brand start-up which launched online at in January. 

Is fashion important to you? Why? 

Absolutely! Fashion has been mesmerizing to me for as long as I can remember. Aside from the glossy pages of a fashion magazine, clothing is my favorite form of self-expression. 

I like people watching and coming up with what music they listen to, what their hobbies are, etc. based on their outfits. Fashion really is a massive look into what a person is like and what they subscribe to. 

What are your successes and how did you achieve them?

I have worked in the background of fashion and theatre for 11 years. I count my achievements as being every time the first sample of a design I worked on gets approved for mass production. Also on times when I have seen costumes I have worked on for weeks, make their stage debut on opening night. 

Counting each design as a success humbles me. I devote my attention and skills to everything I work on, even if it means working longer than usual to complete something. You should be proud of everything your hands touch. 

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

Depends on how you are asking this question. Do I have favorite brands? Absolutely. If I see a Fred Perry label on a garment, for example, the label alone will more than likely persuade me to purchase the item. 

But if I am at a non-label retailer or second-hand shop, then the fit and how it blends with my style are my selling points. I am petite and curvy so most of the time this is the scenario since few name brands offer petite sizing. 

Describe your personal style of clothing?

I feel like quarantine has changed this! Even with my style’s evolution over time and with fewer outings to put outfits together for, I would say that simplicity still rules. 

My style is simple and mod with splashes of rock ‘n’ roll psychedelia. These days you’ll catch me in the Florescnt boyfriend tee with ripped jeans and a moto jacket, paired with pointed ballet flats. 

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look? 

My personal style came about by falling in love with all things from the ’60s, as a teenager, and my background in rock music as a teen as well. 

My outfits have transformed from kitsch 60s looks into refined styles in skinny trousers and more business appropriate tops. I think people would call my cat eyeliner my “signature look” since I have perfected it and have worn this look since I was about 14!

Do you have an influence on other people’s clothing style?

I don’t know. If I have, they have been quiet about it or silently influenced. 

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

I like the more casual trends. Not so much the sweats trend, but not having to dress up for everything has been nice. I am still in love with the 90s resurgence in fashion. 

Loving everything in checkers print (which we will have available at Florescnt). And I am digging the more widespread use of BIPOC models in fashion advertisements. 

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

Sweats, the overuse of tie-dye, and the cow print coming from the 90s resurgence. 

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

Be yourself. Know how to dress your body type and everything will be flattering on you.

Who is your style icon and why?

This is a tough question! There are so many that inspire my wardrobe! 

#1 Style icon would have to be Edie Sedgewick, I will always reference her through simple silhouettes and leopard print coats. She is one of those style icons you come across as an adolescent and fall madly in love with because they had a glamourous life with rock star friends and art world lovers. 

It’s something you easily desire when you’re young. And then you find out the truth about how they lived and leave behind wanting their lifestyle, but their wardrobe in photographs you will never forget. 

Is there something else you would like to share with us?

Don’t be afraid to dress, unlike others. If you stand out, people will slowly follow your style. And, if that also means dressing down compared to others in your circle, do it! 

One person’s level of comfort is not everyone else’s, so do you. Be conscious of the elements, wear your SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and get some UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) from Florescnt because you can still be stylish and proactive about protection from UV radiation from the sun. 

I would like to add something I found on their website, which I found important to share with you. 😎

The brand aims to raise awareness for skin cancer, its detection, and its prevention to make known that it is the most common type of cancer but that it is also the only preventable form of cancer. 

They intend to reduce the 91.3M cases of melanoma diagnosed every year in the United States and prevent the deaths caused by late detection. 

They create products that effortlessly become part of a person's unique wardrobe for UPF 50+ protection all day, every day.

So maybe it's not the best idea to be foolish like me, and try to turn into a lobster, because it's not that fun. 😏

I am also learning something new, every time I do this kind of interview. Did you know what BIPOC models are? I didn't, so I looked it up and found that it stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. 😚

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. The heat hat is such a good idea! I'm super pale too and have def suffered my fair share of burns.

  2. I could totally relate to your experience on sail boat because I had been through it once too. It was a pleasure to get to know more about Marlene Solis and her fashion styles. Florescnt looks like a great brand. will check their products. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We had to take extra precautions with our boys when we'd go out on the boat, as they had their fathers irish skin and burned badly. Skin protection is important and if you can't find a high SPF, then cover up. I really like what Marlene has got going on with her products. thanks

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    As for the interview, I love that it's so insightful and really brings focus to the interviewee.

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    Hannah |

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