Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Where to find sustainable fashion face masks? A Different Ball Game - Upcycled plastic reusable face masks

Hi There..... Do you like to stand out or would you rather blend in? What if I could tell you more about fashion face masks? Perhaps you are interested in reusable face masks?

The first is a straightforward question for me. I’d rather stand out than blend in with the crowd. What better way to do so than having a reusable face mask to match almost any outfit you have. What would you think if I said that I know of a fashion face mask made of upcycled plastic? 😉

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You know there was a time there was almost no plastic used in packaging. When I was young, things like milk, lemonade, or water were all sold in glass bottles. I even remember there being a milk deliverer that would drop off those bottles at your home. 😃

Haha, I know, I am no spring chicken. Still, it’s fun to reminiscence on those kinds of things. So much has changed in 50 years’ time. Some things for better, like technology. Other things not so great, like the wrinkles on my face. 😖

My parents were already busy with taking care of nature, though. I remember they taught me it was a bad thing to drop paper wraps from candy. They would say if nobody cared, the streets would be full of waste. 

I feel more and more people stopped caring about our lovely mother earth and there is a lot of trash everywhere. It’s quite a different ball game now. 😒

That's what today's blog post is all about. The company A Different Ball Game makes the most colorful masks from upcycled plastic. They sent me these lovely reusable face masks, in exchange for my honest opinion. 😊

First, let me tell you what their website says about these masks. They are Re-useable Face Masks, made from Upcycled Plastic.

They save up to 36% Co2, 39% Energy, and 34% Water. That’s on everything they make from Upcycled Plastic. The company works hand in glove with Upcycled Marine plastic and Landfill plastic.

These fashion face masks can be custom made to suit your design/business. They are of a 100% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester, containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.

How can anyone be against upcycling plastic? I wonder if they can upcycle old ladies like me too. 😏

You may wonder how this process works. 

Clean-up programs working with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE clean all waste from the ocean including; PET, PP, PA, metal, rubber, glass and other materials. 

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE estimates that for every kilo of SEAQUAL® YARN, between 600 grams and 1 kilo of marine litter gets cleaned from our ocean.

It then gets turned into flakes, then pellets and sent to the factory in Spain. The pellets get bound into yarn, then made into clothing.

Did you know that plastic stays in our oceans for centuries? The production of plastics is growing exponentially. This year another 400 million tons of virgin plastic will be produced. Only 9% of all plastics ever produced have been upcycled.

Marine debris is harming over 800 species. 40% of marine mammals and 44% of seabird species are affected by marine debris ingestion. Marine pollution also causes biodiversity loss and hampers ecosystem functions and services. 

Different Ball Game works together with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into Upcycled Marine Plastic so that leading brands and manufacturers can create inspiring sustainable products.

I just love that these masks are in such vibrant colors. Even though I have a lot of outfits in darker colors, I also have a lot of pretty colored T-shirts and blouses in my wardrobe. 

All masks have adjustable ribbons on the sides to make them fit your face perfectly. Nothing worse than a sagging mask. 😳

They all have a small metal nose bridge to prevent the mask from moving around on your face. This also prevents hot air from escaping around your nose, which is a significant factor in uncomfortable glasses fog. Plus, it’s better for physical activity like biking or running. 😀

What more could a woman want. 😍

Hope you like my blog.....Until next time.....Have a nice day 

Renata (Seadbeady)

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