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Where to find Sexy Women Clothing - Livebetter - Women's Lingerie

Hi There ..... Do you like sexy women clothing? Does Women's Lingerie have to be feminine and chic for you, with possibly some lace?

Yes, right? Which woman doesn't want to look sexy or maybe a little provocative? That is certainly allowed and our partners love women's lingerie, or at least most of them. 😉

I remember the days before my wedding. It feels like ages ago because we will have been married for 35 years in a few weeks from now. My mom said that we still needed to go to the store, but I didn't know what store she had in mind. 😦

We were pretty close, so an opportunity to go shopping together was always fun. She took me to a lingerie shop. Oh, I thought, ok I suppose a lovely bra wouldn't look bad on my wedding night. But she didn't just let me buy a bra, but also a garter just for some extra decoration. Well yes for me, the decoration was not for the Christmas Tree. 😁

You can't blame a girl for wanting to look good on her wedding day, Can you? When the big day came, we had lots to do. First a small reception at our home. From there on we stepped into the white Rolls Royce limousine they had rented for us. I remember all the people we passed in the streets staring at us. 😄 

A bit later we arrived at the church for the actual wedding ceremony. I know, I told you I am not that much of a catholic, but my mother-in-law was very religious. It was her dream, so why wouldn't we let it come true. It was very romantic, so no regrets. 😊

After the church, we went to our mother-in-law's home for a reception. There were so many friends of ours that were invited that the reception was over before we knew it. 😯

Off we were again in our Rolls Royce Limousine to Iepenburg, a large domain with a playground and a park. We had planned to take some pictures over there in the park. Pity, it started raining halfway, but we managed to get a few stunning pictures. 😍

Then there was the wedding dinner and the party where we danced until 2 in the morning. We had such a wonderful time, and almost the entire evening had been filmed. That reminds me, we still need to have it transferred from a video to a blue ray or cd. 😊

Guess what happened with the sexy lingerie. Sorry to disappoint you, but we were so tired we didn't think about anything anymore, except sleep. The lingerie did its job, but just not on our Wedding night. 😴

How about you? Are you interested in sensual lingerie? Ah, then I have just the thing for you. Livebetter has some super sexy kimonos. 

But where do you actually wear such a kimono? Obviously, it is not intended to be worn like the traditional Japanese at weddings or a traditional tea ceremony. That would make some heads turn, haha. 😂

You could wear it when you just get out of bed and you go out to eat a biscuit on the terrace. Maybe you like to use it just before going to bed in combination with a pair of nice heels or boots, and I don't mean just going to sleep. But to accentuate your super feminine curves and get your partner in the right mood. 😜

If you want, you can wear it over your nightgown or your body. Then you don't expose yourself completely right away. Let your partner have a little patience, it won't hurt at all. This way you build up the tension some more. For all I know, you may have something completely different in mind. Without a doubt, these kimonos provide the necessary inspiration. 😉

You could also opt for the more romantic or playful character of a Babydoll.

What is that again a Babydoll? It is usually a slightly shorter nightgown that you can wear as nightwear. The difference with other lingerie is the shaped cups that usually fall out into a short skirt or a thong or shorts. 

Did you know the babydoll emerged in the 1940s, from a shortage of textiles because of the war? Textile enough now, but sometimes that can be exactly what we want. Make it a little more challenging. 😘

At Livebetter you can find many different types, something for everyone. Short, long, with or without pants or thong, or even with adjustable suspender straps.

If you are not shy, go all out and opt for a more sheer Babydoll. This way you can bring out your super feminine curves irresistibly. Your partner will undoubtedly not regret it. 😊

No problem if you are more reserved. Livebetter also has the perfect Babydoll for you. Maybe you want something playful with a bow or a satin ribbon. 😉

Whatever you choose, you will radiate passion and love in this beautiful lingerie. 😍

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Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Very pretty, these are some great finds!

  2. I always love to find a great new lingerie brand!

  3. Wow! These are very pretty! Makes me wish I wasn't a sleep in an oversized t-shirt kind of girl!

  4. Oh wow, these lingerie are really sexy! I only have a few in my closet, so extras are always nice.

  5. These are looking really lovely! How sexy!

  6. Ooohh definitely something that a woman should wear and feel good in.

  7. Thanks for the information, I might have to buy some for my best friend who is getting married soon.


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