Saturday, 10 April 2021

Do You Need A Stiff Neck Remedy? The Gigi Cosmetics - Electric Pulse Neck Massager

Hi There..... Do you also suffer from neck pains? Maybe what you need is a relaxing neck massage? Would you like me to tell you more about my stiff neck remedy? 

Did all this Corona madness make you feel tense, tired, hypersensitive, or even angry, perhaps? No worries, it’s absolutely natural in these times of crisis. 😵

There are places in the world where they have vaccinated lots of people, and everything is peachy. I wish I could say the same for Belgium. At the moment, only about 20% of the people have had a vaccination. 😟

All bars and restaurants are closed. If we want to go shopping, we have to book an appointment and get a maximum of 30 minutes in the store, except for the supermarkets and other essential stores. 😥

There is an evening clock, so we have to be home before midnight. I feel like 18 all over again. I always had to be home before the clock struck twelve, just like Cinderella. 😏

The fitness centers, hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo shops are also closed, also the dancings, discotheques, and nightclubs. There are no theatres, movies or concerts. No need to go on. I suppose you get my point. Enough to get angry or unhappy about. Enough to cause stress on anybody. 😖

There are some solutions I can think of to release your tension. I could suggest you either take a cold shower to cool down, or a hot shower or bath to relax your muscles. 😁

You could go for a stroll and when somebody annoying passes, you could beat him or her up. Ah, maybe not the best idea I ever had, haha, and for all I know, you might strain another muscle. 😂

There may be a lot of solutions to this problem, but for me, the best stiff neck remedy still is a good neck massage. That's why it was such a relief they asked me to review this Electric Pulse Neck Massager from The Gigi Cosmetics 😍

First things first, though, ...

what does their website say about this device? 

Troubled by stiffness of neck and shoulder after tons of stress working overtime and lack of physical activities? Or constantly suffered from headaches, neck pain, repeated migraines, and sleeping disorders? Here is your solution:

Electric Pulse Neck Massager is an electric pulse massager that eases muscle tension and cervical fatigue.

The device has a streamlined design and its U shape was adopted in accordance with the human neck cervical.

The built-in magnets provide massage of human acupoints, thus benefiting the stressed muscle tissues and nervous system in general. Such magnetic therapy reduces stress and helps to improve our health via stimulation of the nerves endings by electric pulses.

Besides, due to 3D intelligent fit technology, anyone can easily adjust the electrodes according to their own neck. Also comes with a pair of electrode patches that can be used on multiple body parts, for example, neck, back, leg and waist, etc.

Order today and leave your neck pain and cervical fatigue in the past. Feel like you were 18 all over again!

Product Benefits

-Balances your nervous system
-Eliminates pain
-Relaxes muscles
-Promotes blood circulation
-Improves oxygen supply, microcycle, nutrition of the tissue cells
-Promotes metabolism.
- 3D intelligent fit technology
easily adjust electrode according to personal neck curve, creating a better coverage for massage
- 6 modes transferable and 10 kinds of intensity adjustable
Switch modes based on your own preferences!
-Best for relief on
Neck pain and cervical stiffness.
Arthritis in the shoulders.
Natural curvature problems (bone hyperplasia).
Irritability and fatigue due to sleep disorders (can be caused by cervical spondylitis).
Numbness in the arms and shoulders.
Edema and inflammation.
Dizziness and loss of balance.
Headaches (especially at the back of the head).
Cervical nerve pain.
High or low blood pressure.
Muscular spasms or shooting pains/ trigger points.
Knotted neck and shoulders.

I have a lot of joint and muscle problems and need to go to the physiotherapist twice a week. They recently tested my blood, and it seems there is more going on than just pain issues. They found a factor in my blood that suggests I have an immune deficiency disease. I am ever so sorry. You weren't expecting me to be ordinary, I hope. 😁

Certain days, I return from the physiotherapist and with one wrong move, my neck gets stiff all over again. Perfect time for me to test the device. 😊

How does it work

All you have to do is wet your neck with a wet towel and put the device around your neck. Turn on the device, choose between heat mode, acupuncture mode, beat mode, and massage mode, and you are good for 15 minutes. You can choose to do this one or 2 times a day. 😊

I will not tell you if it worked for me or not. Most definitely not. 😡

Ah, I got you. You thought I would not tell you, right? No, I was just fooling around. Some of you that have been following me for a while probably didn't fall for this trap. They know I always come true. 😎

Where was I? Oh yes, in the living room behind my laptop trying to write a review, and you are still patiently (or not) waiting for ...

My opinion

What can I say, it feels as if they made this neck massager especially for me? I just love the acupuncture mode, beat mode, and massage mode. 😍

The only thing I am not that fond of is the heat mode. If I read correctly in the book, the heat goes up to 42 degrees, and that's too much for me. Ah, I know, I am a scaredy-cat with heat. I am not a fan of a hot shower either. So the only problem could be me. 😏

There is a solution though, for my problem. When I put a towel in between my neck and the device, the heat is not that strong. 😀

I would definitely check out their website

They have top-quality beauty products. Here are a few examples.

Their mission is to elevate, enable, approve, and eventually assemble confidence in ladies around the globe through astounding items that empower both inward and external beauty and otherworldly edification while additionally giving chances to self-improvement and budgetary reward. 😊

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

The Best Guide on how to perfect your makeup looks - makeup guide from Lipsticksmoothie

Hi There..... Would you like to perfect your makeup looks? Do you love to do makeup? 

No, no, not kiss and make up. Let me rephrase the question. Would you like to know more about some great makeup tutorials? 😉

Ah, now I got you interested, haven’t I? A lot of us like to do makeup, but not everybody can create stunning looks. Often I see pictures on Instagram, thinking how sublime is that. When I tried to recreate their makeup looks, it turned out to be a pure disaster. 😬

Like a lot of you, I never learned how. Back in the seventies, most of us only used one color of eyeshadow, and only on the eyelid, nothing above the crease. 😊

Oops, almost forgot that some of you may not know what this crease is. Your crease is the part of your eyelid that is between your eyebrow bone and your moving eyelid. So the only part where we wore eyeshadow in the seventies was on the part that moves when you blink your eyes. 😄

It’s also the part where the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles and folds appear if you are my age. That’s why I am keen to do this now, before my crease totally disappears underneath the sagging skin. Oh my, I am imagining myself performing as a singer still and having to lift the skin on top of my eyes to show people my eye makeup look. 😂

Can you imagine how happy I was to receive this Makeup Guide from Lipsticksmoothie in return for my honest opinion?

First, you might want to know what their website says about this book. 😊

Finally, all the answers to your MAKEUP questions! This STEP BY STEP Makeup Guide will save you so much time and will help you find your perfect makeup looks. 🎉

The LipstickSmoothie Makeup Guide is your one-stop-shop for your makeup routine:

✓8-week Makeup Plan 🦋
✓32+ step-by-step makeup looks 💄
✓200+ beautiful pages 📖
✓Makeup Tracker Charts 📝
✓for makeup beginners & pros 🤓
✓suitable for everyone 🌎
✓eBook + Hardcover book 📚

Think of it as your own cookbook for makeup. Join our safe space and discover your personal signature looks with the LipstickSmoothie Makeup Guide!

The Makeup Guide helps you bring your makeup skills to the next level with the first-of-its-kind Makeup Plan!

What's inside the Guide?

200+ Stunning Pages

We inspire, motivate and educate with over 200 pages that help you bring your makeup skills to new heights.

8-week Makeup Plan

Every week, you will discover a new style. Try 8 makeup styles and their variations: smokey, halo, winged liner, and more!

32 Beautiful Looks

Experiment with 32 step-by-step pictorial looks to find out what suits best for your personal style!

Makeup Tips

Learn all the makeup tips and tricks in a clear, easy-to-understand format!

Base, Eyes & Lips

All your makeup needs are covered in one place: choose the topic you want to explore and discover all its secrets.

One-Stop Makeup Library

The Makeup Guide offers limitless inspiration at your fingertips, all in one place!

Make Any Look Your Own

The guide teaches you a wide range of techniques, you can customize the makeup looks to fit you and your friends.

Makeup Tracker Charts

We keep you on the journey to a new makeup experience with Tracker Charts that lets you follow the program at a pace that works for you!

Best value for money!

Get the first-of-its-kind Makeup Guide for only $39 and start your beauty journey from the comfort of your home!

I will first show you some of the looks I tried to make with the help of the makeup tutorials from the book.

1. Nude Look

This was my first attempt at making some of those makeup looks. You really get step-by-step instructions on how you achieve this nude look. 

There is a picture for every step you take, and what brush you have to use. You also get a lot of examples of variations on this same look. You can also take notes in the tracker chart. There is a column for your date, reaction (whether you liked it or not), your thoughts, and the colors you used.

2. Bold Look

For my second attempt, I tried to do a bolder look. There are a lot more steps in this one, and they are all illustrated with pictures.

The example showed more red and purple shades, but at the moment I don't have those in my stash. I suppose it is all a question of experimenting with colors until you get to the one you like best. Then if you know exactly where to apply the lighter, where the in-between, and where the darker colors you are on the right path. There are also a few suggestions in the book of combinations you can try.

3. Liner

My third attempt was a look that focused more on the eyeliner. This is a great everyday look if you ask me, although it took 8 steps also to get there. 


Practice, however, makes perfect, and my makeup looks may not be perfect yet, but I am certain that with the help of this book, I will get there.

This is such a great guide. Part 1 is an educational section that covers all the basics of makeup and techniques. I was so happy they included this in the book because there were so many things I wasn't aware of. There were so many tips and tricks, and what I liked most were the dos and don'ts. 

It's not just about the eyes, but you also get to learn about primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, powders, contouring, bronzers, blushes, and lips. 

I have seen a lot of YouTube movies, but I found it so hard to recreate those looks afterward. This book was the best solution for me. I still have a lot of looks I want to try, so this book is guaranteed fun for so many weeks to come.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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