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Holiday Gift Guide - 23 Home Gift and Kitchen Gift for Her - max. $55

Hi There..... Are you in for another Holiday Gift Guide? Maybe you are looking for some wonderful home gifts or a Kitchen gift for her?

In case you have been following for a while, you may know I am not an avid cook. It’s not that I can’t cook. I am just not that into it. 😏

When you have two sisters that like cooking and they are both good at it, why on earth should I do it. There were far more interesting things to spend my time on as a kid. My favorite pastime on my own, in those days, was drawing and not preparing meals. I also loved to listen to music. 😊

There were no cd’s just Singles and Long play (LP) records when I grew up. The LP's were about 10 to 12 inches (25 - 30 cm). Big enough for me to draw a replica of the faces of pop stars like Olivia Newton-John. Not that they were an exact replica, but I had fun and they weren't half that bad. 😁   

Oh yes, just like most teenagers, I was a fan of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. They had just brought out Grease, a romantic and fun musical. Like every other girl of my age, I dreamed of being Sandy. She was a gorgeous, sweet, and the shyest girl. 😍

You may think it impossible that I was a shy girl, but I was, and not just a little. I was so shy I turned red more than I can remember. The worst of all was that I could feel my face getting warm and red, resulting in even more redness. It was enough for me that someone would look at me or ask me a question. A ripe tomato would look pale next to me. πŸ˜‚

I have learned to control it now. My confidence also grew a lot in the years passing. The only tomato you will find now will be the one on my plate. 😁

Ok, let's talk about or better let me show you what could be your home gift or kitchen gift for her.

Money Tree $54.00

Lively Root is a new company that sends small-batch, farm-fresh potted plants straight to your door. They’re based in San Diego and are passionate about horticulture, the planet, and sustainability. 

This money tree is hard to kill (so great for beginner plant lovers) and super pretty. The best part is that it’s said to bring good luck to all who have it. 

They love Money Trees (Pachira Aquatica) because not only do they bring prosperity and good fortune, but they’re seriously resilient and easily rebound from neglect. Perfect for gifting and great for beginners, they do best in a sunny room with indirect light and a moderate watering schedule.

Key and Leash Holder - Handmade His Hers / Hers $43.00

Cades & Birch offers an extensive collection of handcrafted customized gifts and home dΓ©cor that will dramatically improve the appearance of your inner walls.

This cute, handmade wall-hung key/leash holder is a perfect and attractive way to organize your stuff! 
This product is crafted by their artisans from a solid wood base, and adorned with laser cut 1/8” birch wood decor with the hook options - these are dimensional wood cutouts, not stickers or paint. Under each is an antique brass color metal hook to hold keys, leashes, or whatever else you need! 

Pine Products pictured in Dark and Grey stain.
Made to order by their in-house woodworking artists. 
The back has keyhole slots for easy wall mounting. 

They offer Pine, Eastern Cedar, Walnut, and Mahogany woods. 

3 hooks - 12.5” long 
4 hooks - 13.5” long 
5 hooks - 15.75” long 
Wood is 3/4" thick, all sizes are 5" tall. 

Decorative Ceramic Tree Ring Holder with Trinket Tray $31.99

JadeMoghul is an emerging North American online retail shopping supercenter. Being a one-of-a-kind retail platform, it is home to the world’s most premium brands and private labels.

With its unique marriage of private labels and hundreds of globally renowned brands, the fusion allows a rich, diversified lifestyle shopping experience, providing impeccable comfort-n-convenience.

Moghul Exclusive section features the most premium and best-selling international brands with an extensive range in assorted accessories and lifestyle products. 

Jade Mall is home to highly sought-after and popular private label outfits, featuring a rich diversity in menswear, womenswear, assorted accessories, kid's clothing, and lifestyle products. 

Their corporate vision is to make a marked difference in customers’ lifestyle with the winning ingredients of fun & interactive experience, adding colors to life, and creating positive vibes among people.   

They firmly believe in the core, foundational values of customer satisfaction and fair practices. Providing a supreme shopping paradise is their claim to fame as they aspire to add value to the lives of the customers.

Amaze the tables and shelves of your living space by using this decorative ring holder made of ceramic. The ceramic ring holder comes in a designed structure of a tree with a golden color finish. The ring holder is accented with a trinket tray which comes in a white color finish. Keep your small pieces of jewelry and rings in this decorative item.

TaZa Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses 20 oz Set of 4 $24.99

The last thing you want to worry about during the holiday season? Broken glass. 
During all the festivities, someone's bound to drop a glass, and when that happens, it puts a real damper on the situation. Cleaning up all the slivers to make sure everyone stays safe... not a situation you want to be in!

*NO LOGO ON GLASS * PREVENT PARTY DRAMA with shatterproof wine glasses. TaZa wine and water glasses won't break if dropped, leaving you free to enjoy company without the worry of breakage. Perfect for outdoor picnics & camping and around the pool, patio, or boat. Anywhere that you do not want broken glass they have you covered.

ENTERTAIN IN STYLE with crystal clear 100% TRITAN plastic glasses that provide the brilliance of fine glass. There's no need to sacrifice practicality for clarity be prepared to receive compliments on how well they showcase wine, cocktails, or any other drink you serve.

** BPA-FREE & EA-FREE ** & DRAMA-FREE. Made with 100% USA made material. Keep harmful ingredients out of your drink. PRIORITIZE YOUR PEACE OF MIND: Regular plastic leaches chemicals into drinks, our USA Tritan plastic is not only some of the safest, but it's also DISHWASHER SAFE.

PERFECT AROUND KIDS, DOGS & TIPSY FRIENDS. Unlike typical glass, TaZa shatterproof wine glasses can get knocked off the counter and bounce without shattering.

ENJOY ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES. A TaZa! 16 oz wine glass is perfectly designed to be versatile for any drink. Enjoy wine, water, cocktails, lemonade, juice, or even dessert. They're lightweight and comfortable to hold, even for kids.

Flotsam Reef Beach Towel $50.50

Flotsam creates unique beach towels with a matching inflatable pillow, perfect for vacations, staycations, and sunny days in the park. 

Flotsam towels are sand-free, quick-dry, and roll up small, complete with a pillowcase that doubles as a carry bag. Unzip the bag, lay out your towel, inflate the pillow and clip it onto the towel with discreet poppers. 

The design seamlessly blends the pillow into the patterned towel, creating a comfy place to rest your head. 

Complementing days spent by the ocean, Flotsam towels are stylish yet practical, combining unique prints inspired by the world’s most beautiful coastlines with an additional feature that makes days at the beach even better.

Features: matching inflatable pillow, carry bag, sand-free, quick-dry, lightweight, hanging hook, double-sided print.

Our towels are full size but roll up small.
80 x 160 cm / 31 x 62 inches.

Deviled-Egg Maker Master Kit $45.95

The Negg® is the world’s #1 egg peeler. The female founders cracked the code on one of the food prep's biggest pain points. 

Who doesn't hate peeling hard-boiled eggs?
Cold water and some shaking are all it takes for this hard-boiled egg peeler to work. 

The Negg® makes peeling eggs easy, fast, and fun. 
Stir in either the Cajun, Classic, Smoky Ham, or Curry seasoning mixes for perfect deviled eggs every time. 

This one-of-a-kind Deviled-Egg Master Kit comes in an attractive gift box and is the perfect present for every deviled egg maker.

The kit contains:
A boiled egg recipe
The NEGG® Egg Peeler (you choose the color)
Set of 25 eco-friendly "social distancing" spoons
A Chef-Grade reusable 10" pastry bag and tip
A set of the 4 Negg Deviled-Egg Seasonings (Classic, Cajun, Curry, Smoky Ham)
An exclusive "Get the Shell Outta Here" flour sack dishtowel 
The "Everything but the Eggs" gift box.
This kit has everything but the eggs--cook, peel and prepare professional looking and perfectly seasoned deviled eggs in no time and every time.  

Funny Divorce Pillow Light Yellow $49.50

DivorcedDiva is a boutique for the divorced woman with a sense of fun. Inspired by her book Solve the Divorce Dilemma: Do You Keep Your Husband or Do You Post Him on Craigslist?

Length: 18 Inches; Width: 18 Inches
This funny divorce pillow will bring a smile to your face and a splash of color to your home.

The perfect gift for a newly divorced friend, this premium feel moisture-wicking pillow with a shape-retaining insert is just what you're looking for! 

It'll make any room luxurious and provide the perfect excuse for a quick power nap.

• 100% pre-shrunk polyester case
• Moisture-wicking fabric with a linen feel
• Hidden zipper
• Machine-washable case
• Shape-retaining 100% polyester insert included (handwash only)

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Baba Bag $23.00

Baba Bags is a reusable bag social enterprise focused on eliminating single-use plastic bags. 

They hold over 120 pounds, and because of this unbelievable durability come with a LIFETIME warranty. These bags are primarily used as a reusable bag, but because of their effortless fashion, they are also widely used as tote bags for many other purposes like a beach bag or bag travel bag! 

Last year they have saved about 21,000 plastic bags from being used!  Their bags are handmade in Ukraine out of organic cotton, partnered with 2 different charities (they donate each bag sold 2 dollars to one of these charities). 

Handmade in Ukraine
Lifetime Warranty
Made with organic cotton
Over 120-pound carrying capacity (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 pounds)
Washable (recommended to wash cold and line dry)
Dimensions: 17 in. W x 22 in. H
The bags are handmade so there may be a slight variation in size

When washing your Baba Bag, your bag will shrink around 2 inches. Getting it back to its original size is easy. First, grab the bottom of the bag with one hand and both handles with your other hand. Next, pull each side in opposite direction with force. This will get your Baba Bag stretched out and back to its original size.

Iron in a Bottle 32oz $32.00

Iron in a Bottle's an all-natural wrinkle releaser spray for clothing and home, with an eco-friendly, BPA-free, cruelty-free, made-in-America breakthrough formula. 

Their story: Family-inspired, family-created, and family-owned. Years ago, Sheri Eudaly gave up ironing and created a homemade spray that turned out to be a game changer - no more irons, no more hassle, and best of more wrinkles! 

Her son Austin saw the global need for the product when friends kept stealing his, so in 2018 set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world. The result? A modern wrinkle releaser that's efficient, effective, and plant-based (bonus: it smells great, too!)

Ironing’s the worst. Want to look and feel your best without sacrificing precious time? Introducing your new secret weapon: Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, a plant-based wrinkle-releaser spray for clothing and home.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Hang clothing on a hanger or lay it on a flat surface to start, and spray 8-12 inches away from the garment in a sweeping motion until wrinkles on the front and back are slightly damp. Smooth fabric downward and gently pull to watch the wrinkles release. Let dry completely before wear.

T highly recommend iron in a Bottle for use on wool, oxfords, soft cotton, t-shirts, polyester blends, flannel, heavy cotton, chinos, denim, poplin, linen and cotton blends.

copper water bottle $32.50

Stay luxuriously hydrated with this hand-crafted copper water bottle from Copper H2O.  Besides the environmental benefits of a reusable water bottle and the aesthetic qualities of this bottle, recent studies have shown that copper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-viral, which makes copper water bottles ideal for an active lifestyle during COVID-19. 

Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has several benefits according to ancient Ayurvedic medicine. In particular, water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as “tamra jal” in Ayurvedic medicine) is believed to help balance the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become natural alkaline water, which is believed to help balance your body’s pH levels. Accordingly, their copper drinking bottles are also natural alkaline water bottles.

Studies have shown copper is anti-bacterial, supports good health, prevents aging, supports healthy skin, helps maintain cardiovascular health, supports the thyroid, and stimulates the brain. Because copper is naturally anti-microbial, our copper bottles are naturally self-sterilizing and do not require as much cleaning as other water bottles. This makes them great for those with an active lifestyle.

Embossed Rolling Pin $34.50

Embossed Co makes embossed rolling pins from 100% pure high-grade solid beech wood. They are 100% food-safe and free of BPA or any other toxic preservatives. They’ve worked hard to ensure that their rolling pins are sourced from the highest quality beech wood, and they pay meticulous attention to every detail at each stage of production. 

Each of the embossed rolling pins starts with a piece of natural beech wood. They lovingly carve each piece of wood into shape before using a high-precision laser to carefully engrave the detailed decorative pattern onto the rolling pin. 

These beautiful rolling pins are also perfect for more than just cookies and pies. You can use the new rolling pins for cakes and other sweets or for savory items like homemade noodles or pasta! You can also use the rolling pins to work with clay and other art mediums. Imagine being able to easily give your pottery a beautiful decorative texture in seconds! 

All rolling pins are 17.5 inches long (handles included), which is the traditional size of rolling pins. The patterned portion of the rolling pin (excluding the handles) is 9.5 inches long. This size produces a large engraving pattern, making it very versatile for all your baking needs. The rolling pin is 2 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 10 ounces.

Because each piece of wood is natural and unique, and because the rolling pins are handmade, there may be slight differences in color, size, and pattern or slight imperfections which add to the character of the item without affecting its quality or beauty. 

Water filter pitcher $21.99

Waterdrop, a company that specializes in providing all kinds of water purification solutions. This brand has a wide product spectrum including water filter pitcher, refrigerator replacement filter, water filter straw, and the under-sink water reverse osmosis system. 

This filter comes with 7-layer filtration to reduce contaminants.
The gravity induction indicator reminds you to replace the filter for better water quality.
It ensures an easy refill of the pitcher without the need to remove the cover.
It suits most fridge doors and keeps water cold for a very long time.

Meets different water needs
Replenish your supply of purified water. Enjoy safe drinking water while maintaining your health.
Use pure filtered water to make a cup of coffee for your loved ones.
Don't forget your pet! Pure filtered water can improve your pet’s health.

Drink Perfector $49.95

Drink Perfector brings beverages to their optimal temperature, where taste and aroma are at their finest. Ideal for coffee, tea, cocoa, wine, or bourbon, the Drink Perfector is made in America and easy to use.  

Fill with ice for the desired temperature and pour the beverage into the top reservoir, letting it percolate down through the copper coil and into the cup or glass. There is no guesswork, and within seconds the temperature reaches its range of flavorful best.

Up your drink sophistication game and be a drink expert with the Drink Perfector by Drink Perfection. The Drink Perfector lets you enjoy your favorite beverage the way it was meant to be experienced - at the most flavorful temperature! 

You will drink like a true sommelier and experience your wines at the correct temperature with no guesswork. With the confidence of a barista, you will perfect the flavor notes in your black coffee and stop burning your tongue. And, as any Bourbon Steward knows, drinking this American classic at the correct temperature makes all the difference in the world. 

You will become a brunch host pro and serve fresh brewed iced-coffee and iced-tea in no time to your guests. 

The Drink Perfector is simple to use, easy to clean, and brings beverages to the optimal and most flavorful temperature, perfect for experiencing the fullness of flavor notes and beverage bouquets, which are indiscernible at conventional serving temperatures. 

Designer Boxes for Cats $24.99

Kitty Cardboard! We sell a cat’s MOST favorite item - A BOX! - with a special design that allows them to be able to NAP, PLAY, HIDE, EXPLORE, ACCLIMATE to new spaces, and take PAW-some PHOTOS and VIDEOS for their Instagram profiles, in an aesthetically pleasing cardboard box. 

By frequently releasing new colorful designs, we INSPIRE cats and their parents to CELEBRATE the seasons and TRAVEL the world TOGETHER! It's a PURR-fect GIFT for cats and their "owners"! We believe that KITTY CARDBOARD would be a great addition to any family's living room!

Keep your kitty healthy and active
Fits small and medium-sized cats
Helps relieve stress and to adapt to a new environment
Perfect for napping, hiding, and playing
Picture worthy
Unique designs

Bringing a new cat home
Perfect gift for cats and their owners
Add a toy
Spread the joy
Gift that keeps giving

Our unique and fun Kitty Cardboard cat houses are made from the highest quality eco and pet-friendly materials, while giving a modern touch to your home and fulfilling all of your cat’s needs!

Eco Luxury Redwood Forest Candle $ 49.50

Aroma43 was started to get back to the roots of hands-on fragrance creation, artisan candle making, and other new artisan products that give great fragrance, and are responsible to the environment, both the Earth and the environment in your home. 

The candles are made of 100% soy wax, all cotton wicks, and essential oil-based fragrances, no additional additives, phthalates, or unwanted chemicals, and everything used is cruelty-free. 

Aroma43 likes to use high levels of fragrance in their products for a great user experience. To accomplish this they hand poured the candles to have artisan control over the process rather than using automated machinery or having another company make the candles for them. 

They also create their own proprietary processes to infuse high levels of fragrances into their Aroma Sphere and other products, using innovation in the process rather than chemicals to incorporate high levels of fragrance.

The Eco-Luxury Redwood Forest Candle is a limited edition candle made using one of the most expensive natural, refined and robust fragrances aroma43 has ever made. 

The glass is a heavy bottom tumble that can be reused after enjoying the candle, the label on the glass is elegantly simple to honor the forest that inspired this fragrance. 

After being poured with love and cured for 24 hours, the candle is wrapped in fleece, that can also be used as a candle coaster, packed into a protective inner tray made of 99% recycled paper, and boxed for shipment. It comes with a card explaining the candle and the fragrance, including a fragrance pyramid to reference while enjoying the layers of this fragrance unfolding to your senses. 

This fragrance is an essence that celebrates old-growth Redwood groves, it is a stunning blend of aromas featuring sparkling green citrus accords, colorful woods, earthy moss, and sun-warmed bark. This fragrance is a comforting, natural fit for the holidays and year round, bringing nature and beauty into the home.

Hand Painted Vase Flower $ 29,00

Bella Sandro Artistry is a shop on Etsy. It is run by a grandmother who is a Glass art painter based in San Diego. 

She is passionate about all things creative, and just launched a small one-woman business. She is an Iraqi-American immigrant who has lived in the United States for over 30 years and has had lupus nearly her whole life. She has overcome and survived insurmountable odds by focusing on her family and hobbies. She is grateful for each and every day, and loves to bring joy to others through her art.

Hand-painted 9" glass vase 
Meticulously hand-painted with detailed craftsmanship, then baked to ensure long-lasting quality
Ideal gift for all ages on holidays, birthday, client gifts, and more
Great decor for any room - home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom 

64 Oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Spout Lid $33.95

Iron Flask has everything you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

The top choice for premium quality products and customer satisfaction, their stainless steel water bottle with double-walled vacuum technology is built for durability, optimal function, and sleek design. Shop their water bottle product line today and discover why customers rave about the Iron Flask experience.

Beautiful Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles
If you're looking for a high-quality water bottle that will last a lifetime

Ironflask stands for Durable. Reliable. Affordable.
Step into the great outdoors, conquer the soccer field, enjoy that road-trip, climb that mountain. Count on your Iron Flask water bottle no matter when or where you need to hydrate.

No more tracking, no more counting. Stay hydrated with a BPA free, reusable water bottle from Iron Flask. Take 64 oz. of goodness with you everywhere #yougotthis!

Your favorite water bottle comes with a spout lid, a flip lid, and a stainless steel lid. Enjoy 64 ounces of refreshing cold water, or piping hot water, as you enjoy your every adventure. Ideal for outdoor experiences, the soccer field, yard work, and your everyday life.

Stainless Steel, Strong, reliable, and easy to clean. Maintain the flavor and temperature of your favorite beverages for hours!

Double-walled vacuum insulated technology means your bottle does not sweat! Cold for up to 24 hours. Hot for up to 12 hours.

The elegant powder coat finish gives your Iron Flask a beautiful and vibrant look while providing an easy grip.

A lifetime warranty is part of the package. They stand by their products and commit to your 100% satisfaction.

Inflatable Couch Lounger  $49.99

PORTABLE: Easy roll-up design fits in a small pouch (included) and makes it easy to take anywhere you need to relax
EASY: No pumps, blowing, or any mechanical devices required. Open the end, scoop up some air, close it up, and use (Note: Extra-long model so you can ROLL THE END 4-5 times tightly to keep air for longer periods)
DURABLE: double layer heavy-duty design with parachute fabric is more resistant to tears and punctures and allows more weight (up to 400 lbs sitting weight)
INCLUDES: Travel pouch, inflatable couch, and tent pegs (to hold it in place outside)

THE PERFECT GIFT! Great for camping, the beach, backyards, or living rooms.
Inflation instructions:
1. Hold open the end of the couch
2. Walk with the couch (outside) facing the wind or use 'sweeping' motion several times inside to inflate
3. After sufficient air has been captured, roll end 4-5 times and clamp tight with buckle to retain air.

Hex Trivet Set In Speckled Black $36

ourCommonplace is an online retailer for fashion-forward, ethical and sustainable goods and, in the long-run, a physical brick and mortar in conjunction. There's finally enough momentum for purchasing social goods, and they like to help speed up the movement by creating a one-stop-shop for conscious consumers who want to spend their dollars responsibly.  

The six values that they have on-site include sustainable, ethical, woman-owned, bipoc-owned, cruelty-free, and toxic free. 

ourCommonplace was started because there wasn’t only a demand for a more ethical and sustainable world, but it also landed at the intersection of all of their passion points. 

Set of three hexagon trivets made of recycled rubber to protect your surfaces in style. The set comes with three of the same color. 

Heat resistant and stain proof.
6"L x 5.25"W x 0.125"H
Wash with soapy water and pat dry.

Made in the USA of post-consumer, recycled rubber.

Squirt Alarm The Bedol Water Clock Green $26.00

Bedol What’s Next brings creative ideas for your home or office in the form of unique and innovatively designed products. 

From businessperson to student, Bedol offers something for everyone with our wide array of purses, checkbooks, weather stations, clocks, radios, organizers and calculators. Multiple functions and attractive designs make their products suitable for any setting, whether home, office, or travel.

The newest edition to the Bedol Water Alarm Clock, Squirt resembles a small splash of water. Perfect size for a home or office or a college student's desk. Just pop open the cap and fill Squirt with ordinary tap water! Features an alarm and easy to set 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

Squirt Water Clock keeps perfect time without requiring batteries or electricity. The amazing eco-friendly Bedol Water Clock technology converts ions into water into clean energy power. Water won’t need to be replaced for 12 months or more and it's simple and fun to do.

Squirt is available in five cheerful colors: blue, green, purple, charcoal, and orange. Measures 3 ½” tall x 4 ½” diameter.

Reduce your carbon footprint by keeping time with tap water. Time-powered by water, join Bedol in another leap forward towards a greener planet.

Woven Holiday Ornaments (Set of 2) $38.00

salt & caramel - wall art with flavor is a shop with a personal love story — marrying the magic and inspiration of the world with hand-woven wall hangings. Each one also marries a brushed copper pipe with soft yarn. 

Made by hand and one-of-a-kind, every piece is a harmonious mix of a clean scandic design with a modern, yet bohemian style. High-quality merino wool, the softest cashmere, silk, and other eco-friendly materials make every tapestry look stylish while adding distinct textural elements from nature. All the pieces are individually hand-crafted with care, guaranteeing that whichever piece you buy is an inspired and unique flavor, just like you bringing cheer, design, and detail into the holiday season and any home.

Hand-woven holiday ornament set to deck your Christmas tree, bring joy to your holiday table and decor, or to give your gift wrapping a personal touch.

And, if you can bear to not keep this mini weaving for yourself, this little unique and cute holiday ornament set makes a great stocking stuffer, a very thoughtful holiday gift, or ‘just because’ surprise for a very special friend, family member, neighbor...

Made with love, salt & caramel for the perfect combination of ooh and aah.

Handmade by Anne Blumrich, a German artist living in NYC
Dimensions approx.: 4" x 3.5" each I set of 2

Good measure recipe pitcher $23.99

For the woman in your life who is always making you LOL, the National Comedy Center’s comedy shop is full of gag gifts, pop culture presents, and downright funny favors.

Browse their line of comedy apparel showcasing some of the most hilarious comedy sketches of all time (think: “who’s on first” or “fat guy in a little coat”). Their household goods collection includes fun games, drinkware (could Friends shot glasses be any more perfect?), candles, and magnets. And theTV Favorites collection has items reminding you why you love the Golden Girls, The Office, Seinfeld, and more. 

We get it, a few drinks in and you forget a few things that go into your favorite drink. Worry no more, as this pitcher gives you 8 delectable cocktail recipes that'll make you the hit of the party.

72 ounces
Serves up to 6 people
Made of light-yet-sturdy borosilicate glass
Hand-wash only.

Every purchase supports the non-profit National Comedy Center, the first state-of-the-art museum dedicated to telling the vital story of comedy in America, in Jamestown, NY – the hometown of I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball. 

And there it is the end but no despair because 'Wisdom begins at the end' according to Daniel Webster. 😎

If you are more into fashion the Holiday Gift Guide below may be something for you.

If you are more into beauty and skincare this Holiday Gift Guide may be what you need.

Hope you like my blog post. Until next time. Have a nice day.    
Renata (Seadbeady) 

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

What to do to keep sane with a chronic illnes - Begin Within Today

Hi There..... Are you going insane from all this Corona madness? Or are you trying to keep sane?

You know, I was trying to keep sane long before all hell broke loose. That’s because I am different. No, just kidding, I am not that different from everybody else. The only difference between most of you and me is maybe my chronic illness. 😊

Some have a hard time understanding why I can’t go to work, but blogging isn’t an issue. It’s not just the pain I cope with daily, but also concentration problems because of the pain from my chronic health conditions. πŸ˜”

I can’t make my blog posts working a few hours in a row. Let me rephrase that, I can't do anything for a few hours in a row period. I have to break everything up into short time spans. 😞

Some days I am more productive than others, depending on how well I slept and how severe the pain is. Being able to write though gives me the feeling I can still accomplish things. Like I am still worth something and my chronic illness doesn't make me into a total wreck. πŸ˜ƒ

If you would like to know more about my chronic illness you could start by reading this blog post. Don't forget to come back after. 😁

That reminds me of how mean I was when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t alone. Our grandmother was always whining about the many things wrong with her. Lucky people without a back, that’s what she always said. She would always complain about the pain in her back. And now I have the same problem as she did. The difference was that she loved to talk about it. If you named a certain disease, you could bet your bottom dollar she had been ill from it too. 😏

I realize now that it isn’t nice but me and both my sisters would laugh at her behind her back. We cooked up a plan to trick her. On our next visit, we were going to tell her a story about a friend that had been ill. Nothing mischievous about that, except that we invented the disease this so-called friend was suffering from. We were giggling in advance already. 😁

I don’t recall which of us 3 told her the story, but what I can tell you is that our trick worked. We had a hard time trying to keep a serious face. Yes, we did still have some decency not to laugh at her right in her face. Must be because she pampered all her grandkids. I have a lot of fond childhood memories about her too. 😍

That is one reason I rarely talk about my chronic illness to my loved ones. I know they would listen without a doubt, but I just don’t want to bore them. There is always this voice in the back of my head ‘not too much, don’t nag’. Oh my, I just told you I hear voices. πŸ™‰

Just skip this paragraph. Pretend I didn't write it. 😱

Maybe it's best to change the subject and tell you about this wonderful daily healing journal I received from Begin Within Today in return for my honest opinion.

This is what her website says about this journal.

Begin Within Today is about Therapy, Life Coaching and Resources meet you, and or your loved one(s) exactly where you or they are, which is in perfect and divine timing. 

As an organization, they are rooted in a foundation of respect, sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, using a holistic approach. 

They believe healing begins from within, focused on the abundant strengths and resources you already have. 
They hope their journals and services empower and support you to find confidence, freedom, balance, joy, peace, independence, and clarity from within.

That sounds like a great place to start 'from within'. 😊

The woman behind this journal, Patricia (Christina) Kantzavelos, specializes in chronic health conditions and trauma, which she understands first hand. 

Chronic medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, dysautonomia, EDS, Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s, mast cell activation syndrome, vasculitis, sickle cell disease, mold illness, etc.) often come with significant challenges, like fear, anxiety, medical PTDS, and may interfere with relationships and daily function. 

She uses various holistic evidence-based treatment modalities and practice-based evidence, contingent on each person’s needs and goals, with an added focus on mindfulness techniques, positive psychology, and strengths-based therapy.

picture by John Hain on Pixabay

I have just started working with this journal, but it looks like a handy tool for anyone with chronic illness. It makes you pay attention to every detail of your day, and it could provide great insight. 

It helps you find the link between what you ate or did, the medication you took, your vitals, and the effect it has on you. The journal lets you write how you feel, your frustrations, successes, and where you think you failed. There even is a small space on what you like about your body. I am all in for body-positivity.

It's a great way to make you feel better about yourself. And that is so important because you really don't want to get depressed. I have been there, and it's not where you want to end up, believe me. 

This journal doesn't only look wonderful, but it’s ECO-FRIENDLY, and last but not least a portion of this journal's sales gets donated to an organization that promotes advocacy, research, and resources to/for the chronic illness community.

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Renata (Seadbeady) 

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