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Different Types Of Jewelry Findings And Their Uses

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If you are a novice at jewelry making, you might not be entirely sure about what are the different types of jewelry findings and what you can use them for. These are just the components that help the pieces to join together in order to form your jewelry. A few examples are eye pins, headpins, connectors, jump rings, clasps, and bails. You can find these components in metal finishes like gunmetal, copper, antique brass, antique silver, silver-tone, gold-tone, etc. Let us now take a look at some of the common jewelry findings and their uses. 

Bead Caps

These are decorative jewelry findings that you can attach at the end of the beads. These are made up of different metals and you can find them in different shapes and sizes. You can use them to cover both sides or just cap one end of the bead, like an earring dangle. A bead cap will vary considerably in appearance depending on the size and shape of the bead of your choice. You can also use these findings with beaded tassels and beaded ropes in order to hide threads and knots. 

Crimp Beads and Crimp Covers

Crimp beads allow you to attach the beading wire ends to other findings like earring wire, clasp, and jump ring. You can find these jewelry findings in two shapes - cylindrical crimp tubes and rounded crimp beads. Usually, you have to use pliers or a special crimping tool to close them. You need to select a crimp of appropriate size based on the size of the wire. 


Clasps are essential jewelry findings that allow you to fasten your bracelet and necklace designs. You have the option of choosing from these hooks, carabiner clasps, bolt rings, magnetic clasps, screw fasteners, and toggle clasps. You need to use jump rings in order to attach the clasps.

Cord and Ribbon Ends

Some people don't want to tie their cord and ribbon jewelry together, and for the cord and ribbon, the ends are perfect. This finding allows you to introduce a metal fixing to your jewelry project. While ribbon heads are mostly flat, you will find the barrel and round-shaped cord ends more interesting. The ribbon ends often have teeth that help in securing them to the material.

Eyepins and Headpins

These jewelry findings feature a wire material and you can use them to dangle beads and connect the different components of handmade jewelry. Headpins can be of two types and while one variety has a ball at the end, the other one has a flattened circle. You can connect these eye pins to other findings and components or add dangles to them by using the round loop at the end. Other varieties include spiral headpins and paddle headpins, and they are fitted with decorative embellishments.

Jump Rings

These jewelry findings consist of metal loops that can be used to join together different jewelry components such as beaded components and ear wires, clasps and chains, etc. You can also make a chain maille out of these jump rings.

Wire Guardians

A crimp cover is a C-shaped decorative metal with a hollow center that you can close around a crimp, thereby making it appear like a bead. You can find them in a variety of metals and sizes and can fasten them by using pliers.

These findings are used to protect threads and prevent the stringing material brushing against the findings and protect it from getting damaged. You just need to feed your thread through the wire guardians and thread out your jump ring, necklace end, or fastener over the top. That’s it.

Now that you are aware of some of the findings that can help you with your jewelry-making projects, you can buy the ones based on your requirement. Hence, choosing the right findings will ensure the longevity and quality of the piece of jewelry.

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