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Where to find Tommy Hilfiger Men's Socks - HemdVoorHem

Hi there! Are you still looking for Christmas presents? Maybe you'd like these men's socks. They're soft cotton socks, just so you know.

Ah, I know what you are thinking. Yes, I do. You are thinking there is nothing fun or interesting to write on men’s socks. Am I right, or am I right. 😎

They call it life experience when you know what people think. One of the few things that’s great about aging is that you learn a lot throughout the years. Ooh, if you only knew how much wisdom I gained. 😁

I already told you about a fun incident I had with socks a few blog posts ago. Ok, what do you think? Do I still have other stories up my sleeve? You probably thought I wouldn’t, but that’s where you are wrong. This story is quite recent. It was about 5 years ago, when we moved here. I bet it has happened to lots of you losing socks in the laundry. 😉

Where they all go to is a mystery to me. Each time a single sock would come out of the laundry, I would keep them in a separate drawer, hoping to still pair them. That’s just me, always trying to help those poor souls find their mates. 😍

As we moved, I felt it was high time to clean out the drawer. It seems I kinda forgot what I put in there in the first place, because after laying them all out, over half of them weren’t lost souls at all, and had been paired up again. I suppose that this way, at least they didn’t wear out. 😂

Time to get back to those cotton socks I was telling you about. HemdVoorHem sent me these Tommy Hilfiger socks as a gift in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Socks

New in our assortment are the Socks of the American Lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger. Next to our well-known boxers, briefs, bathrobes and lounge clothing, you can now find socks. Delicious soft cotton socks, hand-stitched toe seams so that they do not cause irritation and, of course, with the famous red-white-blue Tommy Hilfiger logo, subtly incorporated on the side.

Twin pack of Tommy Hilfiger men's socks with the red-white-blue Tommy Hilfiger logo on the side. One pair is striped in different colors blue, the other pair is uni dark blue. Made from wonderfully soft cotton for high wearing comfort; Breathable and moisture-absorbing. By adding some polyamide and elastane, the socks remain beautiful in color and shape. The hand-stitched toe seam is not tangible. Available in different colors.

My opinion on the men's socks

Since my husband was feeling a bit under the weather, I tried the socks on myself. You immediately feel that they are stretchy, which makes them easy to put on. The cotton is nice and soft. 😊

As some of you know, I am high-sensitive and am easily annoyed when my toe seam isn't in the exact right spot. These socks don't have that problem, so I think they will vanish into my sock drawer. Let's keep it a secret between you and me. 😏

If you are still looking for a nice gift for him? At you will find a wide range of ironing shirts (these are always great gifts ...), ties, sweaters, underwear (such as the trendy boxers of Muchachomalo), socks and various accessories. 

Follow this link, and you will find a selection from which you can choose the best, nicest, and most original gifts. If you can't find your gift immediately, check all items in the individual categories. 

Here are a few examples of what you can find

You can also check out my previous blog post about HemdVoorHem

Wish you all a fun Christmas time with all the gifts you had hoped for. 😙

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Beautiful socks ) I want them too )) Thanks for the post. Happy holidays dear!

  2. I'm all done with my shopping, but Valentine's Day is right around the corner...

  3. Ooo Tommy Hilfiger socks are super comfortable and worth the buy. Thank you so much for this!

  4. Tommy men's socks are pretty cute and comfy (at least that's what my partner says). I also have some socks in stock to just be able to give it in case i forgot anyone (socks, gift card and a bag

  5. I do need to buy me new socks, these are beautiful, I love the brand...

  6. Tommy Socks are great quality. My dad loves them.

  7. Love their socks! They are great quality and literally seem to last forever!


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