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How To Start A Fashion Blog

Hi There….. Are you in need of some blogging education? Would you like to know how to start a Fashion blog?

Ah, this must be your lucky day because I am going to tell you all about it. 😁

Fashion and Beauty blogs are popular. Both among readers and bloggers because with a successful Fashion or Beauty blog, you can earn money.

Not that gaining money is my goal, on the contrary, I haven’t earned a cent. All I seek is Fame and Fun, trying out the occasional new product, and most of all the fun I get from sharing my thoughts with you. πŸ˜ƒ

But you may wonder, how do you start a Fashion blog? And most of all, how do you distinguish yourself from all those other wannabe Fashion bloggers, like I am? 😨

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That’s why today I wanted to give you some advice on How to start a Fashion blog.

First, you need to know what topics to include. So that is the first question you have to ask yourself. Will you write about Fashion do’s and don’ts, personal Fashion preferences, Fashion tips like Haute couture news, or what people wear on the street? Or maybe you want to write about celebrities, speak your mind about their clothing? Or you never know, maybe you are interested in handmade Fashion and reviews just like me? 😲

At first, my goal was to promote my Etsy shop with handmade jewelry. I needed to close my shop, but the love for blogging grew on me, so I kept my blog running. In the beginning, I gave free blog posts to Etsy shops from the people I knew. Handmade is still very important to me because I have been a small shop owner. The reviewing part on my blog came to be a lot later because you need to build an audience at first. 


That’s why your first step to becoming a Fashion blogger is to answer this question: Why do you want to start a Fashion blog? Are you doing it to have fun or are you in it for the money?


What part of Fashion would you like to talk about? You need to narrow it down because you can’t talk about everything that happens in Fashion, that is practically impossible. Decide for yourself which subjects you want to write about.

Here are a few examples: Mom Fashion, Kid’s Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Curvy women Fashion, and so on.

Try to choose something that you have a link with and know a few things about, and try to stand out. Maybe it’s a good idea to check out some of your competitors? What do others write about? This may be a great blog to get some inspiration.

Defining this niche will make it easier for your readers to relate to you. They will know what to expect. 

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Think about a fitting name for your blog. Make it understandable, easy to spell, and something that people will remember. Google the name first to make sure nobody else is using it.


Who do you want to write for? What is your target audience? Are you writing for moms, businesswomen, pregnant women, men, a certain age group, people from a specific area on the map?

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When you have answered those questions, it is time to think about the platform you want to use for your blog. Some great blogging platforms that offer free web hosting are,,, and If I am honest, I really don't know that much about the pro's and con's of these, so I am going to direct you to another site.


Make a cool look for your blog in order to stand out. Make sure your theme is suitable for the many photos and pictures you will post. No need to worry about this too much because you can always change it afterward. 

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Be sure to think thoroughly about your profile. It is important to present yourself well and let people know who you are. This makes it easier for your readers to relate to you. Pick a great profile picture and keep it up to date. Write an about page and let people know why you started your blog.


Time to write and get your blog post out there. Be consistent and publish at least one new blog post a week. It's all a question of how much time you have. Better to write one great post than to do 2 or 3 mediocre ones. Choose quality over quantity.

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If you can and feel up to it, try to learn a bit about SEO before you write. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Learning about SEO will make you rank higher in search engine results and generate traffic to your blog! 


Start publishing that post of yours on all your Social Media Channels. You can read my blog post on how to Promote your blog post.

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Try to find some Influencer platforms that have opportunities for bloggers. If you decide you want to monetize your blog, get into affiliate marketing.

Remember, you are not the only fashion blogger out there, so try to stand out. Stick to your niche, idea, and don't suddenly change it overnight because that would confuse your followers. Use your unique style of voice and don't just copy others. 

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day 

Renata (Seadbeady) 

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  1. dit is een heel goed en realistisch blog, een must read als je mode-blogger wil worden!

  2. Ik vind fashion echt heel leuk, maar ik zou er geen hele blog aan kunnen wijden denk ik haha. Ik ben meer van alles en nog wat! :D

  3. Ik houd van Fashion, maar bewust gekozen om dat niet te doen op mijn blog. Wil niet graag helemaal op de foto

  4. ik vind het altijd leuk om fashion blogs te lezen, maar zelf steeds foto's van mezelf maken vind ik niks, haha.

  5. Goed stappenplan om mee aan de slag te gaan. Belangrijk is ook om je te realiseren dat het ook tijd kost om je blog van de grond te krijge. Heb dus geduld en doorzettingsvermogen

  6. Een fashion blogger lijkt me erg leuk als je daar de interesse voor hebt. Zelf zou ik het helaas niet kunnen.

  7. fashion bloggen is leuk maar het zou niet echt wat voor mij zijn, ik lees dan liever bij andere

  8. Goed om te weten en handige tips voor mijn zoon die de mode opleiding volgt


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