Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Get Rid Of Dry Lips Problems Once And For All - 100% Natural Kneipp Lip Balm

Hi There..... Do you have problems with dry lips? Do you use lip balm? Are you a fan of vegan products?

That's a big yes to both questions for me. If I don't tend to my lips, they end up dry and cracked. I have to restrain myself not to bite off the flakes of dried skin. 😬

Not that I can always stop myself, and then I end up with bleeding lips because I bite off too much, which is much worse than dry lips. Don't you dare frown. I bet you did it once or twice, too. 😏

I remember a time when my son was about one year old. It was early in the morning and it was time to get him clothed, but I was playing with him and he was having fun. 😍

He was always full of energy (still is), and he was having so much fun bouncing up and down that he accidentally hit his head against my lip. 😡

It did not hurt him one bit, so he kept on laughing, but my lip was bleeding pretty badly. Hard to imagine sometimes that he is in his 30s already now. πŸ˜ƒ

Time to tell you some more about this lip balm I received from Kneipp in return for my honest opinion. 😎

Let me share some information about this product first.

100% natural formulation 

The new Kneipp lip balm Repair & Prevent contains valuable extracts of chamomile and melissa to combat stressed lips. These extracts are packed with active ingredients and therefore have soothing, cleansing, and repairing properties for the lips.

Depot effect 

This lip balm has been developed with a special "depot effect". Meaning that after application, the lip balm ensures the hydration is released gradually. This ensures that the lip balm not only serves upon application but also for up to 24 hours after.

The paper blend cap looks like plastic but it isn't! 

When you pick up the new cap of our lip care, you will not believe that it isn't plastic. They call this special material 'paper blend'. It has all the advantages of plastic, but not the disadvantages. The material is biodegradable and recyclable. A very interesting new find from our packaging specialists.

Durable cork

They made the bottom of the lip balm of cork which is leftover from the manufacture of cork products. Cork is a very durable and environmentally friendly product. It is completely biodegradable and recyclable without emitting toxic substances. By removing the bark, the cork oak can absorb 3 to 5 times more CO2 than cork oaks with bark.

Sustainable grass paper

The lip balm comes in a folding card that contains innovative and eco-friendly grass paper. Grass paper generates fewer CO2 emissions, requires approximately 3000 liters less water per ton of cardboard, and ensures short transport routes.

Major benefits of this new lip balm:

Softens, nourishes, and protects for a long time
100% natural and vegan
Without preservatives, mineral oils, paraffin, silicone oils, and dyes
Sustainable packaging and free from microplastics
Ideal for dry, chapped lips and sensitive lips

My opinion
I was so happy with this new lip balm. Recently I read a blog post of an online friend of mine who reviewed the same product, and believe it or not, I was slightly jealous. πŸ˜‰

As you know, I am a fan of natural products, so always happy to try them out for you. The lip balm is smooth and buttery and after a few days, my lips are feeling so much better because they don't get bitten anymore. The taste is quite weird at first, but you get used to it after a few days. πŸ˜‹

Maybe you didn't know but Kneipp has a whole range of these vegan lip care products

Extra care

Intense care

Sensitive care 

Hydro Care 

If you have some time left, you can also check out my blog post about their 130th anniversary

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. okay these sounds like fab product!!! I love that its natural!!! so so good

  2. The air conditioning is killing my skin, SO DRY. I'll totally have to try this out.

  3. Beautiful post indeed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  4. This sounds like a really great lip balm!

  5. I need to give this a try because I always wake up with dry bloody lips.

  6. dry lips are always an issue for me especially with masks still being with us.

  7. I've never heard of that product before until now but that sounds like a great item to check out. It's mostly hot here in our country so a lip balm is definitely a good item.

  8. I love hydrating lip balms, will definitely check it out! Great review πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Everything Enchanting

  9. This has been my struggle for a while. I am so thankful for your post.

  10. Ik heb nog nooit lippenbalsem van Kneipp geprobeerd. Eigenlijk wist ik niet dat Kneipp deze verzorgingsproducten ook verkocht. Een goede tip.

  11. Is, dit klinkt fijn zeg. Ik ga er eens naar kijken.

  12. Ik kende deze lipbalsem niet maar het lijkt mij een prima product als je vaak droge lippen hebt en veganistische producten belangrijk vindt.

  13. Mieke | Miek's Mind16 July 2021 at 11:26

    een goede lippenbalsem is zeker fijn om te gebruiken, ik heb er nog genoeg thuis liggen

  14. In de zomer heb ik veel minder last van droge lippen dan in de winter gelukkig. Maar deze tips zijn altijd handig.

  15. Ik vind ze er ontzettend leuk uit zien qua styling. Zelf ben ik een groot fan van de Purol lipbalm.


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