Thursday, 30 December 2021

Where to Find Personalized Gifts for Her - Forever Wedding Favors - Canvas Tote

Hi There..... Are you a fan of personalized gifts? Perhaps you are looking for a canvas tote bag?

Personalized gifts are always extra fun if you ask me. It means that the person giving it went the extra mile to make your gift special. If you, for instance, get a personalized canvas bag, you’d be able to spot it anywhere. Neat, right? 😎

Bags, they remind me of vacation, and it’s been a while since we last went on a Holiday. All thanks to this wonderful virus which made our lives so predictable. The only thing predictable nowadays is when you can go get your booster vaccine. 😬

I hate that there are so many conflicts between people that are vaccinated on one side and on the other side the ones that don’t want to. People are all trying to change each other’s minds. Sad to see that Corona has driven such a wedge between us. 😢

Ah, but what better way to bond again than a glorious New Year’s party. Ah yes, and personalized gifts like this canvas tote bag Forever Wedding Favors gifted me in exchange for my honest opinion. 😍


At Forever Wedding Favors you can find personalized Gifts She Will Treasure Forever. Being a bride can be an amazingly overwhelming job. After working in the wedding industry for years, we realized it was time for us to lend a helping hand. 

Brides need a one-stop-shop for customized wedding favors. We believe we have created an online store that will help alleviate some of the anxiety and work of being a bride. And as you can see from our site, personalized gifts are our specialty, as we truly believe by engraving a name on the gift, it becomes more meaningful. 


This large, classy, and simply personalized cotton canvas tote bag is perfectly sized for your weekend getaway. For a classy and chic vacation or for just simply going to the gym, The Weekend Royalty bag is diverse enough to be used at just about any occasion! We crafted the pink and white plain exterior from 20 oz. cotton canvas material, includes two zippered pockets, one big and one small with leather pulls, and is accompanied by a fully adjustable shoulder strap. 

We can personalize each bag with up to three custom embroidered monogram initials. An inexpensive tote bag without looking cheap. This makes a fabulous gift idea for your wedding party, such as your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride. It is also a unique, reusable gift for your best friend, school teacher, or the special women in your life! While you're at it, snag one for yourself, the bride to be, and use it as the best beach bag on your destination honeymoon!

45.72cm x 22.86cm x 22.86cm
20 oz. cotton canvas
Also available in green safari

My opinion on the canvas tote bag

I asked to customize my bag with the word Fun, because that's what best describes the feeling I associate with this kind of bag. I can see myself using it for lots of things, including a brief vacation. 😊

It's super handy that you can choose to attach the shoulder strap or not. Another nice detail is that you can adjust these shoulder straps. I love the small leather pulls and extra zipper bags. 😍

You can find lots of other gift ideas on their website, like home lanterns, bottle openers, playing cards, personalized shot glasses, decorative coasters, and so much more.

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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  1. Super super love the bag and I mostly love that it would fit a ton of stuff...Amazing...

  2. These bags are so nice and would make great gifts for any woman!

  3. I need to order one of these for a friend! They look great!

  4. I like how big and roomy bag is.

  5. I like how big and roomy bag is.

  6. Personalized gifts are so fun and special. I love these ideas!

  7. Personalized gifts are always the best! I absolutely LOVE giving something that special and usual to people I love.

  8. Love when I can give gets that have meaning. Great ideas!


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